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Mario Lopez: Saved By the Baby is a television reality show. It features the life of Mario Lopez, a former child actor. Mario has lived the Hollywood life of a bachelor. There has been no shortage of female companionship. His life changes drastically when his girlfriend becomes pregnant and he must deal with becoming a parent.

This reality show is about the change from bachelor to parent. It follows the life of one Hollywood personality as he makes this major change in his life. It explores the vast difference between being single and available to suddenly being a responsible parent.

1 Season, 11 Episodes
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Mario Lopez: Saved By the Baby Full Episode Guide

  • Mario and Courtney bring baby Gia home. It's a big moment for everyone, and the couple feels settled. However, just when Mario starts to relax a bit, his boss at Extra drops a major bombshell! Extra might be moving to NY. Mario is left with a tough decision; uproot his family and move to New York or face possibly losing his job?

  • Mario is in Las Vegas to announce for an HBO boxing fight. Meanwhile, Courtney is in the hospital and informed she is going into early labor and the baby is coming out, TONIGHT! Mario and his 8 friends have little time before they miss the last flight out of Vegas. Will Mario make it in time for the birth?

  • Mario heads to Vegas to present at a big boxing event and enjoys a boys night out. Meanwhile, Courtney is left behind and is only one week away from her due date! Her worst nightmare come true when she goes into labor without Mario home.

  • Mario is torn away from a VERY pregnant Courtney for work. It's the day before the Emmy's and Mario feels the pressure from the producers to perform a greater Emmy pre-show than ever before. Courtney makes Mario promise that he will attend the CPR class that evening AND help her build a baby swing that comes in a million pieces.

  • Mario and Courtney learn they can have sex again following a doctor's appointment. The doctor also informs them of classes they should take prior the birth of the baby.

  • Courtney is a hormonal emotional wreck and Mario can't get anything right in her eyes. He goes out with the guys to blow off steam and devises a plan that has to make her feel better - pamper her and be romantic.

  • With Mario's work schedule, he never has an extra minute. But, while working at the Del Mar Racetrack for E, he tries to fit in some play time too. Meanwhile, Courtney gets a mold of her stomach and boobs for Mario to try on to experience what it's like to be pregnant. Later, Courtney is rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night because of bleeding.

  • Courtney and Mario struggle to agree on making baby-related decisions.

  • Mario Lopez and girlfriend Courtney Mazza are three months away from parenthood! But the idea of fatherhood hasn't quite hit Mario yet. As he tries to juggle his crazy work schedule, he's also moving into a new house and, on top of that, he's dealing with a six-month pregnant woman! As if this balancing act wasn't enough pressure Courtney desperately wants to learn the sex of the baby in advance but Mario wants to keep it a surprise. Can Mario convince Courtney that knowing the babies gender is worth waiting for?

  • Get a sneak peak of what's to come on this all new series "Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby"

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