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Married to the Army: Alaska is a reality television series that focuses on a group of military wives. The women all live on a base in Alaska while their men are deployed. The series focuses on the bond the women have with each other while their men are deployed overseas.

The base in Alaska is isolated, and conditions are extreme. The women often feel as if they are deployed themselves. They are often far away from their extended families, so they really need each other. Soldiers based in Alaska are often deployed to Afghanistan, where the war still rages on.

The women all have a wide variety of personalities and situations that led them to the Army. Lindsay is one woman who married very young and used her Army health insurance for gastric bypass weight loss. She experienced the loss of a lot of weight, but she also lost her marriage as well. Lindsay ended up remarrying another Army man.

Yolanda is the Brigade Commander's wife, and she uses her position to be a mentor to the other women. She encourages them to remain strong and faithful to their men while they are deployed. Blair is a young woman who is raising an infant alone while her husband is deployed. Rynn is an older woman whose husband has been deployed four times. She has raised her four children, who are all now teenagers, while following a bunch of different careers. Currently, she holds her real estate license, and she specializes in helping other Army wives find homes while their husbands are deployed. Salina also has a career in the Army. She serves as a medical assistant in many Army hospitals, and she considers herself to be a soldier as well. Sara is the tough fitness expert of the group. She and her husband have a rule that they do not cry.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on OWN
1 Season, 6 Episodes
November 18, 2012
Family, Military & War
Married to the Army: Alaska
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Married to the Army: Alaska Full Episode Guide

  • Traci's behavior at a fashion show bothers Sara; Lindsey prepares for the Army ball; and Blair experiences the bitterness of Army friendships.

  • Blair tries to reconnect with her husband; Yolanda's son has big news to share; Traci and Sara endure a blackout on Mother's Day.

  • Lindsey has to deal with her emotionally distant husband; while shopping Blair gets a distressing phone call; Salina is rushed to the hospital with abdominal pain.

  • Follow the lives of seven military wives living in Alaska in this documentary series. One wife attempts to foster sisterhood among the women, two other wives fight over etiquette, and a housewarming party is affected by a blackout.

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