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  • TV-Y7
  • 2021
  • 1 Season
  • 8.1  (4,894)

Maya and the Three is a breathtaking animated series from Netflix that delivers a new take on the familiar tales of mythological legends. The show transports the audience back to the vivid and vibrant world of pre-Colombian Mexico, where magic and adventure are rife. The magical and unique world that the show creates is deeply immersive and provides a sense of excitement and danger that will captivate viewers from start to finish.

The series takes place in a world where gods and humans coexist, but the fragile peace between them is on the cusp of being shattered. The protagonists of the show are a diverse group of uniquely skilled and talented humans who are on a quest to save the world of the living and the underworld. The leader of this group is Maya, who is voiced by the exceptional voice actress Zoe Saldaña. Maya is a princess who possesses a curse that she cannot escape from, and it puts her life and the lives of those around her in danger. She must complete this quest to save not just herself but the entire world.

Maya and the Three is a storyline rich in themes that include loyalty, courage, love, leadership, self-discovery, and redemption. The story is presented in a unique way, with every episode being bookended by a narration that gives an exposition of the plot. These narrations are done by the legendary Mexican filmmaker, Guillermo Del Toro, who brings his quintessential style and flair to the series.

The other characters in the show include a group of warriors that are unique in their own way, from a powerful and mute giant to an agile and stealthy assassin who wields a unique weapon. The group is also joined by a young wizard who possesses a deep reserve of magical knowledge and a heart that is as pure as it is wise.

The villains of the series are not left behind in their uniqueness. They are a group of towering and imposing creatures that were once gods themselves, but now seek to do things their way, even if it means leading the world to destruction. They have their own motives and backstories that are just as captivating as the protagonist's.

The design of the show is one that is highly imaginative and breathtaking. From the vibrant colors of the environment to the intricate details of the character design, the show seems to have spared no expense in creating such a world that is equally enchanting and horrifying all at the same time. The show harmoniously blends pre-Columbian culture and mythology with the Hollywood superhero aesthetic, and the result is a stunningly dynamic world that is anything but stagnant.

The animation of the show is excellent, with the fluidity and dynamism of the action sequences being a standout feature. The show's action scenes are a seamless blend of martial arts and superpowers, with each character being able to deliver their own personalized level of destruction. The show also makes use of great animation techniques, such as slow-motion and fast cuts, to paint a more vivid picture of each scene.

Maya and the Three is a show that perfectly encapsulates the essence of an epic adventure story. It is a show that parents can watch and enjoy with their children, all while the show’s multi-layered narrative, rich in symbolism and cultural significance, can also be appreciated by older viewers. It is a show that pushes boundaries, not just in the world of animation but in storytelling as well. It is a journey filled with twists and turns, danger and enlightenment, love and loss, and a lot more that still leaves room for interpretation and surprise.

In conclusion, Maya and the Three is an exceptional animated series that is guaranteed to keep viewers hooked from episode one to the very end. The show delivers excellent storytelling, epic action, and beautiful animation, all while transporting the audience to a vibrant world full of gods, magic, and adventure. The series is highly recommended to animation fans, mythology enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys a great story.

Maya and the Three is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on October 22, 2021.

Maya and the Three
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Chapter 9: The Sun and the Moon
9. Chapter 9: The Sun and the Moon
October 22, 2021
A fateful battle begins in Teca between Lord Mictlan and his army and Maya and her allies. But how will it all end? In epic fashion.
Chapter 8: The Bat and the Owl
8. Chapter 8: The Bat and the Owl
October 22, 2021
After flying from danger, a devastated Maya sends her friends to warn their kingdoms that Lord Mictlan is coming. Lady Micte opens her heart.
Chapter 7: The Divine Gate
7. Chapter 7: The Divine Gate
October 22, 2021
Help springs from a surprising source when Maya and the Three come face-to-face with Lord Mictlan. In the end, a noble friend makes a selfless sacrifice.
Chapter 6: Maya and the Three
6. Chapter 6: Maya and the Three
October 22, 2021
Lord Mictlan's army attacks Teca, but Maya and her friends fight back. When the gods return, a second battle reveals strengths they didn't know they had.
Chapter 5: The Puma
5. Chapter 5: The Puma
October 22, 2021
A burly Golden Mountain Barbarian named Picchu joins Maya's party as the third foretold warrior. Later that night, Zatz confronts Maya about her motives.
Chapter 4: The Skull
4. Chapter 4: The Skull
October 22, 2021
A search for the Jungle Lands' legendary Skull Archer leads Maya and Rico to a gifted warrior: the reclusive Chimi, known to locals as "Monstruo Blanco."
Chapter 3: The Rooster
3. Chapter 3: The Rooster
October 22, 2021
On Luna Island, Maya looks for the Rooster Wizard but winds up with the seemingly ordinary Rico, who's said to be "The Greatest Wizard Who Ever Lived."
Chapter 2: The Prophecy
2. Chapter 2: The Prophecy
October 22, 2021
A crushing loss sheds new light on an age-old prophecy, sending Maya on a far-flung quest to find three warriors who will help her save the world.
Chapter 1: Quinceañera
1. Chapter 1: Quinceañera
October 22, 2021
On the day of Maya's coronation, an uninvited guest from the Underworld arrives with shocking news about her origins
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  • Premiere Date
    October 22, 2021
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (4,894)