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Medical Top Team is a South Korean television show that combines expert advisory knowledge of the day-to-day operations of the country's most advanced hospitals, and the drama between doctors, nurses and staff members who work there. It is a fictional format, but many of the dramatized situations take cues from real life situations and medical cases.

The show stars some of South Korea's most popular mass media personalities. Kwon Sang-Woo is a surgeon with personal conflicts between his professional obligations and inherent good-natured attitude. Jung Ryeo-won is an accolade-seeking surgeon at the center of much of the cast's conflict. Ju Ji-hoon is a kind individual who secretly possesses a cutthroat career ambition. Choi Minho is an attractive young intern who sparks dramatic romantic conundrums throughout the series.

Each character in this television hit is at the top of their field. Their mission is to care for patients who enter the hospital, but conflicts often arise as they deliberate on the best course of professional action. Society sometimes forgets that doctors and nurses are also human. This series highlights the achievements and pitfalls of a fictional team of medical professionals trying to balance career and obligation with personal wants and desires.

Medical Top Team is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on October 9, 2013.

Medical Top Team is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Medical Top Team on demand atViki online.

Wednesdays & Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on MBC
1 Season, 20 Episodes
October 9, 2013
International, Romance
Cast: Kwon Sang-woo
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Medical Top Team Full Episode Guide

  • The second Kwanghye University Hospital is in danger of being sold to Sehyeong Corporation. The doctors decide whether they want to rebuild Top Team.

  • The Board Members announce that the Top Team is to be split. Dr. Shin continues to have memory lapses as she hears vital news about her son.

  • Seungjae announces that he is searching for new Top Team members. The new director of the second Kwanghye University Hospital is revealed.

  • Dr. Park is asked to carry out Dr. Han's mother's surgery. Director Kim unveils the secrecy surrounding Dr. Shin and Sydney.

  • Taeshin and Ahjin perform an emergency surgery on Patient Chung before his test results come out.

  • Top Team seems to finally work together for Youngwoo's surgery, but it doesn't last for long. Dr. Shin tells Seungjae to delay reporting a patient that may be infected with a contagious disease.

  • Dr. Shin offers surgery for Youngwoo in order to win Taeshin over. Dr. Cho quits Top Team and joins Taeshin at the night shift.

  • Taeshin starts his night shift with a horde of emergency patients. Some of the remaining members of Top Team are starting to have problems with their new criteria.

  • Seungjae is under pressure to make Top Team only take on profitable cases. Taeshin calls Manbae to meet after he finds out the truth about his mother.

  • After his recovery, Taeyoung Kim is looking to cut losses at the hospital. Is the Top Team in danger of being disbanded?

  • Taeshin disappears from the hospital upon his suspension and Top Team tries to prove his innocence. Juyoung meets with Dr. Shin and is able to get out of the Global Research Lab.

  • Nayun appears to be recovering but then she suddenly has a seizure. Seungjae refuses Dr. Shin's proposal for Top Team.

  • Nayun's surgery is about to begin when the Chairman orders Taeshin to stop what he's doing and perform surgery on a VIP. Taeshin's past catches up to him when he gets a call from Manbae.

  • Bawee's surgery is a success, but Top Team finds an infection in her heart. Seungjae walks in on Dr. Shin telling the Chairman her global plans for Top Team.

  • Taeshin gets Bumjoon's heart to beat again, but Top Team is trying to figure out why Bumjoon continues to remain unconscious. Bawee's condition worsens.

  • Top Team is about to be made official through an opening ceremony at the hospital and Juyoung must decide if she wants to join. Meanwhile Taeshin meets someone from his past.

  • The final list of Top Team members have been set, but Juyoung tries to cancel her application. A new patient comes with a serious condition, but refuses to get treated by Top Team.

  • The Blue Cross Hospital is shut down and all patients must be moved to other hospitals. Seungjae offers Taeshin a place in Top Team.

  • Juyoung gets pulled away from performing surgery on Bawee, to go and perform emergency surgery on an important minister. Taeshin wants to do it in their place, but is stopped by Seungjae.

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