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Be inspired by female STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) superstars in leading fields including social media, entertainment, animals, design, and the internet - all categories key to the teen experience.Mission Unstoppable is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on September 28, 2019.

Mission Unstoppable is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mission Unstoppable on demand atApple TV+ online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
September 28, 2019
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Miranda Cosgrove, Erica Hernandez, Danni Washington, Nabeel Muscatwalla
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Mission Unstoppable Full Episode Guide

  • On this week's episode, a photographer uses pictures to help save the environment; we go on a scorpion hunt with an expert; and it turns out that sharks can be trained - at least a little! (TV-G)

  • On this week's episode: a science entertainer shows us the way to entertain using science; over 60 "Thundercloud" reactions are set off; and we meet an ecologist working to save our wetlands and coasts.

  • On this week's episode: using magnets to separate specific cells in the human body; the complex world living beneath our feet; and science gets technical about water.

  • On this week's episode: a computer expert who makes sure everyone can be a coder, the fight to save our oceans' coral reefs, and how science is using stretchy material to make cutting-edge electronics. (TV-G)

  • On this week's episode: a paleontologist showing us how to get dinosaur bones out of rock; the science behind surf; and stars that are different colors based on what they're made of.

  • A roboticist who helps robots learn the subtleties of human movement, a scientist who brings her high-powered microscopes on the road, and a mechanical engineer who creates toys that bring STEM to everyone.

  • Scorpions that glow in the dark, life-size statues that can be made in record time and how lasers are helping advancements in solar power. (TV-G)

  • A marine biologist who trains sharks, a geologist who compares Hawaiian rock to rock on the moon, and a cloud research specialist who knows exactly where your water has been.

  • A scientist who uses photography to document the impact of severe weather events and climate change, cybersecurity specialists who purposefully break into the army's computers, and a team of female firefighters who make putting out flames an exact science.

  • A mechanical systems engineer who knows how to make things fly, a biomedical engineer who takes us rock climbing in the name of science, and a nurse who specializes in treating radiological accidents.

  • A statistician who shows us the math behind games of chance, a physicist who is launching a rocket to learn about the sun, and what does NASA do when a space mission doesn't go according to plan?

  • A marine biologist who spends her day with baby sea turtles, a biomedical engineer who is using techniques from the Mayans to improve modern dentistry, and a dancer who is training robots to move a little more like you.

  • A forensic scientist who uses STEM to solve crimes, a bioengineer who makes playing sports safer for our bodies, and a military specialist who works on the most sophisticated radar systems in the world.

  • A coach for the U.S. Women's Soccer Team who uses science to keep her players in shape, an expert who studies singing apes, and a computer engineer who is making artificial intelligence more equitable for all people.

  • A robot that can show kids how to share, a scientist who studies octopi and their unlikely symbiotic friends, and a mechanical engineer who is building toys for our nation's future female STEM stars.

  • An engineer who saves the environment from a dangerous undersea threat, a team of superheroes who protect the planet using physics, and scientist who knows what's science and what's fiction in your favorite sci-fi films.

  • On this episode: a marine biologist who helps turtle conservation (and shows us the miracle of life!), a physicist who accomplished what scientists said was impossible, and a neuroscientist who understands how your brain talks to itself. (TV-G)

  • A zoologist who loves bats so much she's dedicated her whole life to them, the former NASA Chief Scientist who is certain you're going to mars, and a high school student who invented a new way to make a prosthetic device for a man in need.

  • A biomedical engineer works on putting one's brain on a microchip; the woman behind the Mars rover; a bus that is really a traveling biology lab.

  • A shark is discovered right in the middle of a museum storage area; secrets of writing hit songs; how one's brain reacts to sports; how to make kinetic sand.

  • A scientist makes stars on Earth using lasers; an augmented reality game teaches kids how to get along; quantum computers; a scientist who helped add new elements to the periodic table.

  • A biomedical engineer fixes bones with oyster shells; a geologist shares the science behind quakes on Earth and beyond; a data scientist explains how information shapes communities and lives; a "mathmagical" trick.

  • A mechanical engineer who teaches robots to dance; a carnivore ecologist who tracks bears; a paleoanthropologist who studies the evolution of the human diet by looking at the markings on million-year-old bones; the brain science behind softball.

  • An engineer with an exciting double life; a researcher leads a scavenger hunt to find the environmental factors affecting neighborhoods; two NASA scientists search for the origin of life; kinetic sand.

  • Building a tool box; strange ocean creatures; the prehistoric giants hiding below one of America's biggest cities; the science behind a chocolate shell.

  • Two Hollywood music producers explain the science behind your favorite pop hits, an inventor who engineered a sweet twist on ice cream, and a NASA roboticist explains what it takes to drive the Mars Curiosity rover. LaurDIY shows how to make colorful "Liquid Lava" at home.