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Monchhichi Tribe is a Kids & Family, Action & Adventure, Comedy, Drama series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (57 episodes). The series first aired on April 11, 2017.

Monchhichi Tribe is available for streaming on the Boomerang website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Monchhichi Tribe on demand at Hulu online.

4 Seasons, 57 Episodes
April 11, 2017
Kids & Family, Action & Adventure, Comedy, Drama
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Monchhichi Tribe Full Episode Guide

  • Eager to know everything, Willow spills a drop of Dream Elixir on the Big Monchhibook. But the Elixir sends the Big Monchhibook flying through the window, heading straight for Aikor's lair.

  • When Willow conducts a little experiment, he winds up with violet-colored hair. Spybeedoo finds this new look perfectly irresistible and can't stay away from the little Chhichi, much to the dismay of Aikor.

  • Several Monchhichi are turned into cacti courtesy of Aikor. The only way to get them back to normal is to perform a ritual requiring memory. Stampy, the most obvious choice for such a task, becomes overwhelmed by the circumstances.

  • After picking a new wild flower and bringing it to The Tree, the Monchhichi are invaded byscratchamites, little parasites that get under their skin. The bugs become such a problem that the community has to up and leave the Dream Tree.

  • Kauri competes in a race with his chhichichums. But, he accidentally slips and falls inside a plant, getting swallowed up and delivered right into Aikor's lair.

  • Stampy has received a letter from a child explaining that he's moving, and giving his new address to continue delivering him his pleasant dreams. But, the letter accidentally gets sliced up and scattered.

  • The Monchhilympics have begun! The smallest Monchhichi, Willow, is taking part but is afraid he's going to let his team down. So Kauri gives him a drink to increase his strength and courage, telling him it's a "special" concoction.

  • The monchhicar has been affected by a Control Spell, cast by Aikor. But, the magician has accidentally been knocked out inside the lair and his lizard sidekicks have grabbed the scepter and are controlling the monchhicar remotely.

  • Artus paints a beautiful picture of the Monchhichi, but little does he know, that Aikor previously had Spybeedoo sneak in and put petrifix in the paint. Now, all the Monchhichi featured in the painting are frozen in the same positions.

  • The Monchhichi's Birth Stars will be coming down from the sky so each Chhichi will get to make a wish, which will come true. But just as Hanae's Star is making its way down towards her, it suddenly fizzles out, losing its spark and energy.

  • The Monchhichi wake up only to find out that they've been shut up inside a giant bubble, the whole Dream Tree is encapsulated from top to bottom.

  • After rescuing Bella from a beetle nest in a prickly monchhipeartree, Hanae remains trapped inside a bucket seat attached to the monchhicar. Now, to make matters worse, the car goes haywire and starts speeding out of control.

  • The monchhibugs have laid their eggs and the mothers are getting ready for the Long Journey to the Valley of the Lotus. But just before they head off, Fieldo gets hurt and the Trio must accompany the convoy on the journey instead.

  • Glitz steals an Elixir-anointed Tsuru and gives it to Aikor. The magician turns it into a giant Tsuru and rides it over to the Dream Tree to steal some Glowing Fruits.

  • Irritated by Willow's ingeniousness, Aikor decides to cast a friend-catching spell on him. From now on, Willow is going to be his best friend, working exclusively for him.

  • Bess is going off to fetch some Moncchiroses to make jelly, to give her cakes that extra special taste. But Aikor casts a spell on the roses, making all the Monchhichi fall asleep as soon as they taste the jelly.

  • It's the night of the Great Monchhichi celebration and a huge statue has been erected in his honor, at the foot of the Dream Tree. But Aikor gives Spybeedoo a strange voice and manages to convince Twig that the statue is talking to her.

  • The Tree's law enforcement officer, Capix, suddenly becomes very "chiiillled out" after breathing income pollen from a very strange flower. Willow stands in for him while the others look for a remedy, which puts the Tree at risk.

  • Getting ready for the Big Monchhishow of the Year, Willow and Hanae, who have been planning to do a magic stunt together, get into an argument. Now, Willow has to find a magic trick that will bowl his audience over.

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