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This drama anthology series presents unrelated stories of people who face seismic changes in their lives and are forced to learn how to cope and adapt. Each episode tells a new story, most of them focused on family dramas, interpersonal relationships and personal tragedies. The series debuted on BBC One in 2009 and completed its eigth season in 2016.

1 Season, 45 Episodes
May 18, 2009
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Neil Bell, Alicia Brockenbrow, Warren Brown, Emma Lowndes
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  • To the outside world, Jackie and John appear to have the perfect marriage, but Jackie is restless for a change. She secretly begins attending adult literacy classes to increase her confidence, but believes herself unable to return to the life she knows.

  • 10-year-old Megan and Kathleen are good friends and neighbors, but when Megan asks Kathleen to read a story with her for her school's Christmas show, Kathleen's insecurities about her reading skills may threaten their friendship.

  • After a tragic accident, Sam loses his ability to read and write. He is determined to keep his loss a secret and recruits the help of his girlfriend Naomi to try to recover his abilities so that he can begin his dream job as a teacher.

  • Valerie has always found reading and writing to be difficult, so when she gets a chance to interview at a pharmacy, she doubts she will receive the position. Though desperate for a way to provide a better life for her kids, Valerie worries she will never be good enough to hold down the job.

  • Painter and decorator JJ finds love letters in his wife's wardrobe. Unable to read the letters himself, he seeks the help of his daughter's teacher to learn to read. As the secrets come to light, JJ must tell the truth to save his marriage.

  • John has always hated confrontation. So when the builders at the bottom of his road need to work on the Sunday his wife Sarah had asked her parents round for lunch and she asks him to have a word its his worst nightmare.

  • Angela loves her boyfriend Danny but the worst thing he could do is ask her to marry him. She has to say no. Angela cares for her alcoholic dad. She cooks for him, she cleans for him, she does everything.

  • When septuagenarian Ronnie is told he can't drive anymore, it is his worst nightmare. He loses his freedom and his connection to the life he once led. But when he finds that next-door neighbour Helen has never taken her test, he offers to teach her.

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