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  • 2010
  • 1 Season
  • 6.1  (128)

My House Is Full of Mirrors is an intriguing Italian television mini-series that aired on Rai 1 in 2010. The show skillfully intertwines elements of biographical drama and detailed storytelling to chronicle the riveting but often heart-wrenching story of one of Italy's most iconic acting families.

The series is primarily based on the memoir written by Maria 'Marcella' Scicolone, aptly titled 'My House Is Full of Mirrors'. As such, the storyline adopts a semi-biographical approach to explore the real-life experiences, personal struggles, and accomplishments of one of Italy's most iconic acting families, the Scicolone family. Among their ranks is none other than the legendary film actress Sophia Loren, making the narrative all the more gripping and intriguing for fans of the internationally acclaimed star.

The mini-series explores the Scicolone family's humble beginnings and follows their journey from life in the poverty-stricken suburbs of Pozzuoli in Naples to international stardom. As viewers traverse the stark landscapes and the shifting social classes of post-war Italy, the grit, determination, and sacrifice of this remarkable family come to the forefront.

At the heart of the narrative is the deep-bonded relationship and rivalry between two sisters, Sophia Scicolone, who later becomes Sophia Loren, and Anna Maria Villani Scicolone. Given that this is taken from Maria Scicolone's memoirs, there’s a special focus on her perspective of their family dynamics, personal struggles, and the distinct paths each sister took to navigate their personal and professional lives.

Sophia Loren, played by Margareth Made, is portrayed as a woman who rises from the ashes of adversity to become a revered international star. Her journey is depicted with great respect for her resilience and ambition. Simultaneously, Maria, played by Sophia Loren's real-life daughter, Alessandra Mussolini, represents the other side of their shared story. This presents viewers with the relatable trials of a woman striving to step out of her famous sister's shadow to make a mark of her own.

While the engaging narrative forms the backbone of My House Is Full of Mirrors, the performance of the cast adds another dimension to this spellbinding series. Margareth Made delivers a remarkable performance, truly embodying the character and spirit of Sophia Loren. Alessandra Mussolini, being Loren's real-life niece and playing the character of her mother, Maria, brings authenticity and resonance to her role, making her character very relatable.

My House Is Full of Mirrors extends beyond the high-gloss world of celebrities and fame. It delves deep into the Scicolone family's struggles, their relationships, the complexities of their interpersonal dynamics, and the tribulations that often lurk behind successful personas. It offers an inviting glimpse into the many challenges faced by families, particularly those in the limelight.

Moreover, the cinematography is beautiful, capturing the scenic landscapes of Italy and eloquently visualizing the contrast between the family’s humble beginning and their ascent to fame. The series displays minute attention to detail in creating the different eras, which adds significantly to the realistic portrayal of the times and their life-changing journey.

The screenplay is well-crafted, a vivid narrative with eventful and emotional moments that allow the characters to develop and become more relatable as the series unfolds. The series does a commendable job in offering plausible insights into the Scicolone household, exploring moments of joy, sorrow, tension, and reconciliation which many families can resonate with.

In essence, 'My House Is Full of Mirrors' is a mini-series that takes its audience back in time to reveal the trials, triumphs, and tragedies that shaped one of Italy's most iconic acting families. It beautifully blends elements of drama, biography, and historical narration, delivering an emotional journey that touches upon themes of family, struggle, success, and, above all, sisterhood. Despite its focus on a famous family, its appeal lies in the universality of its themes that transgress social and economic boundaries.

Whether you're a fan of Sophia Loren, a lover of biographical drama, or just someone who appreciates compelling storytelling, 'My House Is Full of Mirrors' is an engrossing mini-series that's worth a watch.

My House Is Full of Mirrors
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March 14, 2010
As Sophia becomes a superstar, her mother and sister face their own struggles. Directed by Vittorio Sindoni, 2010.
March 14, 2010
Pushed by her mother, young Sofia Villani Scicolone and her family move to Rome to pursue her acting career. Directed by Vittorio Sindoni, 2010.
  • Premiere Date
    March 14, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    6.1  (128)