My Life as Liz

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Viewers do not know what to make of My Life As Liz when they stumble upon the MTV show. The show looks like a documentary about an unconventional 17 year old girl trying to survive high school in Texas. The storyline and dialogue make it seem like a scripted comedy. However the look and feel of the show has a reality TV vibe. My Life As Liz almost falls into the growing group of shows classified as mockumentaries. The mockumentary format depicts fictional events in a documentary style. However, My Life As Liz is an original concept because it is a true blend of fiction and reality.

My Life As Liz stars Liz Lee as she embarks on her senior year of high school in a small town. The cameras do follow her as she attends classes and interacts with others making parts of the show true reality television. Other events are planned or edited to provide the structure and humor that a scripted program provides. Most reality TV is assumed to be at least somewhat fictional. My Life As Liz is different because it is open about the process. Viewers can speculate about what about is true and false in every episode.

Liz appeals to any person who is a bit of a misfit. Liz is an exuberant oddball who does not hide her differences while living in a small, conservative Texas town. She is happy to be a geek and enjoy life with her friends. The show focuses on Liz and her interactions with the popular clique at school. The happy outcast often clashes with the conceited queen bee Cori Cooper. The two were good friends until high school drama interfered and left them on opposite sides of the social world.

Many people are attracted to the rebellious protagonist as the series continues. The relationships in the show are said to be real but follow a structure similar to most TV love triangles. Bryson Gilreath is a friend who Liz has a crush on. They appear to share an attraction but he has a girlfriend. Liz pines over Bryson while not realizing that her best friend Colin Sullivan has feelings for her. Anyone can relate to the relationships and challenges that Liz faces.

Blurring the lines between fact and fiction creates an intriguing series. Whether the show is real or not, fans enjoy rooting for Liz as she overcomes high school.

Monday at 10:30 PM pt/et on MTV
2 Seasons, 21 Episodes
January 18, 2010
Cast: Liz Lee, Bryson Gilreath, Colin Sullivan, Miles Reed, Taylor Terry
My Life as Liz

My Life as Liz Full Episode Guide

  • Liz decides to sing in the 80's show with Louis, Sully wants to win Mariene over and thinks he has figured out how.

  • Liz and Bryson have to spend a whole day together, Louis and Sully have girl drama, Taylor comes to New York.

  • Liz find out Bryson has been living in New York at the nerd herd drag show.

  • Liz moves in with Marc and plans to go on a real date with Louis, instead she is shocked when her nerd shows up.

  • Liz agrees to talk to Bryson in order to cheer Sully up after he fails his Eagle Scout test.

  • Liz crashes with Louie but things get uncomfortable when Jordan, Louie's friend, hangs around.

  • Liz goes apartment hunting in Brooklyn while Sully seeks revenge at home.

  • Sully faces the moral dilemma of telling Liz Bryson's secret.

  • Liz can't balance a surprise visit from Bryson and an upcoming deadline for an art project. Her secret she's been keeping for months also is revealed.

  • In the season 2 premiere, Liz finds herself longing for home and for her friends back in Texas. While moving to New York has always been a dream, Liz is having difficulty with school and finding her way through the city. To complicate matters, her relationship with Bryson is more difficult than she thought it would be. Will she survive?

  • As graduation is getting closer, Liz must make the difficult decision of whether she is going to move to NY, especially when Bryson reveals his true feelings to Liz.

  • Liz takes Sully as her date.

  • Liz asks Taylor and Sully to help her ask Bryson to prom.

  • Taylor must choose between friends when she invites Liz to an exclusive party. Sully tries to decide if he should reveal his true feelings to Liz.

  • Liz goes on an anti-animal cruelty hunt and ends up bonding with Taylor.

  • With the upcoming talent show, Liz is battling a case of nerves.

  • Liz tries out for the school talent show just to spite Cori Cooper.

  • Liz puts her Valentine's Day hatred on hold after receiving a mysterious bunch of carnations from a secret admirer.

  • Liz is forced to profile the ultimate blonde Texas barbie for her TV production class.