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In the anime series NANBAKA, four young men cope with life in the world's most formidable prison. They'd really like to escape, but getting out is not at all an easy feat. The series is based on a popular manga. Daman Mills, Y NANBAKA is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on October 5, 2016.

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2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
October 5, 2016
Action & Adventure, Comedy, Anime
Cast: Daman Mills, Yûto Uemura, Tetsuya Kakihara, Alejandro Saab
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NANBAKA Full Episode Guide

  • Seitarou Tanabata is all fired up for his first teaching job at a high school But Nanba Building 13 High School l is filled with delinquents. The students are troublemakers and even the teachers are odd. Seitarou is already bullied by 4 students in the 3rd year, class 13 on his first day. Then, the number 1 troublemaker, Hajime Sugoroku, returns after serving his suspencion. Can Seitarou ever become the teacher he always wanted to be?

  • Jyugo heads towards Hajime's cell on his own, while the others search for a different guard.

  • Jyugo, Uno, Nico, and Trois are attacked by Ruka's powerful weapon, Bashosen. Honey tries to fight him off, but at this rate, all four will perish. Trois tells Jyugo and Uno to go ahead of them while they fight Ruka.

  • Beating Hachiman, Nico, Liang, and Upa move ahead guided by Qi. Upa feels someone other than Enki is involved in the incident. Meanwhile, Jyugo, Uno, Honey, and Trois encounter Ruka, a former Building 5 guard who has escaped from his cell.

  • The medication completely gone from his system, Nico suffers and goes berserk. Wanting his medicine, he attacks Hachiman.

  • The escaped convict, Hachiman, appears in front of Liang and Upa. Meanwhile, Uno and Jyugo are concerned about Nico, who doesn't have his medication. It seems something horrible will happen to him if he doesn't take his medicine.

  • Jyugo, Uno, Nico, Liang, Upa, Honey, and Trois make their way through Building 5's underground cell to find the captured guards. They hide in the file room where Jyugo finds some shocking information about himself!

  • Hajime, Jyugo, Uno, and Nico head to Building 5 to find out about Rock and Yamato. Jyugo and the others fall into a trap and end up in the level 1 underground cell. There, they find the captured Upa and Liang.

  • Rock and Yamato suddenly become violent after returning from Building 5 and attack Jyugo and Seitarou. Covered in bruises, Jyugo tries his best to protect Uno and Nico.

  • Yamato takes Rock and Tsukumo to Building 5 for training. Rock challenges Samon to a duel, but he is defeated by only one finger.

  • A man named Elf suddenly appears in front of Jyugo, and threatens to harm those around him before disappearing. Jyugo fears that something bad might happen to his friends if he stays, so he decides to escape from Nanba Prison alone.

  • All the inmates and guards who fought in the New Year's Tournament gather in the game room. They enjoy each other's company putting their animosity behind them. Jyugo later escapes the cell alone and encounters a certain person...

  • Building 13 Cell 13 has won the New Year's Tournament. Rock and Nico invite inmates from other cells to show their prizes.

  • Hajime has been given a three-day suspension due to beating Jyugo at the New Year's Tournament. Momoko orders Kenshirou, Kiji, and Samon to take turns covering for Hajime. But Uno, Nico, and Rock do whatever they want as usual.

  • After causing a catastrophe at the Tournament, Jyugo and Musashi are sent to the underground cell. Unable to move freely, Musashi gives Jyugo information on the man with the scar.

  • The shackles have been triggered and Jyugo's hands transformed into blades. He attacks Musashi and splits the arena in half. Momoko orders the guards to apprehend Musashi and Jyugo. Musashi retaliates against the guards while Hajime stands in Jyugo's way.

  • Tsukumo heads to the visiting room during break from the New Year's Tournament. His manager, Hattori, has come to visit. People think the action star is missing and has no idea he's in prison. Hattori tries to persuade Tsukumo to come back into stardom.

  • Cell 13 has advanced their way to the final event of the New Year's Tournament. Jyugo and Hajime are battling against the Building 4 supervisor, Kenshirou Yozakura, and an inmate named Musashi.

  • Jyugo and the gang are advancing through the New Year's Tournament without a hitch. In the Hyakunin Isshu event, Uno wins against the Building 3 inmates, Trois and Honey. The 4th event is a physical match revolved around a spinning top.

  • Nanba's New Year's Tournament begins by gathering all of the inmates together, but all of the matches are odd events relating to New Year's. Can Building 13 win against the other inmates led by peculiar guards?

  • The inmates in Cell 13; Jyugo, Uno, Nico, and Rock are spending their days escaping, creating mischief, gossiping, and sometimes, working. These troublemakers are giving a headache to supervisor of Bldg. 13, Hajime Sugoroku.

  • Four inmates recklessly attempt to escape from the world's best prison guards and security: Jyugo, who wears mysterious shackles, Uno, a self-proclaimed ladies' man, Nico, an otaku who's prone to illness and Rock, a foodie gang member.