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With the broad popularity of its magazine, National Geographic begin creating videos about the same things their magazines were about with the same great photography and commentary. Not only was this bringing the wonders of the world to the every day person, it was giving them the ability to experience the world through their television.

National Geographic collected these videos and called the television series National Geographic Explorer. Every week, the viewer was transported to another part of the world to see a different culture, get up close and personal with different animals, and experience new and amazing things that they might never be able to do or see. The shows then became even more specific and began focusing on specific types of animals such as dolphins or whales or tigers which created National Geographic Explorer's widely popular animals series.

Wednesdays at 10:00 PM on National Geographic
1 Season, 168 Episodes
October 12, 2003
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Salvatore Vecchio, Peter Coyote, Lisa Ling
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National Geographic Explorer Full Episode Guide

  • Phil Keoghan journeys to Maine with biologists to tag a hibernating mama bear and her cubs. JJ Kelley explores new Nasca lines in Peru. Cara Santa Maria investigates the future of farming in Denmark. Gelareh Darabi probes what makes Icelanders so strong and whether it's their Viking ancestry.

  • Phil Keoghan journeys to North Carolina to see the science behind Nascar racing. Jago Cooper explores a chilling new discovery of human sacrifice. Francesca Fiorentini investigates what DNA tests actually tell you. Tim Samuels reveals a new probiotic made from the human gut.

  • Phil Keoghan journeys to India to try his hand at an ancient form of martial arts. Gelareh Darabi explores new technology helping to detect deadly tornadoes. Ryan Duffy investigates the illegal logging of rosewood trees in Cambodia and the risk to environmental journalists bringing attention to the issue. Jago Cooper probes the intelligence of whales and their ability to mimic humans.

  • Phil Keoghan journeys to Zambia to help tag lions. Francesca Fiorentini investigates the cause of a rash of earthquakes in Oklahoma. Cara Santa Maria explores if we are breeding dogs to death. Ryan Duffy joins Cory Booker as he uncovers environmental racism. Jago Cooper reveals risks to the global chocolate supply and solutions underway to save it.

  • Host Phil Keoghan heads to Yellowstone National Park in search of their most famous apex predator: the wolf. Sal Masekela travels to Uncertain, Texas, to see the invasive species taking over the local lake. Ryan Duffy heads to Florida to investigate rehabilitation facilities that are said to be putting profits before patients.

  • Phil Keoghan journeys to Mexico to help tag whale sharks in order to save them. J.J. Kelley explores the amazing talents and potential of super recognizers. Mariana van Zeller investigates the status of the Fukushima cleanup and Francesca Fiorentini looks into the history of heart disease in mummies.

  • Phil Keoghan journeys to Spain to immerse himself in the world of the "castellers," who build human towers. Sal Masakela explores the risks of the cash only marijuana business. Mariana van Zeller investigates growing tension between grizzlies and humans. We examine why the color blue is rare in animals.

  • Phil Keoghan journeys to Peru to probe the mystery of the boiling river. Mariana van Zeller investigates the unsolved attack on U.S. embassy workers in Cuba. Cara Santa Maria explores breakthrough technology for people with missing senses. Francesca Fiorentini heads to the Pacific Northwest to find out how snowflakes form into avalanches.

  • Phil Keoghan journeys to the Atacama Desert to visit the Paranal Observatory. Mariana van Zeller heads to California to speak with members of the Flat Earth movement and a group of volunteers trying to debunk their claims. Albert Lin explores the potential of hibernation on Mars and how lemurs can help. Cara Santa Maria explores meteorite trading in Morocco and what it means for space research.

  • Hawaii imports 90 percent of its food; we meet a group of industrious Hawaiians living off the food grid. Over 1.5 million U.S. children have potentially fatal peanut allergies. Could new research lead to a cure? Gain an expert's view on the deep cultural language of samurai swords. The bald eagle, America's national symbol, was nearly extinct 40 years ago; we share its ongoing story of survival.

  • Host Phil Keoghan heads to Utah to dig for dinosaurs. From EXPLORER correspondents: Tim Samuels tests his reproductive health and the global drop in male fertility; Mariana van Zeller embeds with a goods smuggler in Gaza who fears his country and livelihood may be stifled; could the cure for the next plague be hidden in a pail of dirt? Francesca Fiorentini gets to the bottom of "miracle dirt."

  • Host Phil Keoghan ventures inside the active Masaya volcano in Nicaragua. Sal Masekela embeds with motorcycle riders transporting solar panels to remote areas of Tanzania. Mariana van Zeller meets with an oil mogul whose horse cloning business may provide insight to cure Type 1 diabetes. Gelareh Darabi travels from Hawaii to the Midwest to see how Americans are preparing for a nuclear attack.

  • Join host Ali Wentworth as Explorer welcomes the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. for a poignant interview on the evolution of the civil rights movement in America. Also, correspondent Ryan Duffy steps onto the soccer pitch, to see how with the world's most popular game is dealing with a dangerous dilemma. Then, he keeps going on the track, and in years. Meet an Indian endurance runner who may be as old as 119.

  • : Join host Ali Wentworth as Explorer reveals a breakthrough in crime solving. Witness how new DNA analysis is beginning to allow investigators to create modern mugshots and reopen cold cases. Then, we head to Afghanistan, where some parents are protecting their daughters from violence by dressing them as boys. Plus, Olympic gold medalist Shaun White.

  • Join host Ted Danson as Explorer investigates the world’s growing black market fish trade, exposing the international trafficking of the totoaba. Then, oceanic expert Andy Sharpless shows breakthrough technology that can pinpoint illegal fishing anywhere on earth. And, Danson sits down with the executive director of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth, whose business is speaking truth to power.

  • Join host Ted Danson as Explorer travels to Belgium to study the town of Geel’s groundbreaking approach to mental health. Then, learn how our similarities to our nearest primate relative may be more than physical. Correspondent Justin Hall heads to the forests of Tanzania, where chimpanzees are reportedly displaying spiritual behavior. Plus, sample the new dishes NASA’s astronauts will take to space.

  • Explorer travels to eastern Congo to uncover the hidden trail of conflict gold on its way to the international marketplace. New York Times best-selling author and former Director for African Affairs at the National Security Council John Prendergast joins in studio. Guest Chelsea Clinton discusses The Clinton Foundation's humanitarian efforts. Ted Danson hosts.

  • Explorer takes you to India for a rare look at that nation's gay community. Correspondent Dan Savage discovers how gay men are living their lives despite India's laws against homosexuality. Host Jeff Goldblum explores "the hidden side of everything," when "Freakonomics" co-author Stephen Dubner joins him for a thought-provoking interview. And join us on a strange trip as we trace the history of marijuana.

  • Join host Jeff Goldblum as Explorer takes you around the globe for an in-depth look at Big Pharma, prescription drugs and the opioid epidemic. Then, nearly 200 years after Nat Turner led a slave rebellion, the final chapter of his moving story can finally be told. Plus, Goldblum talks with the man who inspired his performance in "The Grand Budapest Hotel," former Ambassador to the Czech Republic Norman Eisen.

  • Join host Jeff Goldblum as Explorer travels to Japan, where an estimated 100,000 people choose to disappear from society each year. Bryan Christy examines the bizarre phenomenon of the nation’s "evaporated people." Also, dive deep into the frigid waters of Antarctica in search of crucial data that could help save our oceans. Plus, a lively interview with actor Sam Rockwell.

  • Join host Peter Sagal as Explorer travels to Mexico, where the war on drugs has had deadly consequences. Visit a remote town where ordinary citizens are taking up arms against drug cartels. Then, head to the plains of Oklahoma, where a very different kind of crime wave is underway — cattle theft. And "Homeland" star Mandy Patinkin is on a mission to help refugees around the world.

  • Explorer's Billie Mintz investigates America's booming mobile home market. Japan's population growth isn't expanding fast enough but the country has a solution — and it involves more sex. Host Peter Sagal interviews pioneering geneticist George Church and bioethicist Jeffrey Kahn. Explorer is granted rare access to an Iraqi grandmother who is leading local militia in the fight against ISIS.

  • Correspondent Justin Hall travels to Laos to meet people still suffering from the Vietnam War, and one man who is trying to help them heal. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews filmmaker Ron Howard, a group of U.S. Marines is determined to bring their Afghan translator and his family to safety and Explorer's Billie Mintz looks at high-tech self-improvement. Peter Sagal hosts.

  • Join host Dan Rather as Explorer heads to Jerusalem for an exclusive look at the opening of what is believed to be Jesus' tomb. Also, His Eminence Cardinal Wuerl of Washington has met everyone from presidents to popes. Hear his unique take on politics and religion. Then, they don't write songs, but the heavy metal penguins of Antarctica are a hit with scientists trying to solve a mystery of the oceans. Plus, world-famous chef Tom Colicchio.

  • Explorer travels to Iceland, where a unique gene pool could unlock the cure to diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Correspondent Ryan Duffy investigates the skyrocketing black market demand for rhino horns that's decimating the animal's global population. And take a hard, punishing look at Kayfabe, the code of conduct that governs America's greatest athletic drama, professional wrestling. Dan Rather hosts.

  • Explorer travels to Iceland, where a unique gene pool could unlock the cure to diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Correspondent Ryan Duffy investigates the skyrocketing black market demand for rhino horns that's decimating the animal's global population. And take a hard look at Kayfabe, the code of conduct that governs America's greatest athletic drama, professional wrestling. Dan Rather hosts.

  • In a rare interview, National Geographic sits down with His Holiness the Dalai Lama at his largest event of the year, the Kalachakra, in India. Journalist Michael Ware and the Dalai Lama have an intimate conversation as they discuss peace in a world gripped by violence. In studio, guest host Nick Schifrin sits down with theoretical physicist Michio Kaku and theologist Candida Moss.

  • Correspondent Jeremy Scahill explores the secretive watch list the U.S. government uses to monitor suspected terrorists. Studio guest host Aasif Mandvi interviews Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman on the volatile intersection of politics and economics. Also, outsourcing isn't just for corporations any longer — correspondent Jena Friedman shows how you can outsource almost anything in your life.

  • Explorer examines Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte's controversial war on drugs that has left countless people dead in the streets. In studio, guest host Aasif Mandvi sits down with legendary journalist Ted Koppel to get his unique perspective on everything from fake news to cyberattacks. And Explorer looks at the unexpectedly ancient history of "grillz."

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