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  • 1989
  • 1 Season

Original American Gladiators Collection from MGM is the revamped version of the popular 80s and 90s show, "American Gladiators". The show first aired in 2008 and ran for two seasons before being cancelled in 2009. However, its impact on the world of competitive sports and reality TV continued to resonate for years afterward. This collection brings together all of the episodes of the show, allowing viewers to experience the excitement, drama, and athleticism of American Gladiators all over again.

The premise of Original American Gladiators Collection from MGM is straightforward: contestants compete in a series of obstacle courses and physical challenges against a team of "Gladiators" - super-athletic athletes with larger-than-life personalities. Each episode consists of multiple rounds, with the contestants racing against the clock to complete each challenge before moving on to the next.

The challenges themselves are designed to test each competitor's strength, speed, agility, and endurance. Some involve navigating giant hamster balls across a pool, while others require scaling towering walls or hurdling over moving obstacles. In all cases, the pressure is on to complete the challenge as quickly as possible, because time matters - particularly in the Eliminator, the final showdown that puts contestants through an exhausting gauntlet of high-speed challenges.

However, the challenges are only half of the appeal of Original American Gladiators Collection from MGM. The other half are the Gladiators themselves. These super-fit athletes are the embodiment of the show's over-the-top style, adorned in shiny spandex outfits and brandishing oversized foam weapons. Each Gladiator has their own unique personality, from the stoic Titan to the mischievous Siren to the flamboyant Wolf. They're not just athletic opponents - they're fully-realized characters, complete with their own backstories and rivalries with one another.

Viewers will find themselves rooting for both the competitors and the Gladiators, invested in the outcome of each challenge and the relationships between everyone involved. The combination of athleticism and drama makes for a dynamic viewing experience that's hard to turn away from.

One of the unique features of Original American Gladiators Collection from MGM is its incorporation of technology into the challenges. Many of the obstacles are computer-controlled, meaning that they can be programmed to move faster, slower, or in different patterns for each round. This adds an extra layer of unpredictability to the proceedings, as contestants have to react on the fly to changing conditions. Additionally, many challenges involve hanging from wires or leaping off of trampolines, giving the show a distinctly "superhero" feel.

The production values of Original American Gladiators Collection from MGM are top-notch, with bright colors, flashy graphics, and pumping music contributing to the overall energy of the show. Each episode is expertly edited to maximize the drama and suspense of each round, with slow-motion replays and close-ups of each competitor's sweaty face reminding viewers of the stakes. The commentators - Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali - do an excellent job of hyping up the action and providing insight into the competitors' strategies.

Overall, Original American Gladiators Collection from MGM is an entertaining blend of athleticism, drama, and technology. Whether you're a fan of reality TV, sports, or just enjoy watching people push themselves to their physical limits, there's something for everyone in this collection. With its memorable characters, elaborate challenges, and non-stop action, it's no wonder that American Gladiators remains a beloved part of pop culture decades after its initial run.

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Armed Forces 2
20. Armed Forces 2
January 1, 1994
Contenders: John Winn vs. Bruce Pham and Lawrence Jarret Jr. vs. Armaund Fowler.
Playoff #2
19. Playoff #2
January 1, 1994
Contenders: Kyler Storm vs. Troy Le Blanc and Suzan Falvey vs. Liz Ragland.
Round 2 Preliminaries
18. Round 2 Preliminaries
January 1, 1993
Round two preliminaries with contenders: David Cruz vs. Jim Shriner and D'onna Toyebo vs. Heather Bond.
Episode 8
17. Episode 8
September 1, 1993
Contenders: Earl Pruitt vs. David White and Liz Ragland vs. Katie Lewis.
Qualifying Round 1
16. Qualifying Round 1
September 1, 1993
Contenders: Michael Feinberg vs. Jason Lewis and Felita Phillips vs. Marisa Pedulla.
International Challenge of Champions
15. International Challenge of Champions
January 1, 1993
Sidney vs Norman vs Liljestrand vsTomonaga & Girard vs Klenk vs Karhu vs Edwards
Season 5: Round 1 Preliminaries
14. Season 5: Round 1 Preliminaries
September 1, 1992
Round one preliminaries with contenders: Wesley Berry vs. John Schwepker and Cathy Marino vs. April Wheat.
Challenge of Champions
13. Challenge of Champions
January 1, 1992
Franke vs Alade-Fa vs Veneberg vs Irwin vs Knebel vs Kondo & Sharps vs Odita vs Lourens vs Fairchild vs Huenh vs Moon
Round 1 Preliminaries
12. Round 1 Preliminaries
January 1, 1992
Contenders: Lisa Langston vs. Tracy Ann Jernegan and Tony Bettendorf vs. Elbert Gray.
Season 3: Grand Championship
10. Season 3: Grand Championship
January 1, 1992
Mauro vs. Gholar & Mollica vs. Stencil
Round 1 Finals
9. Round 1 Finals
September 1, 1991
Goldrick vs. Worthington & Kropp vs. Chase
Season 3: Round 1 Preliminaries
8. Season 3: Round 1 Preliminaries
September 1, 1991
Wilson vs. Worthington & Kropp vs. Torjesen
Alumni Show
7. Alumni Show
January 1, 1991
Alumni show with contenders: Cheryl Ann Silich, Aimee Ross, Lucian Anderson, and Terry Moore.
Round 1 Semifinals
6. Round 1 Semifinals
September 1, 1990
Round one semifinals with contenders: Vopatek vs. Adams and Nichting vs. Mentzer.
Season 2: Round 1 Preliminaries
5. Season 2: Round 1 Preliminaries
September 1, 1990
Round one preliminaries with contenders: Sheila Mercer, Trish Tillotson, Rico Costantino, and John Adams.
Grand Championship
4. Grand Championship
April 1, 1990
Anderson vs. Hutson / Venturi vs. Phillips
Round Two Quarterfinals
3. Round Two Quarterfinals
March 1, 1990
Sutton vs. Jordan / Lakatos vs. Silich
Round Two Preliminaries
2. Round Two Preliminaries
September 1, 1989
Podesta vs. Harrison / Allen vs. Herbst
Season 1: Round 1 Preliminaries
1. Season 1: Round 1 Preliminaries
January 8, 1989
Moore vs Wirth & Henry vs Jorge
  • Premiere Date
    January 8, 1989