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Out Of Practice is a television comedy series. It features as the main character a young therapist. The therapist is part of a family of doctors. His life is overshadowed by these professionals yet he plays an important part of the family. It is his goal to try to keep his family together going through life.

This show focuses on the least and most unimportant member of the family, a son who has let down his well educated family of doctors. Their giant accomplishments hide him and intimidate him and he is of no account within the family yet he has an important role.

1 Season, 22 Episodes
September 19, 2005
Cast: Christopher Gorham, Paula Marshall, Ty Burrell, Henry Winkler
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Out Of Practice Full Episode Guide

  • Oliver and Lydia exploit close family relationships in an attempt to further their personal relationships.

  • Still pining for his wife, Ben is resistant when Lydia and Stewart push him to ask out an attractive woman who lives next door. Things are further complicated when an apologetic Naomi returns home and needs a place to stay. Meanwhile, Oliver is mortified when he is booed off stage at a plastic surgery seminar.

  • When Lydia decides to re-do her apartment, Ben and Oliver panic and crash her intimate date to hide the truth about a snow globe they stole from a neighbor 25 years before and blamed on Regina. Meanwhile, Stewart's attempt to bring Lydia and Crystal closer backfires.

  • When the competition at the hospital's annual bachelor auction gets a little tough, Oliver panics and over Botoxes himself in an effort to look younger than the other bachelors. Meanwhile, Stewart and Crystal turn to Ben for relationship counseling.

  • Oliver and Ben declare war on each other when a patient of Ben's decides to give up his counseling in favor of a nose job from Oliver and a patient of Oliver's cancels her breast enhancement surgery in favor of counseling sessions from Ben. Meanwhile, Lydia and Stewart panic when the last year of their marriage is selected for a tax audit.

  • Ben and Oliver nearly come to blows and suffer extreme public humiliation when they each think they are the one their crush desires. Meanwhile, Stewart and Lydia wait impatiently for their inheritance from Lydia's wealthy uncle.

  • As the family waits to see which one of them was awarded the honor of top doctor, Lydia meets up with an old foe of Stewart's and plans a date. Meanwhile, Regina and Oliver use Stewart's rivalry with Lydia's date to play a practical joke on Ben.

  • Oliver realizes that the reason his relationships never work is because he dates the female versions of himself, Regina struggles with the realization that many of the women she dates aren't quite out of the closet, and Ben struggles to just get a date. Meanwhile, as her current boyfriend -- and Stewart's worst enemy -- operates on her ex-husband, Lydia realizes that she can't be with a man that is as driven and competitive as she is.

  • On what becomes the worst Valentine's Day in the history of the Barnes family, Oliver almost has a romantic dinner with his mother, Regina treats Stewart in the ER for a bedroomrelated injury, Ben gets locked in a bathroom with a naked Crystal and Lydia gets hit on by one of Ben's friends.

  • Oliver finds himself in a relationship with an incredibly annoying woman just to show Ben that he isn't entirely shallow when it comes to relationships, while Ben gets involved with a woman whose only contribution to the relationship is sex. Meanwhile, Stewart and Lydia pretend they are still married when Stewart's former secretary (guest star Marion Ross) comes to town for a short visit and mistakenly assumes they are still a happy couple.

  • Though the week was supposed to be split between the family and their significant others, plans take a turn when a snowstorm forces the whole family to stay together in a tiny vacation cabin. But when Oliver finds a pregnancy test in the bathroom, all the Barnes men panic as each of them could possibly to be a father.

  • The Barnes family tries to help Crystal, who panics when Lydia shows up at the New Year's party with her father who doesn't know she is dating Stewart. Meanwhile, Oliver, Ben and Regina all vie for the same pretty girl at the party.

  • Ben gets into trouble when he attempts to please Stewart by befriending Crystal. He recruits his reluctant siblings to have dinner with the new couple, only to be discovered there by Lydia who fears she is being replaced. Wanting to make amends, Ben convinces Oliver and Regina to accompany Lydia on a road trip to visit their former housekeeper on her 80th birthday.

  • Even though it is their first holiday in the wake of Stewart and Lydia's divorce, the Barnes family comes together hoping they can avoid the disasters of Thanksgiving past, which have included: Regina coming out of the closet, Ben's dropping out of medical school and the truth about Lydia and Stewart's separation.

  • Oliver's worst fear comes true when each of his three dates backs out on him and he ends up dateless at his ex-girlfriend's wedding. Meanwhile, Regina is asked to be a bridesmaid at the last minute and embraces the opportunity to wear a girly dress and take advantage of all the men paying attention to her.

  • When Crystal thinks the key Stewart gave her to let the plumber in was for her and that the relationship is getting more serious, Stewart knows he needs to do something. But when he follows Ben and Oliver's advice and confronts Crystal about the misunderstanding, Stewart gets himself even deeper into trouble. Meanwhile, Lydia and Regina take a cooking class together, and Lydia inadvertently makes a date with the teacher who thinks she's is a lesbian.

  • Ben is forced to "break-up" with his mother when he realizes she is using him to avoid dating again.

  • Lydia is jealous of stewart because Monty, the family fog, likes him more.

  • Lydia is jealous of stewart because Monty, the family fog, likes him more.

  • Lydia is devastated when news of Stewart and Crystal's relationship becomes public knowledge.

  • The Barnes family bands together to help Ben get over his broken marriage.

  • Stockard Channing, Henry Winkler, Christopher Gorham, Paula Marshall, Ty Burrell and Jennifer Tilly Star in "Out of Practice," a new comedy series about a family of physicians who share the same profession but have little else in common.

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