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Esther and John are siblings who are trying to flee from war torn Syria. Joshua, their cousin, is also traveling with them. They are now trying to cross the border and find their parents with the help of Uncle Yesh, who uses every opportunity they find on their way to teach kids why it's important to follow the Word of God by using the Parables that Jesus told his disciples.

Parables of Jesus for Kids is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (35 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2016.

Parables of Jesus for Kids is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Parables of Jesus for Kids on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

Janson Media
3 Seasons, 35 Episodes
January 1, 2016
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Parables of Jesus for Kids Full Episode Guide

  • In the Parable of The True Vine, Jesus compares himself to the Vine, and His Father as the Wine Grower. The Wine Grower takes care of the plant, and removes all unwanted branches. He also take extra care of the branches that bears him fruit.

  • In the Parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus, Lazarus is a poor man who lay at the gates of the rich man. Lazarus was always hungry, but the rich man never helped this poor soul. One day, Lazarus died, and then angels came to carry him to Heaven. The rich man also dies, but he is taken to Hell. Jesus then explains why both of them were taken to Heaven and Hell.

  • In the Parable of The Two Sons, a father asks his first son to go and work in the fields. The son at first refuses, but then he change his mind and goes to work in the field. The father then asks the second son to work in the field, and the second immediately agrees. But the second son never intended to keep his promise, and he stayed at his house.

  • The Parable of The Faithful Servant, is about a man leaving for a long journey. When he leaves home, he puts his slaves in charge and commands the doorkeeper to be on watch. If the doorkeeper does his job properly, when the master returns, he will reward the doorkeeper abundantly. But if the doorkeeper takes advantage and harms others and loots the property, the Master will return and punish him.

  • In the Parable of The Lilies of The Field, Jesus is comparing mankind with flowers of the field. He said that God has plans even for little things such as Lilies, so God surely will have a great plan for us.

  • In the Parable of 'The Birds of The Air', Jesus compares humans to the ravens flying around. He takes their example and explains that the birds neither sow, nor reap, but God feeds them nevertheless. Jesus is urging us to think that, when God has plans for birds like ravens, what will He have planned for his favorite- mankind?

  • In The Parable of The Rich Fool, a man gets an abundant crop, and starts making plans based on this. The rich man plans to build large barns to store the grain, and he dreams of spending his remaining days lavishly spending money. But then, an Angel appears before him, and says that he is going to die the same night.

  • In the Parable of The Vultures and The Corpse, Uncle Yesh is referring to the corpse as spiritually dead person. He explains that when a man's spirit is dead, when he doesn't have the Word of God in his life, and evil ideas will start residing in them.

  • Jesus is cautioning the people in the 'Parable of The Children at Marketplace' to open themselves to the Voice of God. He said that when John the Baptist came to them with the message of repentance, even learned people refused to believe him. They weren't practicing what they preached.

  • In the Parable of the Last Judgement, Uncle Yesh explains to the kids how God will separate the sinners from good people.

  • In the Parable of the Wicked Tenants, a man planted a vineyard and appointed tenants to watch it. But when he sent his slaves to collect from the vineyard, the tenants seized the slave and beat him up! The tenants did the same to all the slaves that were sent to collect. Finally, the owner sent his own son, thinking the tenants would respect him. Watch this episode to learn the full story!

  • 'The Parable of 'The Friend at Midnight' is about a man who goes to his friend's place seeking bread. Even though the friend refuses to help him at first, he eventually gives him what he wants because of his persistence. Jesus is comparing this friend to our Loving God.

  • One day a Pharisee and Tax Collector go to pray. During prayer, the Pharisee compares himself to the Tax collector, and considers himself blameless. Whereas, the Tax collector was beating his chest crying 'Forgive me, I'm a sinner'. Watch and find why God blessed the Tax collector in this wonderful episode.

  • 'The Parable of the Widow and the Unjust Judge' is about a persistent widow who keeps going to an unjust judge seeking justice. The judge at first refuse to help her, but later agrees because the widow kept coming to him.

  • 'The Parable of a Seed Growing by Itself' is about a man who sows seeds in a field. The man then comes back when the grain is ripe with a sickle to reap the harvest.

  • In 'The Parable of The Good Samaritan' a man is attacked on the road by robbers, and they leave him half dead on the road side. A Priest and a Levite walk by without offering any help. Then a merchant arrives who cleans him up, clothes him and takes him to the nearest inn, thereby becoming the Good Samaritan.

  • 'The Parable of The Ten Virgins' is about five wise and five foolish bridesmaids. All of them went to meet the bridegroom taking their lamps with them, but only the wise women carried extra oil as a precaution. When the bridegroom was delayed, lamps of the foolish went out. And by the time the foolish went to the dealers to get more oil, the gates were closed, and only the wise could get in.

  • 'The Parable of The Wedding Banquet' is about saying Yes to God's invitation to lead a life worthy of heaven. This parable stresses that one should be willing to change when he receives an invitation from God.