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Phonics School is a fun series introducing children to phonics - method by which children are taught to read and write. Phonikers are no ordinary letters! They all possess a natural power to transform into anything beginning with their sound and change back by tracing their shape. Phonikers are like any other children; some spend their time avoiding trouble whilst others positively look for it.

Janson Media
1 Season, 16 Episodes
December 31, 2015
Animation & Cartoons
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Phonics School Full Episode Guide

  • It is graduation time, the class of 2015 has learnt their sounds and shapes magnificently. There is one last thing that they must learn before they can graduate - their names!

  • 'x' and 'o' are playing 'Naughts and Crosses' (tic-tac-toe) and 'x' keeps loosing. 'q' asks lots of questions about the game and wonders whether 'x' is drawing his shape correctly. 'o' helps 'x' with his shape and then together they help 'q' learn the magic too.

  • 'v' and 'w' are happy to finally learn their sounds and shapes when they decide to play tag. When 'v' vanishes, 'w' changes into a wolf to sniff him out. 'v' becomes a vulture to catch the wolf ... The stakes keep getting higher and higher, luckily there is a big tree to save the day!

  • 'l' is enjoying lazy day and is annoyed by the gossiping 'g' and 'f'. 'l' has great fun when he finds a magic ball, which can turn into scary stuff and chase 'f' and 'g'. But they quickly learn the secret and soon 'l' is running for cover with 'f' and 'g' having the last laugh.

  • 'h' and 'r' are teasing each other and are late for class. Once they learn their sounds, they continue to outdo each other in who can turn into a cooler thing. It escalates quickly and eventually the class witnesses a stand-off! Luckily master Anok intervenes to save the day.

  • 'e' and 'u' must work together in order to stay dry during a rainstorm!

  • 'm' and 'n' are trying to settle whether they are related or just look similar when invisible 'i' spooks them both. 'n' changes into a ninja and 'm' into a magnifying glass, trying to find out who is playing tricks on them. But 'i' has to own up to her jokes when she needs help remembering her shape to change back.

  • Great power requires great responsibility. Letters learn that together they have even greater powers. By holding hands and saying their sounds in succession (blending), the letters find out that they can change into words they spell.

  • 'd' is very keen to learn how to 'transformagix' and impersonates 'b' to get ahead. But 'b' has plans of his own.

  • 's' and 't' meet to practice their sounds. 's' is most amused when 't' transforms. They learn the perils of forgetting their shapes but all is well when master Anok intervenes.

  • It is the first day of school and phonikers are a bit excited as mystical Master Anok explains that they all have special powers. 'a' is first and all goes a bit wrong. But with determination and help from master Anok, 'a' learns his shape, sound and unleashes magic.

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