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  • 2015
  • 1 Season

Phonics School is a wonderful and educational animated series designed to help children in their early years of language development. Created by Janson Media in 2015, the show focuses on teaching children the fundamentals of reading and writing, using a fun and engaging approach that engages children of all ages.

The show is comprised of several different episodes, each of which is full of colorful and engaging characters, lively animations, and catchy music, all designed to make learning phonics fun and enjoyable for kids. Throughout each episode, the show introduces children to the various sounds, letters, and words they need to know in order to start reading and writing like seasoned pros.

One of the main things that sets Phonics School apart from other educational programs is its focus on phonics - a teaching method that focuses on the relationship between sounds, letters, and words. With Phonics School, children are given a solid foundation in phonics, which helps them develop fluent reading skills and helps them to write and spell with greater ease.

Throughout each episode, children are introduced to the core phonics concepts, starting with the most basic letter and sound associations, and gradually building up their knowledge and confidence as they progress through the show. Examples of some of the concepts covered in Phonics School include learning the alphabet, blending sounds to create new words, and the basics of grammar and sentence structure.

The show is designed to be interactive and engaging, with plenty of opportunities for children to participate and practice their phonics skills. Through the use of catchy songs, fun games, and engaging visual aids, children are able to learn and retain a lot of information quickly and efficiently.

In addition to its focus on phonics, another great aspect of Phonics School is the way it encourages children to develop their creativity and imagination. Throughout each episode, children are introduced to a cast of engaging and lovable characters, each with their unique personalities and quirks. These characters help inspire children to create their own stories and develop their own narratives, which is an important part of developing strong literacy skills.

Overall, Phonics School is an excellent educational program that offers children a fun and engaging way to learn and develop their language skills. Whether they're just starting to learn the basics of reading and writing or are well on their way to mastering their letters and sounds, this show has something for everyone. So if you're looking for an entertaining and effective way to help your child develop their phonics skills, look no further than Phonics School.

Phonics School is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on December 31, 2015.

Phonics School
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Learn my Name
16. Learn my Name
It is graduation time, the class of 2015 has learnt their sounds and shapes magnificently. There is one last thing that they must learn before they can graduate - their names!
'O' and 'Z'
15. 'O' and 'Z'
Everybody is playing outside and having fun - all the letters are using their powers and have transformed. 'z' is sad that he cannot play along. 'z' is the only letter who hasn't learnt his sound and shape. He is wondering why he is always last. Luckily, friendly 'o' helps him realize how to turn into things beginning with his sound so that he can play along too.
'Q' and 'X'
14. 'Q' and 'X'
'x' and 'o' are playing 'Naughts and Crosses' (tic-tac-toe) and 'x' keeps loosing. 'q' asks lots of questions about the game and wonders whether 'x' is drawing his shape correctly. 'o' helps 'x' with his shape and then together they help 'q' learn the magic too.
'V' & 'W'
13. 'V' & 'W'
'v' and 'w' are happy to finally learn their sounds and shapes when they decide to play tag. When 'v' vanishes, 'w' changes into a wolf to sniff him out. 'v' becomes a vulture to catch the wolf ... The stakes keep getting higher and higher, luckily there is a big tree to save the day!
'J' & 'Y'
12. 'J' & 'Y'
'j' and 'o' see 'y' in strange poses (yoga) and want to know what she is up to. Meditating 'y' takes no notice of them, as 'j' and 'o' are set on distracting her. 'j' changes into a jaguar and a jelly fish but it does not work. Can anything break her pose?
'F', 'G' & 'L'
11. 'F', 'G' & 'L'
'l' is enjoying lazy day and is annoyed by the gossiping 'g' and 'f'. 'l' has great fun when he finds a magic ball, which can turn into scary stuff and chase 'f' and 'g'. But they quickly learn the secret and soon 'l' is running for cover with 'f' and 'g' having the last laugh.
'H' & 'R'
10. 'H' & 'R'
April 24, 2016
'h' and 'r' are teasing each other and are late for class. Once they learn their sounds, they continue to outdo each other in who can turn into a cooler thing. It escalates quickly and eventually the class witnesses a stand-off! Luckily master Anok intervenes to save the day.
'E' & 'U'
9. 'E' & 'U'
'e' and 'u' must work together in order to stay dry during a rainstorm!
'C' & 'K'
8. 'C' & 'K'
Curly 'c' and kicking 'k' are fighting about who stole whose sound! Surely there cannot be two letters with the same sound! With the help of master Anok, they learn that they are both unique.
'M', 'N', & 'I'
7. 'M', 'N', & 'I'
'm' and 'n' are trying to settle whether they are related or just look similar when invisible 'i' spooks them both. 'n' changes into a ninja and 'm' into a magnifying glass, trying to find out who is playing tricks on them. But 'i' has to own up to her jokes when she needs help remembering her shape to change back.
6. Blending
Great power requires great responsibility. Letters learn that together they have even greater powers. By holding hands and saying their sounds in succession (blending), the letters find out that they can change into words they spell.
5. 'D'
'd' is convinced that her turn to try her hand at transforming will never come. Everyone thinks they have lost a letter when 'd' does not come forward to take her turn. Eventually she is very excited to learn her sound and finds that she "has a tummy pointing left."
4. 'B'
'd' is very keen to learn how to 'transformagix' and impersonates 'b' to get ahead. But 'b' has plans of his own.
3. 'P'
'p' is very hungry and is astounded when he accidentally changes into a pizza. He realizes that his sound must be 'p' - however he cannot change back as he does not know his shape.
'S' & 'T'
2. 'S' & 'T'
's' and 't' meet to practice their sounds. 's' is most amused when 't' transforms. They learn the perils of forgetting their shapes but all is well when master Anok intervenes.
1. 'A'
It is the first day of school and phonikers are a bit excited as mystical Master Anok explains that they all have special powers. 'a' is first and all goes a bit wrong. But with determination and help from master Anok, 'a' learns his shape, sound and unleashes magic.
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Phonics School is available for streaming on the Janson Media website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Phonics School on demand at Amazon Prime and Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    December 31, 2015