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Paranormal Cops is a paranormal show that comes on A&E. Paranormal Cops are a ghost hunting team made up of seven members, mostly cops. Each member has a specific job function, one might be an investigator, which their job is specifically to investigate and capture the evidence. Another person or persons might be in charge of the tech crew, this job consists mainly of setting up cameras and equipment or reviewing footage for anomalies. Ron Fabiani, Tom Froelich, Austin Weinstock, Pete Schlelich , Moriah Rhame, Brian Jones, and Scott Ziarko all work together as a paranormal investigation team. They go to various destinations, that to some, is considered to be haunted. This group's goal is to capture substantial evidence of the existence of ghosts.

Ron Fabiani aka. (Fabs), the cigar smoking founder, and lead investigator of the group named his team the Chicago Paranormal Detectives, or (CPD). Fabs compiled this team after he investigated and videotaped paranormal happenings at reportedly haunted places in Chicago. This prompted him to try to find answers about the paranormal, so he set off to capture undeniable proof. He and his crew try to help other people find much needed answers to their supposed haunting. Ron Fabiani, a sergeant since 1996, is a resident of Chicago, Illinois, and has extensive background in homicide investigations, field training, and gang investigations, just to name a few. With the knowledge and background that his career as a cop gave him, it makes his ghost hunting skills more acute in finding evidence, and his findings a little more credible.

What makes this show so unique is that the cops are the ones executing the ghost hunts, and they get to the bottom of every client's claim. Researching an area's history for any deaths on the property being investigated is the starting point of retrieving specific information on who might be haunting a place. As a ghost hunter you must first prove beyond a reasonable doubt, to any skeptic, that any evidence captured is factual and actual.

Tuesdays at 10:30 pm et/pt on A&E
1 Season, 6 Episodes
January 19, 2010
Horror & Suspense, Reality, Crime, Science Fiction, Supernatural
Cast: Ron Fabiani
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Paranormal Cops Full Episode Guide

  • A fellow Police officer calls Ron and team in to help him uncover the mysteries surrounding his night job as a security officer at a banquet hall. But when CPD digs in deep they find that there could be multiple spirits trying to get messages across from beyond the grave. Tragedy, healing and finality makes this one case that CPD is determined to crack.

  • A concerned homeowner contacts CPD when her house guest is choked in her sleep by an unseen force. The team quickly finds an unusual connection between the victim and a deceased girl who used to be best friends with the home owner's daughter. Moriah's skills as a medium are quickly utilized in order to make contact with the deceased friend in an effort to stop the threatening behavior.

  • The Frankfort Fire Dept calls for an investigation because of strange occurrences. Everyone gets sick during the investigation. Is this chance or something greater?

  • The Stage Head, a restaurant being renovated, has a paranormal who continues to scare away employees.

  • The team responds to a graduate from a Women's College that claims she has been haunted for years since attending.

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