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  • 2011
  • 1 Season
  • 8.1  (1,731)

Planet Dinosaur is a thrilling six-part documentary series that explores the fascinating world of dinosaurs. Hosted by famed actor John Hurt, the show uses cutting-edge CGI animation to bring these prehistoric creatures to life like never before. The series introduces viewers to a multitude of dinosaur species, each with its own unique characteristics and behaviors. Through vivid recreations and expert analysis, the show explores how these creatures lived, hunted, and interacted with each other in their ancient habitats.

One of the standout elements of Planet Dinosaur is its stunning visual effects. The show's creators used the latest computer animation technology to create incredibly detailed and lifelike dinosaur models. Viewers are transported back in time to witness these creatures in their natural environments, from the ocean depths to the lush forests of the Mesozoic Era.

But Planet Dinosaur is more than just a visual spectacle. The show is also grounded in scientific research, with each episode featuring interviews with paleontologists and other experts in the field. Through their insights, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the dinosaur world and the cutting-edge techniques scientists are using to uncover more about these long-extinct creatures.

Another strength of the show is its ability to bring complex scientific concepts to life for a general audience. The series tackles topics such as predator-prey dynamics, pack hunting, and the evolution of flight in dinosaurs, all in a way that is engaging and easy to follow.

Perhaps most impressive, however, is the emotional depth and storytelling that underpins Planet Dinosaur. Each episode focuses on a different group of dinosaurs, and the show weaves together their individual stories in a way that is both compelling and informative. From the epic battles of the Allosaurus and Stegosaurus to the heartbreaking plight of the Maiasaura, the show ensures that viewers become emotionally invested in the lives and struggles of these ancient creatures.

All in all, Planet Dinosaur is a must-watch for anyone interested in the world of dinosaurs. With its stunning visuals, fascinating insights, and compelling storytelling, the series offers a unique and unforgettable look at some of the most fascinating creatures to ever walk the earth.

Planet Dinosaur is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 2011.

Planet Dinosaur
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The Great Survivors
6. The Great Survivors
October 19, 2011
This final episode explores the dinosaurs' extraordinary ability to survive. From the bizarre Magyarsaurus, which showed an amazing adaptation to island life, to the weird Nothronychus, a carnivore that gave up meat eating. This astonishing capacity to evolve into ever more diverse and bizarre forms meant that dinosaurs, not only, spread throughout the world, but also, dominated life upon it for more than 160 million years. It was only an unprecedented extraterrestrial event that finally saw the end of planet dinosaur.
New Giants
5. New Giants
October 12, 2011
This episode focuses on the new giants, the heavyweights of the dinosaur world. It's only in recent years that we've unearthed the biggest dinosaurs that ever lived. One monster eclipsed all others, more than seven times as heavy as Diplodocus this was the immense Argentinosaurus - a single backbone was bigger than a human. For years these giants were considered immune to attack from any predator - until the discovery of- Mapusaurus - a new giant killer whose fate appeared to be inextricably linked to Argentinosaurus.
Fight for Life
4. Fight for Life
October 5, 2011
This episode journeys back 150 million years to the Jurassic period. This was a time when the first giant killers stalked the earth predators like the fabled Allosaurus. But these giants weren't confined to the land, recent discoveries have revealed an astonishing new hunter in the oceans, a predator that dwarfs almost all others; Predator X. From the oceans to the land these new giant killers posed the greatest of threats with the smallest advantage tipping the balance between life and death. Predator and prey were locked in a perpetual battle for survival.
Last Killers
3. Last Killers
September 28, 2011
This episode explores the last generation of killer dinosaurs. Carnivores that took killing to the next level. At the end of the Cretaceous period these hunter killers had spread throughout the globe. In the southern continents it was the powerful and muscular abelisaurs, like Majungasaurus, that reigned supreme. Whereas in the north it was the famous tyrannosaurs, like Daspletosaurus, that dominated.
Feathered Dragons
2. Feathered Dragons
September 21, 2011
This episode reveals the bizarre and extraordinary feathered dinosaurs that have only just been discovered; dinosaurs like Microraptor, Sinornithosaurus and Epidexipteryx; dinosaurs that have revolutionized our understanding of life on earth and blur the boundaries between dinosaurs and birds.
Lost World
1. Lost World
September 14, 2011
For decades the dinosaurs of Africa were lost to us. But recent discoveries have now revealed some of the most spectacular dinosaurs ever found. Two giant killers, both bigger than T.rex; one of these has captured our imaginations; Spinosaurus, the biggest killer known to have walked the earth. Only now has evidence been unearthed that reveals just how two giant killers managed to survive side by side.
New Giants
101. New Giants
September 13, 2011
Only in recent years, have we unearthed the biggest dinosaurs that ever lived. One monster eclipsing all others was the immense Argentinosaurus - a single backbone was bigger than a human. For years these giants were considered immune to attack from any predator until the discovery of Mapusaurus.
Killer Elite
102. Killer Elite
March 24, 2013
The recent discoveries of new dinosaurs reveal the extraordinary ability of these creatures to adapt and survive. Feathered dinosaurs like the curious, buck-toothed Exipdexipteryx took to the trees while the amazing four-winged Microraptor conquered the air.
Alien World
103. Alien World
September 14, 2011
During the Jurassic period, giant killers like the fabled Allosaurus stalked the earth. A new generation of carnivores was about to take killing to the next level. But predators weren't confined to the land. Recent discoveries have revealed an astonishing new hunter in the oceans: Predator X.
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    September 14, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (1,731)