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The Puppy Bowl is a television show that highlights a variety of dog breeds playfully romping in search of a chew toy to score a touchdown on a miniature football like field. They roam back and forth across the field in an unorganized way while audiences await the random scoring across the field. Pups can be seen waiting in the barking lot area posing as tailgating fans before game play commences.

Each player is introduced before the game starts or resumes as they enter the stadium. These introductions include the player's name, a picture, age, breed, as well as a short, witty "quote" or message about the puppy.

At the game's opening, The Star Spangled Banner plays as noted in professional sports gatherings to display patriotism. Hamster pilots help navigate the field at several different points to give the audience another vantage point as you would see in a professional football game (much more elementary quality when compared to views of a professional game).

The puppies are cheered on by audience members who are noticed in random frames throughout the program. They are also seen making comments or giving praise after a score has been made.

A cool down tub is an interesting detail mentioned which is offered for the world's furriest little athletes. During breaks for the puppies, another vantage point is viewed through the water bowl camera while they take a moment from this unusual play date. Once a puppy has successfully acquired a touchdown, the hedgehog cheerleaders roam the field for viewing pleasure and added emphasis on the achievement.

As in professional sports, the Puppy Bowl also requires a referee to watch the playing field and keep players on track. He also dictates when breaks are to be started and calls fouls as necessary. Fouls can be called and flags can be thrown on the field just as in traditional football for instances such as excessive cuteness during play and excessive puppies piling on the referee.

All in all, this is a family friendly program that is sure to catch your attention. Details have been added comparing professional sports to a playful and animal-friendly sports gathering. People of all ages interested in animals or football may find this show to their liking.

Puppy Bowl is a series that is currently running and has 17 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on March 4, 2021.

Where do I stream Puppy Bowl online? Puppy Bowl is available for streaming on Animal Planet, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Puppy Bowl on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Animal Planet, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Animal Planet
17 Seasons, 36 Episodes
March 4, 2021
Cast: Harry Kalas, Scott Graham, Dan Schachner, Jill Rappaport
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Puppy Bowl Full Episode Guide

  • Puppy Bowl XVII is in a brand-new stadium this year with over 70 rescue pups. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart start the game with a tailgate paw-ty, and Steve Levy and Sage Steele provide the commentary as these canines fight for the Lombarky Trophy!

  • During Puppy Bowl XVI, discover the cutest, cuddliest moments during Kitty Half Time, a catstravaganza that shouldn't be missed!

  • Puppy Bowl XVI Pregame breaks down a rivalry as old as time itself. Discover the champions of Puppy Bowls past, while hosts James Hound, Rodt Weiler and Sheena Inu take an in-depth look of the pups who made the cut for Team Fluff and Team Ruff.

  • The gridiron is being prepped, the Ref is firming up his fouls and the Pedigree Starting Lineup has been announced. The countdown to the biggest game on all fours is ON.

Puppy Bowl News

Grrrrrr: Cuddly Puppies Square Off in 3D for the 2011 Puppy Bowl

All this talk about cheese and terrible towels have you feeling a little queasy? Comfort yourself with man’s best friend.

Puppy Bowl VII kicks off on the Discovery Channel this afternoon from 3-5 p.m. EST.

According to the Discovery Channel, for the first time in PUPPY BOWL history, all the action will broadcast in a “stunning native 3-D version that will premiere on ‘3net’ – the new 3-D network joint venture of Discovery Communications, Sony and IMAX.