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Period drama series about the brooding rivalry between former soldier Ross Poldark and local industrialist George Warleggan, and the two women in their lives. Based on the books by Winston Graham. Poldark (Original - UK) is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (29 episodes). The series first aired on October 5, 1975.

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2 Seasons, 29 Episodes
October 5, 1975
Cast: Robin Ellis, Angharad Rees, Jill Townsend, Ralph Bates
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Poldark (Original - UK) Full Episode Guide

  • Tragedy could be awaiting Ross, Elizabeth, and Demelza on their respective trips to London.

  • Demelza takes a huge risk to help out an old friend. Drake wants to marry Morwenna now that she's free.

  • George continues to scheme for more power by planning to bankrupt Ross.

  • Ross gets elected to Parliament. Hugh Armitage dies of a brain tumor. Osborne tries to have Morwenna committed to an asylum.

  • Ross is unable to help miners who are facing starvation because of a strike. Rowella blackmails Osborne.

  • Demelza discovers that Ross had a secret meeting with Elizabeth while fighting her own attraction to Hugh Armitage.

  • Aunt Agatha's deathbed curse haunts George while Ross brings Dwight Enys and Hugh Armitage back to Cornwall.

  • As Aunt Agatha prepares a party for her 100th birthday, Ross prepares to rescue Dwight Enys from French custody. Neither the rescue nor the party go as planned.

  • Demelza gives birth to a daughter. George arranges a marriage between Morwenna and Osborne Whitworth unaware that she's in love with Drake Carne.

  • Ross is captured as a spy when he goes to France in search of Dwight Enys.

  • Elizabeth celebrates the birth of her son but worries that there was a Dark Moon at the time of his birth. Meanwhile, word arrives that Dwight Enys is missing at sea.

  • Ross returns home to Cornwall from the war with the French and soon renews his feud with the Warleggans.

  • Ross goes to Trenwith to confront George for the last time.

  • Elizabeth accepts an offer of marriage, although she knows it will appal Ross. when tragedy strikes at Wheal Grace the double blow creates in him an unreasoning and obsessive reaction.

  • Ross determines to find Mark Daniel who may be able to remember where he saw copper while hiding down Wheal Grace. To do so he must accompany Trencrom's smugglers to the Scilly Isles, which is dangerous as there is an informer amongst them.

  • Trying to improve their financial situation, Demelza puts herself in mortal danger. A newly optimistic Francis pays a high price for his partnership with Ross, and the family seems to be on the brink of ruin once again--until an anonymous benefactor steps in.

  • After an irate Warleggan and his henchmen punish Jud for his loyalty to the Poldarks, Ross's simmering dislike for George boils over into violence. Demelza has some surprising news, but her husband's reaction is even more shocking.

  • Furious over Ross's continued success, the Warleggans hatch a plan to financially devastate the Poldarks. At the same time, Ross and Francis agree to settle their quarrel and begin again as partners. Jud, too, has a business proposal for Ross, but it comes with many risks.

  • Demelza does everything in her power to stop Ross from being unjustly convicted, but the odds are stacked against him. The key to the trial lies in the hands of former servant Jud Paynter--a tipsy layabout easily swayed by drink and coin.

  • Arrested for his role in the shipwreck riot, Ross seems doomed to an unfair trial. Francis seeks to make amends with Demelza, but his guilt over his part in her husband's fall from grace threatens to push him over the edge.

  • Mark Daniel learns of Keren's affair with Dwight Enys; Ross helps Mark avoid capture by the authorities.

  • Young Geoffrey Charles is stricken with a serious illness; when Francis also becomes ill, Demelza assists Elizabeth in caring for him.

  • When Jim Carter becomes seriously ill in prison, Ross worries that he will die before completing his sentence.

  • Ross learns that Demelza is pregnant and goes looking for her. Demelza gets into terrible trouble with her Puritan father and step-mother who can't stand the scandal. Before this Elizabeth finally agreed to run away with Ross and leave Francis whom she doesn't love.

  • Ross' former employee, Jim Carter, stands trial for poaching and Ross gives evidence in his defence.Demelza, taken in as a maid by Ross, falls in love with him but learns that Ross still loves Elizabeth. She seduces him and becomes pregnant, running away because she knows that he isn't likely to want the child.

  • Verity, Ross' cousin, is considered by everyone to be an old maid. They are all astonished when she attracts the attention of Captain Blamey at a ball. Unfortunately her father strongly disapproves of the match because the Captain is an ex-prisoner and former alcoholic. He forbids them to meet but Ross and Demelza take pity on Verity and encourage them to meet secretly so that Verity can get to know him better.Verity also tells Ross that Demelza is in love with him which amazes him. He still has feelings for the exquisite Elizabeth but he feels a growing affection for Demelza.

  • Ross returns from fighting for Britain in the American Revolution to his native Cornwall only to find his ex-fiance, Elizabeth, now engaged to his cousin Francis.