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Buster, the bunny who loves adventure from the series Arthur, has branched out to be on his own television show. At the end of almost all of the new Arthur episodes, Buster take a few moments to give information about a location that was visited during the episode or a location where he has visited. Now, Postcards from Buster goes more in depth about locations. Buster receives a postcard at the beginning of the show. This is usually from a friend. He shows where the location is on a map, and he then gives facts about the area. Pictures are displayed so that the viewer gets an idea of what the area looks like and the people who live there. Buster then takes the viewer to the location to get an eye-opening look at the city. He also talks to some of the people in the city so that you get their perspective on living in the area.

Postcards from Buster is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (72 episodes). The series first aired on October 11, 2004.

Postcards from Buster is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Postcards from Buster on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, Hoopla online.

3 Seasons, 72 Episodes
October 11, 2004
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Daniel Brochu, Vanessa Abruzzo, Elyzabeth Diaga
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Postcards from Buster Full Episode Guide

  • Buster is ready to hit the beach in Chennai, India but his teacher, Mr. Ratburn, has other plans. He has assigned the class - including Buster - a social studies project to create a family tree that explains the person they are today. Mr. Ratburn puts Buster in touch with Nandan, a student at the Sishya School, who helps Buster construct his family tree. But Buster despairs, as his family tree looks more like a shrub compared to Nandan's! As Buster takes a walk along the beach for inspiration, he stumbles onto a soccer match where he meets Sruthi, a bharatanatyam dancer, who invites him to her dance class. Buster's self-exploration continues as he meets a young Vedic chanter named Aditya. In the end, Buster learns that the real meaning of family is more than his parents and grandparents.

  • Much to his surprise, Buster discovers there's more to modern Egypt than just mummies and mythology. There's lots to explore in the bustling streets of Cairo with its towering mosque minarets, colorful markets, and donkeys and carts and fresh-fruit vendors. From the fertile valleys to the desert stretches, Egypt is a film set at every turn, and the perfect location for Buster's adventures with his new friends.

  • Buster and Bo go on a rare father-son vacation to the ancient, magical city where the streets are water and the buildings are palaces-Venice, Italy! During the course of his adventures in Venice and its lagoons, Buster learns all about this enchanting city where there are no cars and everything from mail delivery to buses is done by boat. Even though Bo considers himself a master map-reader, like so many tourists before them, the Baxters get hopelessly lost among the winding byways, palazzos, alleys and canals.

  • After Hurricane Katrina, Buster and Bo check in on the friends they made in Season 1 and take supplies for the hurricane relief efforts. Arthur and Buster¢‚¬´s families get together to watch the postcards that Buster brings home. This episode portrays the healing power found in helping others, in creativity and in the love of families.

  • When he¢‚¬´s given an assignment to do a news story, Buster goes to the Alabama School for the Blind. At the school he meets best friends Katie and Keyunna and their older brothers KJ and Curtis. With their help, Buster finds out he has some misconceptions about visually impairment. As he puts together his news story he learns that the truth is better than anything he can make up!

  • Buster¢‚¬´s class at Lakewood Elementary has pen pals in Encinitas, California and Buster is going to meet them! He takes video to send back to Elwood City and learn that the Encinitas kids have pen pals in Mexico. Together they travel to Tijuana to meet their Mexican pen pals. Buster realizes that crossing the border isn¢‚¬´t as elaborate as he¢‚¬´d imagined ¢‚¬€œ and that it¢‚¬´s possible to make a pen pal chain across the world.

  • It's Carlos and Mora's anniversary, and it's Buster's job to create a romantic postcard of their honeymoon destination: Montreal. At first he's worried that he won't understand the French-speaking locals but soon finds plenty to love about this beautiful Canadian city - ice hockey, the food specialty poutine and legend Ethel Bruneau's School of Dance.

  • Buster visits our nation's capital for where he meets Keith, Adrianna, Morgan and Jamal. They invite him to an Easter egg hunt, Easter dinner and Easter Monday, an annual celebration of African animals, traditions and foods at the National Zoo. Buster says yes to all invitations and learns a lesson in time management.

  • In this episode Buster explores Philadelphia¢‚¬´s vibrant South Asian community. He meets twins Arjun and Varun, who teach him yoga, and Rajbinder, a Sikh girl who invites him to her gurdwara (temple). His new friends also take Buster to a factory that makes what he thought impossible: good airplane food!

  • Los Viajeros is performing at Fort Leonard Wood, an Army base in the Ozark Mountains. Buster meets Erin (9) and Hannah (6) whose father is deployed to Iraq. They help Buster solve a mystery and he helps them make a video postcard for their dad. In the process Buster gains new perspective on dealing with worries large and small.

  • Buster travels to the colorful, vibrant Dominican Republic as an unofficial scout for the Elwood City Grebes baseball team. There he meets Danny, a promising young baseball player. He also learns the key ingredients in the DR¢‚¬´s distinctive merengue music and samples a delicious local food¢‚¬"pasteles.

  • Imagine Buster's disappointment when he visits his dad's favorite childhood vacation spot, Mackinac Island, and finds it's deserted in the winter - almost! He meets Lou, a year-round resident and his pals. Their favorite pastime is making short films, and with Buster as second camera they shoot a comedy about a ghost mitten that haunts the island.

  • Los Viajeros are stuck in a recording studio in San Juan, and Carlos has writer's block. So he enlists Buster and Bo's help to uncover some of his childhood memories and stimulate his songwriting. While in Puerto Rico, Buster discovers the beauty of Old San Juan, secret beaches, and the rainforest. He also puts to use the Spanish that he's learned on his travels.

  • During their visit to Seattle, Los Viajeros are performing to benefit a local senior home. Buster's new friend DeShe shows him how he helps others through his family's gospel ensemble. It gets Buster thinking: what has he been doing to help others?

  • Buster's obsession with space aliens reaches new heights in Roswell, where UFO fans from all over the country come to the annual Alien Days Festival. During a car ride with his incredulous dad, Buster swears he's seen an alien crash landing. With the help of local kids, Buster sets out to find the truth.

  • The Read family reunion is in Nashville, and Buster joins them as the official cameraman. But when D.W. meets Barin, a 9 year-old girl from Nashville's growing Kurdish community, she decides it's much more important to help Barin make her own video postcard for her dad who works in Iraq as a translator.

  • Muffy has hired Buster to produce a country-themed commercial for Crosswire Motors. But he needs to find the perfect jingle. Luckily, Buster is in the heart of country music land, and he gets help from 10 year-old Savanna and Grammy award winning musician Billy Dean and his daughter.

  • Aloha! Buster begins his second season on Hawaii's Big Island where he meets an eight-year-old with her own TV show: "Mykala's Fishing Tips." Buster and Mykala team up with her friend Pono to learn about the science of volcanoes and the myth of the volcano goddess Pele. Plus they visit a "halau" - Hawaiian for hula school and swim with dolphins.

  • Inspired by his arrival in Hollywood, Buster decides to direct a skateboarding action flick featuring Sue Ellen's pen pal Brandon and his skateboarding team. Buster discovers that courage and dedication are two key ingredients to becoming serious skateboarders.

  • Spring break near the North Pole?? While Arthur is hanging out at the beach, Buster spends his spring break in far northern town of Iqaluit, capital of Nunavut. Buster quickly learns that the weather, as well as the way of life, is very different than what he's used to. But some things, like sledding down hills, are just like home!

  • Ever since arriving in San Francisco, Buster has been plagued with bad luck. His fortune takes a turn for the better when he meets Hayley and Kery, two young Chinese American girls who share their customs: a big family meal before the Chinese New Year parade-the biggest in the country!

  • Surf's up! But beware of the jellyfish and riptides! Buster hits the waves with siblings Forrest and Coral, two native Cocoa Beachers for whom surfing is a way of life. Buster learns how, for this Florida family, the beach is home.

  • Buster really misses his mom. But Bitzi is stuck in Elwood City trying to write a new food column for the newspaper. In Miami, Buster meets Athena who is half Cuban and half Greek. He helps Bitzi complete her assignment after he picks up great cooking tips from both of Athena's grandmothers.

  • While taking in the sights of Manhattan with new friends Aryeh and Mattie, Buster discovers that living in a big city doesn't mean you're trapped in giant skyscrapers. The kids help Buster understand a little more about city life and about their traditions as Orthodox Jews.

  • Carlos and Mora's new music video is selected to debut on 2CoolTV. The only problem is the song isn't finished, and they haven't even begun to think about the video! So while Carlos and Mora scramble to finish the song, Buster directs a video featuring hip hop dancers Briauna, Dariane, and Zack grooving their way around San Francisco and proving that hip hop is for everyone.

  • Buster thought he had his heart set on buying a sparkling new Schwibbermeier 5000 bike direct from their L.A. factory. But when he meets R.J. and his younger cousins Brian and Anthony in east L.A., they introduce him to the world of lowrider bikes. Buster finds out that sometimes the coolest things aren't what you can buy but what you can make.

  • Fern is writing a mystery story for a writing contest, but she needs help developing the characters. So Buster Baxter, Private Eye, investigates New Orleans's rich music and dance history. Along the way, he meets African drummer Colin, choir director Brittany, and stilt dancer Niya.

  • Mora guides Buster through his travels in this picturesque and historic city in her native country. Buster gets lost (and found), tries his hand at learning Spanish, and, with the help of some local kids, discovers that communication means more than just speaking the language.

  • Buster helps Carlos search the New York city borough of Brooklyn for Carlos's family's oud - a Middle Eastern guitar. To find it, they get help from James, a Lebanese boy who leads Buster through his Middle Eastern neighborhood. Buster meets the Kholad family and other helpful New Yorkers who share their lives, homes, and music with him.

  • Disappointed with the last Bionic Bunny movie, Buster decides it his duty as a devoted B.B. fan to send a video to the movie's producers with suggestions for the next sequel. He enlists the help of kids who live in Trailer City to create their own action-adventure superheroes in Buster's "Postcard to the Producers."

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