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  • TV-PG
  • 2001
  • 1 Season
  • 7.0  (230)

Pretear is a magical girl anime series released in 2001, produced by the famous anime studio, Production I.G. The show is based on a manga series of the same name by Kaori Naruse and Junichi Sato. The English dubbed version of the show is available on FUNimation. The story begins with Himeno Awayuki, a 16-year-old girl who transfers to a new school. She is shy but determined to make new friends and fit in. Himeno’s father recently married a wealthy woman named Natsue, who has two daughters, Mayune and Mawata. Himeno struggles to connect with Natsue and her step-sisters, who are rude and dismissive towards her.

One day, Himeno encounters seven handsome brothers who happen to be the Leafe Knights, a group of magical warriors who protect the world from evil. The Knights inform her that she is the chosen one, the Pretear, who has the ability to merge with them and use their powers to destroy an evil force named the Princess of Disaster. The Princess of Disaster seeks to absorb enough power to become the all-powerful ruler of the world.

Himeno initially struggles to accept her new role as the Pretear, feeling unprepared and unworthy. However, as she begins to train with the Leafe Knights, she grows more confident in her abilities and connects with each of them on a personal level. The brothers are all unique and bring different traits to the team - from the eldest brother Hayate, who is stoic and serious, to the youngest brother Sasame, who is playful and carefree.

As the Pretear, Himeno is given special powers and abilities that enable her to transform and fight against the Princess of Disaster’s minions. Her transformation sequence is visually stunning, complete with colorful magical effects and a beautiful costume. The show’s animation is still considered top-notch, even by today’s standards, and the fight scenes are well-choreographed and exciting to watch.

The overarching plot of Pretear focuses on the Leafe Knights’ quest to gather the Leafe, a magical energy source that will give them the power to defeat the Princess of Disaster. However, the show also explores themes of friendship, family, and self-acceptance. Himeno learns to open up to her step-family and becomes friends with Mawata, who is dealing with her own emotional trauma.

The show’s characters are all well-written and developed, with each of the Leafe Knights and even the villains having their own backstories and motivations. Himeno’s growth as a character is particularly satisfying to watch, as she learns to become more assertive and self-assured.

The show’s soundtrack is also worth mentioning, with a mix of upbeat and emotional tracks that perfectly capture the show’s tone. The opening theme song, “White Destiny,” is a catchy J-pop song that perfectly sets the stage for the magical girl adventure that follows.

In conclusion, Pretear is a must-watch anime for fans of the magical girl genre or anyone looking for a classic anime series with great animation, compelling characters, and an engaging story. The show’s themes of friendship and self-acceptance are timeless and resonate with viewers of all ages.

Pretear is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on April 3, 2001.

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The Legend of White Snow
13. The Legend of White Snow
June 26, 2001
Sasame makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the girl he loves, and Himeno will stop at nothing to protect her family - and the Knights of Leafe!
Warmth, Once More
12. Warmth, Once More
June 20, 2001
Sasame and Hayate face each other in a battle between good and evil. Meanwhile, Himeno and her parents try desperately to break through to Mawata, but the pain in her heart may be insurmountable.
Eyes of Glass
11. Eyes of Glass
June 13, 2001
Himeno's parents search high and low for their missing daughter, Mawata refuses to leave her room, and Sasame falls further under the spell of the devious Princess of Disaster.
The Furthest Ends of One's Emotions
10. The Furthest Ends of One's Emotions
June 6, 2001
In the wake of Sasame's betrayal, the Leafe Knights scramble to find a safe place to hide Himeno. Meanwhile, the Princess of Disaster prepares her new weapon - the Puppet of Darkness!
Unreaching Melody
9. Unreaching Melody
May 30, 2001
Himeno and the Leafe Knights search the grounds of the estate in search of the Princess of Disaster, but upon finding her, they are unthinkably betrayed by one of their own!
Moment of Awakening
8. Moment of Awakening
May 23, 2001
Depressed and distressed over her lack of Pretear powers, Himeno aimlessly wanders the streets of her town until an unlikely source cheers her up. Will it be enough to help her stand up to the...
Can't Protect Anyone Anymore
7. Can't Protect Anyone Anymore
May 16, 2001
Himeno finally learns the heartbreaking truth about the Princess of Disaster, but this new knowledge could prove deadly when the Pretear loses her ability to transform!
Secret of Rouge
6. Secret of Rouge
May 9, 2001
Himeno's obsession with the Princess of Disaster leads her to risk everything by journeying to Leafe in search of answers. The truth is out there, but she may not like what she finds.
Smile of Darkness
5. Smile of Darkness
May 2, 2001
When the Princess of Disaster invades Himeno's dreams, Hayate takes it upon himself to protect the Pretear. Can the Leafe Knights save their new friend from the gathering darkness that wants her dead?
A Promise Made Under the Sunlight
4. A Promise Made Under the Sunlight
April 25, 2001
Himeno and some of the younger Leafe Knights encounter booby traps and man-eating beasts while they scour the grounds of the mansion in search of demon larvae!
The Way of Becoming Pretear
3. The Way of Becoming Pretear
April 18, 2001
The tension between Hayate and Himeno builds as the Leafe Knight puts the Pretear through a series of bizarre challenges. But when a demon larvae attacks, the two will be forced to set aside their...
Let Me Hear Your Heart Flutter
2. Let Me Hear Your Heart Flutter
April 10, 2001
Himeno survives her first battle as the Pretear, but one of the Knights is injured because of her inexperience. Vowing never to let it happen again, Himeno resolves to practice controlling her new powers!
Winds of Destiny
1. Winds of Destiny
April 3, 2001
Sixteen-year-old Himeno's biggest problem in life is fitting in with her wealthy stepmother and two stuck-up stepsisters, but all that changes the day she meets the Knights of Leafe!
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Pretear is available for streaming on the FUNimation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pretear on demand at Amazon Prime and Crunchyroll.
  • Premiere Date
    April 3, 2001
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (230)