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The television series entitled Pretear is about the life and challaneges of Himeno. Himeno is a young lady who lives with father and stepmother after the death of her mother. She struggles to adapt to her new life and learn to live with her father's new wife Natsue. One day Himeno is on her way to school through a lonely path when she comes across Hayate who is known as the Knight of the Wind. Himeno and Hayate start arguing and Himeno tries to slap Hayate, but he blocks her hand and a bright light shines.

Himeno later comes across the other Knights in the area known as the Leafe Knights who tell her the reason why red snow has been falling is because the Princess of Disaster sends it. She uses red larva to destroy the element that gives life to the people in the town which is known as the leafe. The Knights invite Himeno to join them on their mission to defend the world from destruction. At first Himeno refuses but on second thought she accepts to go with them. Not long after the larva starts and Himeno and Hayate fuse together and she becomes the wind pretear with enough powers to destroy the larva.

Himeno falls in love Hayate but is devastated when he rejects her. She later finds out the reason Hayate rejects her is because Hayate had a history with the Princess of Disaster who before becoming the princess was in love with Hayate. When Hayate could not love her back, she became angry and evil and then transformed into a Princess of Disaster.

Himeno has a stepsister known as Mawata who is in love with Sasame but is unhappy when she finds out Sasame is in love with Takako. She gets into a deadly battle with the Princess of Disaster but Himeno rescues her and takes her back to the famiy. Himeno on her part succeeds to rescue the town from the Hayate and Himeno get married.

Pretear is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on April 3, 2001.

Where do I stream Pretear online? Pretear is available for streaming on FUNimation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pretear on demand at , Crunchyroll online.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
April 3, 2001
Anime, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Cast: Sayuri Yoshida, Satsuki Yukino, Akemi Kanda, Yuji Ueda, Takahiro Sakurai
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Pretear Full Episode Guide

  • Sasame and Hayate face each other in a battle between good and evil. Meanwhile, Himeno and her parents try desperately to break through to Mawata, but the pain in her heart may be insurmountable.

  • Himeno's parents search high and low for their missing daughter, Mawata refuses to leave her room, and Sasame falls further under the spell of the devious Princess of Disaster.

  • In the wake of Sasame's betrayal, the Leafe Knights scramble to find a safe place to hide Himeno. Meanwhile, the Princess of Disaster prepares her new weapon - the Puppet of Darkness!

  • Himeno and the Leafe Knights search the grounds of the estate in search of the Princess of Disaster, but upon finding her, they are unthinkably betrayed by one of their own!

  • Depressed and distressed over her lack of Pretear powers, Himeno aimlessly wanders the streets of her town until an unlikely source cheers her up. Will it be enough to help her stand up to the...

  • Himeno finally learns the heartbreaking truth about the Princess of Disaster, but this new knowledge could prove deadly when the Pretear loses her ability to transform!

  • When the Princess of Disaster invades Himeno's dreams, Hayate takes it upon himself to protect the Pretear. Can the Leafe Knights save their new friend from the gathering darkness that wants her dead?

  • Himeno and some of the younger Leafe Knights encounter booby traps and man-eating beasts while they scour the grounds of the mansion in search of demon larvae!

  • The tension between Hayate and Himeno builds as the Leafe Knight puts the Pretear through a series of bizarre challenges. But when a demon larvae attacks, the two will be forced to set aside their...

  • Himeno survives her first battle as the Pretear, but one of the Knights is injured because of her inexperience. Vowing never to let it happen again, Himeno resolves to practice controlling her new powers!

  • Sixteen-year-old Himeno's biggest problem in life is fitting in with her wealthy stepmother and two stuck-up stepsisters, but all that changes the day she meets the Knights of Leafe!