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"Pretty Tough" is a 20 episode web series program that is loosely based on the Liz Tigelaar of the same name. The show is set in Malibu, California in the present time. The plot of the show revolves around two sisters, Charlie and Krista Brown, who are very different from each other. Krista is blonde and popular, while Charlie is a brunette loner only interested in surfing. There is often conflict between the two sisters. In one early episode, Charlie tried out and won a spot on the local soccer team just to annoy Krista, who has played the sport for years. They then have to learn to cooperate with each other despite their differences.

Along with recurrent sibling rivalry, other major themes of this story are sports, popularity issues and other adolescent struggles. "Pretty Tough" is directed by Stewart Hendler and stars Crystal Young as Krista and Adeline Kane as the more-complex, aptly named Charlie Brown. Supporting cast include Jess Adams as Brooks, one of Krista's best friends who does not like Charlie at all. Guy Wilson plays Krista's equally popular boyfriend Cam. Dalila Ali Rajah plays the soccer coach that makes the critical decision to allow Charlie to join the team. Beth Behers has a recurrent role as Reagan, a mean girl at their Malibu school.

The series runs for a total of 104 minutes, broken down into roughly 20 minute segments. "Pretty Tough" was produced by the Vuguru Production Company and by Jetpack Media. The series was shot on location in Los Angeles. The script was written by Jamie Minginham, with consultation by the original author of the same-named novel the series was based on, Liz Tigelaar. "Pretty Tough" puts heavy emphasis on teenage girls and the sports they play in both the book and in the movie, making this series a tight adaption of a story meant to be about and to appeal to pre-teen and teenage girls.

Content Media Corporation
1 Season, 6 Episodes
August 10, 2011
Cast: Dalila Ali Rajah

Pretty Tough Full Episode Guide

  • Tempers flare between Charlie and Krista at the CIF championship game. Charlie and Krista mend their relationship when they learn about Martie's tragic past. Brooks gets upset when Cam chooses Krista's game over her.

  • The girls go to the homecoming dance. Charlie tries to reconcile with Regan but Regan rejects her. Noah admits his feelings for Krista. Charlie and her new love interest get closer. Cam gets angry when Krista wont have sex with him.

  • It's hell week for the soccer team. Charlie makes new friends. Krista has trouble writing her college entrance essay. Noah tries to flirt with Krista. Krista finally mails off her Denver University application.

  • Charlie is apprehensive to begin the new school year. Martie recruits Charlie to be on the soccer team alongside her sister Krista.

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