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  • 2011
  • 2 Seasons

Prison Women is a documentary television series that premiered on National Geographic Channel in 2011. The show takes viewers inside women's prisons around the world, highlighting the challenges faced by female inmates and the various programs and services that are available to them.

Each episode of Prison Women focuses on a different prison and the women who are incarcerated there. The show explores the unique issues faced by women in the prison system, such as sexual assault, drug addiction, and mental illness. It also documents the efforts of prison staff and volunteers to provide support and rehabilitation to the inmates.

One episode takes place at the Valley State Prison for Women in California, where women are serving long sentences for crimes ranging from drug trafficking to murder. The episode follows several women as they navigate daily life in the prison and participate in programs designed to help them cope with their situation. For example, inmates attend classes to earn their high school diplomas or participate in therapeutic activities like art and music.

Another episode takes place at the Lorusso Cotugno prison in Naples, Italy, where women are serving time for drug-related crimes. In this episode, viewers meet a woman who has been incarcerated for over a decade and has limited contact with her children. Volunteers from a local organization visit the prison to facilitate visits between mothers and their children, and the episode documents their efforts to reunite families that have been separated by the criminal justice system.

Throughout the series, Prison Women highlights the resilience and strength of the women who have been incarcerated, as well as the importance of treating them with dignity and respect. The show also sheds light on the flaws and challenges of the prison system, such as overcrowding, underfunding, and lack of access to mental health care.

Overall, Prison Women offers a unique and thought-provoking look at women's prisons around the world, showcasing the stories of women who are often marginalized and overlooked by society. The series is both informative and engaging, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of the complexities of the criminal justice system and the impact it has on individuals and communities.

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