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  • TV-14
  • 2017
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.6  (3,934)

Ransom is a thrilling and intense drama series from CBS that airs from 2017 to 2019. The show centers around Eric Beaumont, a professional hostage negotiator who utilizes his keen understanding of human behavior and his extensive experience to resolve high-stakes cases that often involve kidnapping and ransom demands.

Luke Roberts portrays Eric Beaumont, the leader of a team of top-tier crisis negotiators who provide their services to government agencies, law enforcement organizations, and multinational corporations across the globe. Joining him are Brandon Jay McLaren as Oliver Yates, a former detective with impressive computer skills, and Nazneen Contractor as Zara Hallam, a psychological profiler who specializes in understanding the motivations and personalities of kidnappers and their victims.

Throughout the series, the team is often called upon to handle cases that seem impossible to solve. They must navigate tense negotiations with kidnappers who are often emotionally unstable, unpredictable, and dangerous. Using their skills in persuasion, manipulation, and empathy, Eric and his team work tirelessly to communicate with the kidnappers and get them to release their hostages safely.

One of the defining elements of Ransom is its emphasis on character development. The series takes a deep dive into the personal lives of the team members and explores the emotional toll that their work takes on them. Each character has their own unique struggles and motivations that drive them forward, and their relationships with one another often provide moments of levity and humor that balance out the intense and emotionally charged negotiations.

Another notable aspect of Ransom is its attention to detail when it comes to depicting the intricacies of hostage negotiations. The show is grounded in reality, and the strategies that the team employs are based on real-life tactics used by professionals in the field. Viewers get an inside look at the negotiation process and gain insight into the complexities of communication when lives are on the line.

Overall, Ransom is a gripping and thought-provoking drama that explores the world of hostage negotiation through complex and nuanced characters. With tense negotiations, heart-pumping action, and a strong focus on characterization, the series is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Ransom is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2017.

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Story For Another Day
13. Story For Another Day
May 25, 2019
When Cynthia and her younger brother, Tyler, are abducted by a criminal Tyler's indebted to, Eric and the Crisis Resolution team are forced to break all the rules in order to find them.
Playing God
12. Playing God
May 18, 2019
When a bombing at a genetics company causes a woman to lose her memory, the Crisis Resolution team works to put together the pieces of the crime to figure out if she's a victim or the bomber.
Truth & Reconciliation
11. Truth & Reconciliation
May 11, 2019
When Eric and his new girlfriend, Kate, head to a gala at the American Embassy in Bogotá, they become embroiled in an assassination attempt, and Kate is the #1 suspect.
10. Unfit
May 4, 2019
When a baby is stolen from his crib by a notorious serial kidnapper, the Crisis Resolution team must find out why the baby was targeted and locate him before he is taken out of the country.
Broken Record
9. Broken Record
April 27, 2019
When a disgraced negotiator impersonates Eric, the Crisis Resolution team races to recover a kidnapped hotel owner, Jonah Preston, the ransom money, and Eric's tarnished reputation.
Dark Triad
8. Dark Triad
April 20, 2019
The FBI brings in the Crisis Resolution team to negotiate with a formidable sociopath who is targeting diabetics with tainted insulin.
7. Prima
April 13, 2019
When a Russian prima ballerina and her rival are kidnapped, the Crisis Resolution team must use their own brand of fancy footwork in the cutthroat world of ballet to get both women back safely.
Stay of Execution
6. Stay of Execution
March 30, 2019
When a death row inmate gets a "ransom" letter offering him exonerating evidence for $500,000, the Crisis Resolution team has 48 hours to verify that the information is real.
Life and Limb
5. Life and Limb
March 16, 2019
When a kidnapper from a past case returns and threatens to harm a child, the team is forced to confront the consequences of Eric's policy of letting perpetrators go free.
It's a Ravenzo
4. It's a Ravenzo
March 9, 2019
Eric and the team enter the world of Italian fashion royalty when they are hired to negotiate the safe return of a world-famous designer's kidnapped wife.
3. Indiscretion
March 2, 2019
The team's search for a missing high-end escort leads to evidence that she was caught between a cop with a vendetta and a dangerous drug dealer.
Black Dolphin
2. Black Dolphin
February 23, 2019
The FBI asks Eric to use his negotiating expertise to convince the brainwashed survivor of an internet predator to reveal the identity of the person who incites vulnerable people to harm themselves.
1. Justice
February 16, 2019
Eric and the Crisis Resolution team are brought in to negotiate a blood money payoff when a man is murdered and his wife is threatened to be next.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (3,934)