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  • 2013
  • 2 Seasons
  • 5.6  (31)

Rebel Without A Kitchen is a travel and food show hosted by the passionate and enthusiastic chef Matt Basile. The show, which aired on the Travel + Escape channel in 2013, follows Matt on his journey as he travels across North America, discovering unique ingredients and creating delicious meals under precarious circumstances. Nigel P. Henderson accompanies Matt as his camera operator and sidekick, adding a comedic dynamic to the show.

The premise of the show is simple but exciting. Matt is dropped into unfamiliar territory, with no kitchen or equipment, and a limited budget. His challenge is to create a gourmet meal for a group of strangers using only local ingredients, his creativity and resourcefulness. Matt’s engaging personality and his impressive culinary skills make for an entertaining watch as he faces each challenge with confidence and humor.

What sets Rebel Without A Kitchen apart from other food travel shows is Matt’s emphasis on showcasing the local ingredients and culinary scene of each location. From gathering fresh seafood on the coast of Maine to capturing wild hogs in Texas, Matt’s commitment to using local and sustainable ingredients is evident in every dish he creates.

The show is filmed in a raw and authentic style, which adds to the overall thrill of watching. There is no script, and Matt often faces unexpected challenges, such as his campfire going out or a sudden storm, which he must overcome. But it is precisely these challenges that make the show so entertaining and inspiring. Viewers get to witness Matt’s resourcefulness and innovation as he adapts to each challenge and creates extraordinary meals in the most unexpected places.

Throughout the show, Matt’s passion for food and love for sharing it with others is palpable, and his interactions with the locals he meets are always heartwarming. Nevertheless, Matt can occasionally come across as overly confident and may rub some viewers the wrong way, but his passion for food and his ability to create masterful dishes in any situation quickly wins over even his biggest skeptics.

Overall, Rebel Without A Kitchen is a must-watch show for anyone who enjoys cooking, traveling, and captivating storytelling. It’s a show that takes viewers on a culinary adventure, introducing them to new ingredients, techniques, and flavors, all while showcasing the beauty and diversity of North America. With entertaining hosts, stunning cinematography, and mouth-watering food, Rebel Without A Kitchen is a feast for the senses and a true gem in the world of food travel shows.

Rebel Without A Kitchen is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on April 19, 2013.

Rebel Without A Kitchen
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Home Sweet Home
19. Home Sweet Home
April 21, 2015
Summary not available
Keep It Weird
18. Keep It Weird
April 14, 2015
Summary not available
Pig Out
17. Pig Out
April 7, 2015
Matt serves patrons in Los Angeles.
Mystery Mirliton
16. Mystery Mirliton
March 31, 2015
Summary not available
Later Alligator
15. Later Alligator
March 24, 2015
Matt prepares for a burger competition.
Rodeo Rebel
14. Rodeo Rebel
March 17, 2015
Matt learns classic cowboy tricks when he's invited to a event.
Home Sweet Home
13. Home Sweet Home
June 24, 2014
Matt finally makes it home to his wife and restaurant.
Keep It Weird
12. Keep It Weird
June 17, 2014
The city with the largest food cart scene in North America, Portland Oregan, is holding a Cartathlon Scavenger Hunt that challenges teams of foodies to race from food cart to food cart all over the city for a fun food race. Matt will be stationed as one of the food stops for the race. After fully exploring the street food mecca that is Portland, Matt serves up delicious eats with a Canadian twist for the hungry scavengers.
Pig Out
11. Pig Out
June 10, 2014
Matt serves patrons in Los Angeles.
Mystery Mirliton
10. Mystery Mirliton
June 3, 2014
Matt is invited to participate in the New Orleans Mirliton Festival. The challenge? It's a vegetable he's never heard of. A real fish out of water, Matt must eat his way through the streets of New Orleans, learning what it is and how the locals eat and cook with the vegetable. And hopefully in the end, he can come up with a dish that will have the locals seeing the vegetable in a whole new light.
Later Alligator
9. Later Alligator
May 27, 2014
Matt prepares for a burger competition.
Rodeo Rebel
8. Rodeo Rebel
May 20, 2014
Matt learns classic cowboy tricks when he's invited to a event.
Poutine Pop Up
7. Poutine Pop Up
May 13, 2014
Matt takes over a pizza shop in Montreal.
Do It Yourself
6. Do It Yourself
May 6, 2014
Matt is competed to take part in a local food fair.
Born and Braised
5. Born and Braised
April 29, 2014
Matt heads to a night market in Philadelphia were he presents his own take on cheese steak sandwiches.
Rebel of Queens
4. Rebel of Queens
April 22, 2014
Matt celebrates the street food on offer at Viva la Comida in New York.
Right Some Good
3. Right Some Good
April 15, 2014
Matt pops up at North America's original gourmet pop-up dining festival, Right Some Good, in picturesque Cape Breton. With fresh seafood available right at his fingertips, Matt scopes out the East Coast food scene to prepare a festival worthy dish.
2. Ready-Set-Chowda
April 8, 2014
Matt dukes it out at the Boston Local Food Festival's first annual Clam Chowda Competition. As a newbie to the city, Matt must eat his way through the city's streets learning everything he can about clam chowder in preparation for the competition. With a secret ingredient and a local clam fisherman to help him out, Matt's hoping he can win over the locals with his take on the clam chowder.
Goodbye Hogtown
1. Goodbye Hogtown
April 1, 2014
With an incredible year behind him, Matt decides to broaden his scope and discover the street food scene in other cities all across North America. Toasting to where it all began, Matt decides to do one more event in Toronto before saying goodbye and hitting the road. He'll be popping up at Toronto's favourite summer event, the Canadian National Exhibition.
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Rebel Without A Kitchen is available for streaming on the Travel + Escape website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Rebel Without A Kitchen on demand at Apple TV Channels and Philo.
  • Premiere Date
    April 19, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    5.6  (31)