Remy & Boo

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Set in a cozy seaside town, Remy & Boo explores the unique friendship between an adventurous six-year-old girl and her unique best friend Boo, a big, squishy, pink robot. Fueled by Remy

1 Season, 13 Episodes
May 1, 2020
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoon, Fantasy, Kids & Family
Cast: Ava Ro, Rob Tinkler, Madison Abbott
Remy & Boo

Remy & Boo Full Episode Guide

  • Remy and Boo accidentally use brand new Shrimpy's menus to make a fleet of paper airplanes that they launch all across town./Boo's butterfly chasing results in a clumsy accident.

  • Boo discovers how bandages are used and begins stamping them on everyone and everything; when Remy and Boo's amazing cupcake creation goes missing, they become detectives.

  • After spotting a rare narwhal from the lighthouse, Remy and Boo want to show it to Poppy./Boo accidentally takes Mr. Periwinkle's prize flower.

  • Remy helps Boo learn to be quiet and still so he can get the perfect picture./Remy rushes out the door to get to the museum's art camp to unveil her special painting!

  • When a big storm shuts the power down throughout town, Remy and Boo muster the courage to help Poppy reach the lighthouse and guide Skipper Jack home./When Mr.Periwinkle pulls his back prepping his garden for a big gardening competition, Remy and Boo jum

  • Remy goes to bike camp to learn how to ride her bike./When Remy packs-up her old toys and clothes to be donated, Boo learns that giving is a gift, but sometimes that's easier said than done.

  • Nikhil is afraid to perform at the Dolphin Bay talent show./Remy fawns over Mia's adorable toy and Boo grows jealous of it.

  • Remy and Boo to try to stay awake for the meteor shower, but discover that even robots need to power down and recharge./After Remy commends Boo's added smiley touch to their painted mailbox, Boo plasters his happy face all over town and discovers the imp

  • Boo helps Remy find all sorts of little treasures at the beach./Remy is determined to write a very special song for Mom.

  • Boo has trouble playing games with Remy and her friends./Remy, Boo and their friend Mia go camping with Dad and keep an eye out for the legendary Snicklehoot.