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This is a game show that features Josh Lewis and Tom DeTone. They are repo men who take everything from cars to furniture. However, they have decided to play a few games with some of the people they are supposed to repo things from to see if the person can keep their belongings. The pair usually does this with cars. A tow truck is hooked up to the car. The men will ask questions to the person who is at risk of losing the car. If the person gets a wrong answer, then the tow truck will lift the car up off the ground. If the person gets the answers correct, then the truck will lower the car. The person has to get a certain number of questions right before the repo men won't take the car at that time. The debt will be fully paid off so that the person can keep the car in the future.

Repo Games is a Game Show series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on April 26, 2011. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.9.

Repo Games is available for streaming on the Spike TV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Repo Games on demand at Amazon, Vudu, iTunes online.

Spike TV
2 Seasons, 40 Episodes
April 26, 2011
Game Show
Cast: Tom Detone
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Repo Games Full Episode Guide

  • An angry father-son team threaten to release their attack dog and modeling skills to the game.

  • A debtor channels Robin Hood.

  • An unemployed police detective becomes a contestant after his wife busts him.

  • An old man becomes a contestant.

  • An attractive debtor becomes a contestant.

  • A wild eye debtor answers the door armed with a meat cleaver and a gold toothed smile.

  • A humble debtor educates the world that success can be measured in many ways when he shows off his stripper wife Brandi.

  • An angry debtor threatens Tom with his urine when he discovers his truck is at the impound lot.

  • Two recently paroled debtors make a run for it when they mistakenly confuse Repo Games for a police sting operation.

  • Neighbors assist a debtor attempt to keep his car.

  • A break dancer plays Repo Games.

  • An obnoxious mom and a babysitter flip between flirting with Tom and threatening him.

  • When Tom shows up on their doorstep, a half cocked housewife and her bleary eyed boyfriend flirt their way through Repo Games.

  • In a Repo Games first, a hillbilly debtor refuses to play after his knowledge of classic rock is called into question.

  • A paranoid debtor is so worried someone is going to kill him he can barely focus on playing Repo Games and ends up giving one of the dumbest answers on record.

  • Two tough talking best friends put more than their car on the line when they wager a plate of chicken wings against Repo Games,

  • An irate debtor armed with a sledgehammer threatens to put a whoopin' on Tom when he surprises him at home.

  • A wild haired toothless woman puts her love for Barack Obama to the test when she rallies together with her whole neighborhood to save her car.

  • A foul mouthed woman and her borderline savant husband use booty dancing and tongue lashing to figure out the answers and try to save their car.

  • A furious debtor rushes home to save his wife's car and then pulls a gun on Tom when he learns that it's actually his truck that's up for Repo.

  • A scrawny deadbeat debtor and his babysitter sidekick try to throwdown with Josh and steal his keys right out of the ignition!

  • An angry daughter blocks Tom in the driveway with her car, then her booty when the family wagon is put in jeopardy.

  • A Scottsdale MILF uses her charm to try to persuade Josh to keeping her car and possibly her marriage.

  • A low rollin' gambler tries to win back his ride.

  • Police must get involved in order to persuade a participant to play!

  • A heavy weight debtor tries to win his truck back in order to take his hot girlfriend to a strip club.

  • Tom is challenged by a female body builder for an arm wrestling match for her car.

  • An irrational contestant sprays Josh in the face with insecticide.

  • Josh is promised a "happy ending" to this Repo by a flirty older lady.

  • When a gun loving debtor is faced with losing his truck, he becomes desperate to steal it off the back of the tow truck.

  • A scrawny dad with a bad temper confronts Tom at the Lot.

  • A neighbor becomes enraged at the Repo crew and gunfire erupts!

  • Josh meets a contestant who has an unusually close relationship with his car.

  • A downtrodden debtor threatens to unleash his attack dog on Josh when he learns his truck is on the tow.

  • A husband gets caught taking a loan out on his wife's truck and ends up playing Repo Games.

  • A redneck father and son play repo games to avoid getting their car taken away.

  • Josh evades a possible fight from a father-son team.

  • A window-smashing rampage ensues when a couple discovers their car has been repossessed.

  • A debtor tries to evade repo man Josh and attempts to steal back his vintage Mustang right off the back of the tow truck!

  • One woman transforms into a dancing diva when she is faced with losing her "green machine" mini-van.

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