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  • 2016
  • 1 Season

River Monsters: Legendary Locations is a thrilling television show on Animal Planet that takes viewers on a journey to discover the most legendary and mysterious river monsters in the world. Hosted by extreme angler and biologist Jeremy Wade, the show features Wade as he travels to remote locations around the globe to investigate stories of strange and elusive freshwater creatures that have been passed down through generations.

Throughout the show's eight seasons, Jeremy Wade has tackled some of the most dangerous and deadly rivers in the world, from the Amazon to the Congo, in search of monster-sized fish that have long been a source of both fascination and fear. Along the way, he has encountered a wide range of creatures, from giant catfish to vicious piranhas to deadly electric eels.

Each episode of River Monsters: Legendary Locations follows a similar formula, as Wade sets out on a new adventure to uncover the truth behind a particular river monster legend. He starts by speaking with locals in the area, discovering the history and folklore surrounding the creature he's looking for. He then sets out to the river, with a team of experts and local guides in tow, and begins his search.

The show combines stunning footage of some of the world's most beautiful and treacherous rivers with in-depth interviews and scientific analysis, as Wade and his team attempt to unravel the mysteries behind these legendary creatures. Along the way, they encounter all manner of dangers and obstacles, from treacherous rapids to deadly predators, but Wade remains focused on his mission, determined to uncover the truth.

One of the most exciting aspects of River Monsters: Legendary Locations is the sheer variety of creatures featured on the show. Over the years, viewers have been introduced to an incredible range of river monsters, from the gigantic Wels catfish of Europe to the bizarre and elusive Goliath tigerfish of Africa. Each creature is unique and fascinating, with its own set of quirks and challenges for Wade and his team to overcome.

But the show is more than just a series of fishing expeditions. Along the way, Wade delves into the scientific and cultural significance of each creature he encounters, providing insights into the delicate ecosystems of our planet's rivers and the important role these creatures play in their respective environments. He also explores the impact of human activities, from pollution to overfishing, on the delicate balance of these ecosystems, highlighting the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect these incredible creatures for future generations.

Overall, River Monsters: Legendary Locations is an exciting and educational show that takes viewers on a thrilling adventure around the world's most fascinating rivers. With Jeremy Wade as our guide, we explore the mysteries of these legendary creatures and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of conservation efforts to protect our planet's waterways.

River Monsters: Legendary Locations
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Cambodian Nightmare
11. Cambodian Nightmare
July 2, 2017
Jeremy returns to the deadly Mekong River investigating reports of a fish that leaves small but ghastly wounds on its victims.
Mekong Monster
10. Mekong Monster
July 2, 2017
Jeremy heads off to the exotic and dangerous Mekong River in search of a monster armed with a massive barbed tail that pushes him to his physical limits.
Peruvian Predator
9. Peruvian Predator
June 25, 2017
Summary not available
Bolivian Nightmare
8. Bolivian Nightmare
June 25, 2017
Jeremy heads down to South America after hearing reports of a gruesome and disturbing attack, which could be the work of either the infamous piranha or one of Jeremy's old nemeses.
African Abductor
7. African Abductor
June 18, 2017
Jeremy returns to the Congo, this time examining reports of a water ghost luring fishermen to their deaths.
Goliath of the Congo
6. Goliath of the Congo
June 18, 2017
Jeremy hunts in the heart of the Congo for a beast with the teeth of a crocodile, the attitude of a shark, and thick armor plating.
Argentinian Attacker
5. Argentinian Attacker
June 11, 2017
Summary not available
South American Stinger
4. South American Stinger
June 11, 2017
Jeremy heads to Argentina's Parana River to look for a short-tailed stingray suspected of striking and killing; a long fight awaits his efforts to pry the bottom-dwelling predator off the riverbed.
Deadliest Amazon Encounters
3. Deadliest Amazon Encounters
December 26, 2016
The rivers of the Amazon yield some of the most varying and deadly animals that Jeremy has ever come across; poison filled giant sting rays, giant catfish and the bone smashing anaconda all lurk in the murky depths.
North American Nightmares
2. North American Nightmares
December 19, 2016
From the freezing bottoms of the Alaskan waters, to the salty channels of Florida, Jeremey examines some of the most monstrous fish North America has to offer. Bull sharks, alligator gar, and near 500 pound Halibut are all on Jeremy's line.
Demon Fish
1. Demon Fish
December 12, 2016
Jeremy Wade journeys to the infamous Congo River in Africa in search of the world's most ferocious fish. This supernatural monster predator pushes Jeremy to his physical and mental limit. It requires all of his skills and the help of a witch doctor.
  • Premiere Date
    December 12, 2016