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Def Jam records co-founder Russell Simmons expanded his entertainment empire with this cable TV series. The show features up and coming poets like Jessica Care-Moore, Saul Williams, Beau Sia, Alix Olson and Taylor Mali. Legendary spoken word artists Nikki Giovanni, Amiri Baraka and Sonya Sanchez appear as well.

Mos Def hosts the show, and Simmons appears at the end of each episode and thanks the viewers.

Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry is a Talk & Interview series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (44 episodes). The series first aired on December 15, 2001. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.5.

Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry is available for streaming on the HBO website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry on demand at Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Fridays at 12:00 am on HBO
6 Seasons, 44 Episodes
December 15, 2001
Talk & Interview
Cast: Yasiin Bey, Russell Simmons
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Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry Full Episode Guide

  • Includes: Black Ice "The Ugly Show"; Mayda Del Valle "The Gift"; Steve Colman "I Want To Eat Your Pu**y"; Georgia Me "The Promiseland"; Bea Sia "Back To The Now"; Nelly Furtado "Nevis"; Stacyann Chin "Untitled"; Poetri "Monsters In My Stomach"; Suheir Hammad "Daddy's Song"; Lemon "Experience."

  • Includes: Big Poppa E "Propers"; Bassey Ikpi "Apology To My Unborn"; Alvin Lau "What Tiger Said"; Saddi Kali "Goin' Platinum In 2 Days"; Liza Garza "My Everything"; Lamont Carey "I Can't Read"; Brian Dykstra "Pushing Bush"; Vanessa Hidary "Phd In Him"; Basikknowledge "Numbers"; George Clinton "Dope Dog"

  • Includes: Oveous Maximus "Salcedo's Breakdown"; Sonya Renee "Connections"; Anis Mojgani "For Those Who Can Still.."; Rives "Dirty Talk"; Mush "Next Wednesday"; Joe Hernandez-Kolski "No Disclaimers"; A-A Shakespear "Will You Be There"; David Banner "What About Us"; Sunni Patterson "We Made It"; K'naan "Until The Lion Speaks"

  • Includes: Sarah Kay "Hands"; Riva & Sciryl "My Best Friend (Hip Hop)"; Rafael Casal "First Week Of A Break-Up"; Meilani Clay "Lost"; Shihan "Father's Day"; Shannon Matesky "My Space"; Carlos Gomez Andres "What's Genocide"; Carole King "Touchstone"; Natalie Stewart "Her Story"; Jamal Joseph "Ricky Do & The 4th Of July"

  • Includes: Dahlak Braithwaite "Peculiar Evolution"; Skim "Your Eyes"; Eamon Mahone & Paul Graham "Black Irish"; Tahani Salah "Hate"; George Watsky "V For Virgin"; Shannon Leigh "Sudanese Children"; Pat's Justice "Innocent Criminal"; Lyfe Jennings "Rough Stuff"; Matisyahu "Late Night In The Field"; Talib Kweli "Hell"

  • Includes: DMX "The Industry"; Big Mike "Sexy"; Asia "The Waiting Hour"; Dan Vaughn & Dasha Kelly "Six Million"; Kelly Tsai "Grey Matter"; Red Storm "Black Barbie Doll"; Shanelle Gabriel "The Reasons I Love You"; Idris Goodwin "What is They Feedin' Our Kids"; Jill Scott "Ain't a Ceiling."

  • Includes: Gina Loring -- "You Move Me"; Rock Baby -- "That Sweet That Funk"; Chinaka Hodge -- "Cousin"; Denizen Kane -- "Patriot Act"; Sekou Sundiata -- "Amman"; Kristiana Colon -- "From The Clay"; Jimmy Tran -- "Mediocre Penis"; Flaco Navaja -- "Dimple"; Eve Ensler -- "My Father's House" ; Black Ice, Poetri and Shihan -- "We Are Men"

  • Includes: Suheir Hammad -- "Mike Check"; Perre Shelton -- "Dandelion"; Rives -- "Op-talk"; Otep -- "Dedicated to my enemy"; Heru Ptah -- "Why"; Sharon Olds -- "Self Portrait, Rear View"; Consequence -- "Friend Zone"; Tamara Blue -- "Thick Chicks"; Lemon -- "Poor People"; Jason Carney -- "Our Soldiers"; Black Thought from The Roots -- "Untitled"

  • Includes: Preach -- "Cotton"; Sista Queen -- "Try Being A Lady"; Al B. Back -- "Super Negro"; Amanda Diva -- "40 Emcees"; Big Poppa E, "Poem For Castadera Antoine McGee"; Oscar Brown, Jr., "Once Upon A Time"; Steve Connell and Sekou The Misfit -- "America Calls"; Jerry Quickley -- "3-Part Bitter X-girlfriend #167249-B"; Stacy Ann Chin -- "A City In Tragedy"; Brother J of X-Clan -- "Atlan"; Common -- "Be Known"

  • Includes: Kanye West -- "Bitter Sweet"; Thadra Sheridan -- "Bad Boyfriend"; Rafael Casal -- "Barbie and Ken 101"; Terry Creech -- "Lost Bird"; Ursula Rucker -- "What a Woman Must Do"; Beau Sia -- "Hip Hop"; Sonia Sanchez -- "Our Vision Is Our Voice"; Shihan -- "In Response"; Jason Carney -- "Our Soldiers"; Amir Sulamain -- "She Said, I Prefer A Broken Neck ..." ; Lemon and Flaco -- "Boriquas"

  • Includes: Wyclef Jean -- "Immigrant"; Nayeli Adorador-Knudsen -- "Priceless"; Michael Cirelli -- "Love Song for Kelis"; M'Reld -- "Ready for Love"; Red Storm -- "Snake in the Grass"; Kelly Tsai -- "Aftershocks"; Paul Mabon -- "The Toothbrush"; Kevin Derrig -- "Andrew"; Mike McGhee -- "Like"; Narubi Selah -- "Uncle Benz"; Ise Lyfe -- "Popular Dirt"

  • Includes: The Poem-cees -- "Cheatin'"; Paul Mabon -- "The Toothbrush"; Marty McConnell -- "Instructions for a Body"; Geoff Trenchard -- "Ode to my Bathroom"; Nikki Giovanni -- "Nikki-Rosa"; Roger Bonair Agard -- "Calypso"; Joaquin Zihuatanejo -- "This is a Suit"; Willie Perdoma -- "Nigger-Reecan Blues"; Floetry x2 -- "Fantasize."

  • Includes: Reg. E. Gains and Savion Glover -- "Pawn Shop"; Tommy Chunn -- "Computer Wordplay"; Scorpio Blues -- "Second Guessing"; Gemineye -- "Penny For Your Thoughts"; Emmanuel Xavier -- "Nueva York"; Mayda Del Valle -- "To All the Boys I've Loved Before"; Rev. Run -- "Peter Piper"; Aulelei Love -- "Same Cell, A poem for Women in Prison"; Mike Booker -- "Hoodology"; Smokey Robinson -- "Gang Bangin'."

  • Includes: Georgia Me -- "For Your Protection"; Al Letson -- "The Ball the Rim and Him"; John Legend -- "Again"; Caroline Harvey -- "Spoons"; Bounty Killer -- "Look Into My Eyes"; Bassey Ikpi - "I Want to Kiss You"; Will Da~Real One Bell -- "Diary of the Reformed"; Dan Sully and Tim Strattford - "Death From Below"; Alicia Keys -- "P.O.W."