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1 Season, 6 Episodes
October 11, 2006
Science Fiction, Fantasy

SCI FI Wire Full Episode Guide

  • The team digs for clues about U.F.O.s in the New Mexico desert, with forensic specialist Lisa Van Camp filling in for Deborah Dobrydney.

  • The team investigates the possibility of an afterlife, starting with a search for ghosts and a visit with a woman who claims to hav lived through a near death experience and has over 11,000 documented cases of the afterlife.

  • The Mothman, a winged creature is investigated, beginning at the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant, W.Va.

  • The team goes in search of Bigfoot in the wilds of Oregon. They meet Dr. Henner Fahrenbach, a Bigfoot researcher who says that he possesses hair samples that came from "no known primate." Deborah visits the foremost expert in Bigfoot research, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, who has nearly 200 Sasquatch-footprint casts in his lab. The other three members of the team talk to Lou and Phil, two men who claim to have sighted Bigfoot, and find both of them credible.

  • The team - skeptic Rob Mariano, paranormal investigator Rich Dolan, archaeologist Bill Doleman and crime scene investigator Deborah Dobrydney - travels to New Orleans right before the city's most important voodoo ritual, St. John's Eve.

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