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After being rejected from every medical residency program on his list, Dr. David Tracy scrambles to perform 1,920 hours of clinical therapy out of his garage to become a licensed therapist before his $500,000 loans activate and destroy his life.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
March 16, 2017
Cast: Tim Baltz, Meagen Fay, Sue Gillan, Mary Holland
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  • After a string of successes in his work and personal life, David is walking on air, but a run-in with a former patient thrusts him into a confusing spot between his past and present life, leaving him questioning what's next.

  • David is so busy with his patients and shifts at Happy Foods that he becomes severely sleep-deprived, causing him to have disturbing dreams;meanwhile, David worries when Rachel misses a session, and he and his mom celebrate his dead father.

  • When the garage is fumigated for rats, David holds therapy sessions in his car, and he is shocked when his favorite patient breaks up with him; later, David reluctantly attends a happy hour with his old med school friends who all have residencies.

  • David helps a basketball player who can't trash-talk on the court and counsels Doug's sister, who is bitter about how David treated her during their youth; meanwhile, David and Barry's conflict intensifies and Rollie opens up about his anger issues.

  • To help a patient with an unusual sexual hang-up, David takes his session out of the garage and into the wild, where he has an uncomfortable run-in; meanwhile, David struggles with being single, and his family is feeling the strain of his debt.

  • David tries a new therapy exercise, but his own misunderstanding of how the exercise works leads to trouble with his patients and sends him on a mission to intercept a brutally honest letter he wrote and sent to his ex-girlfriend.

  • Recent med-school graduate David Tracey just lost his residency. With $584,000 of student loan debt and his dream of being a "real doctor" destroyed, he discovers a loophole: If he can perform 1,920 hours of supervised clinical therapy, he'll still be able to help people for a living. Now all he needs is a supervising therapist, and patients willing to come to his his parents' garage.

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