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  • 2015
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.3  (814)

Sing It On is a musical reality show that premiered on Pop TV in 2015. The show is produced by John Legend and follows the journeys of four college a cappella teams as they compete in various competitions across the United States. The show features four different groups - The AcaBelles from Florida State University, Off The Beat from the University of Pennsylvania, Faux Paz from the University of Maryland, and the Hullabahoos from the University of Virginia. Each episode follows the teams as they rehearse and prepare for upcoming competitions.

The AcaBelles, a group composed of all-female singers, is led by music director Sareece Brown and their coach, JD Frizzell. The team always strives to perform at their best and represents their school with pride. The Off The Beat group, on the other hand, is a co-ed group that is known for their innovative arrangements and unique sound. They are led by Joe Trainor and their coach, Arielle Handler. Faux Paz is a group that focuses on issues of acceptance and diversity, and they are led by Jacklyn Riha and their coach, Monika Rostvold. Lastly, the Hullabahoos are a group of ten men who are known for their vocal percussion skills. They are led by Michael Colavito and their coach, Matt Goldstein.

Throughout the season, the teams participate in several competitions, including the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) and the National Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (NCCAs). The episodes also feature a guest judge who provides feedback to the groups on their performances.

Each episode also highlights the personal journeys of some of the team members. For example, in one episode, viewers witness The AcaBelles member Riley McFarland's journey in coping with her mother's illness while also trying to focus on the group's rehearsals and performances. Another episode follows Faux Paz's member Jeff Gaines as he reflects on his decision to come out as gay and how it has impacted his life and role in the group.

The show also explores the unique musical arrangements and performances of each group. Viewers get an inside look at how each group creates their arrangement, and the rehearsals leading up to each performance. They also gain insight into the individual personalities of the team members, as well as their dynamic as a cohesive group.

Overall, Sing It On is an engaging and entertaining show for music lovers, a cappella enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a fun and uplifting television experience. It's a show that showcases the passion and talent of collegiate a cappella groups while providing a peek into their personal stories and journeys. It's a must-watch for anyone who appreciates the power and beauty of music, and the dedication and hard work it takes to become exceptional.

Sing It On
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8. Finals!
September 14, 2016
In the season finale, the top ten a cappella groups from around the country and the UK face off at the Beacon Theatre in New York City, all vying to be crowned international champions.
Northeast Semifinals
7. Northeast Semifinals
September 6, 2016
In preparation for the semifinals in one of the most competitive regions in the ICCA, Craig decides to make some dramatic changes to the Hexachords' set, and not everyone is happy about it.
Mid-Atlantic Semifinals
6. Mid-Atlantic Semifinals
August 31, 2016
Off The Beat and Faux Paz finally face off at the Mid-Atlantic Semifinals in Philadelphia. Lynique struggles to keep her emotions in check over the solo she sings in memory of her mom.
Northeast Quarterfinals
5. Northeast Quarterfinals
August 24, 2016
At UMass Amherst, S#arp Attitude is ready to take down the Hexachords, but a snag at sound check threatens the group's confidence.
Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinals, UPenn
4. Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinals, UPenn
August 17, 2016
In a cappella, you keep your friends close and your enemies closer when Brandon and Archie devise a plan to force their rival groups, S#arp Attitude and the Hexachords, to bury the hatchet. Nor'easters alums and aca-royalty, Isaac and Shams, help S#arp Attitude perfect their set with some unconventional competition wisdom. In Philly, the perfectionists in Off The Beat struggle with an unexpected flaw in their Quarterfinals set.
3. Acappellooza
August 10, 2016
UMass Amherst's S#arp Attitude takes a trip to the spa in preparation for Acappellooza, while their rivals, The Hexachords, debate the best way to heal the fresh wounds between the two groups. Esteemed alumni come to the rescue in Philadelphia where UPENN's Off The Beat workshops their set with Broadway star Jonah Platt and his fiance', professional dancer Courtney Galiano. In Maryland, Faux Paz has to make a difficult decision in order to address the judge's critiques of them from Quarterfinals.
Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinals #1
2. Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinals #1
August 3, 2016
It's the first Quarterfinal competition of the season and the Univesity of Maryland's Faux Paz is in it to win it. In Philadelphia, rehearsals become tense as UPENN's Off the Beat struggles with choreography. At UMASS Amherst, S#arp Attitude desperatly needs to find a beatboxer while their rivals, The Hexachords, deal with attitude from their new recruits.
Auditions & Karaoke Battle
1. Auditions & Karaoke Battle
July 27, 2016
It's an all-new ICCA season, and a cappella teams across the country are looking for new talent to help them make it to The Finals in New York City. This season, we follow two rivalries: at UMass Amherst, sassy all-female S#arp Attitude is on the hunt to replace their beat boxer who left them for their cross-campus rivals, The Hexachords. At the University of Maryland, reigning regional champs Faux Paz is looking more like "Bro Paz." With only one returning female member, this mixed group desperately needs to add female voices. At their regional rival's campus, UPENN's Off the Beat auditions guys for a coveted solo in their set. Competition is so steep in the Mid Atlantic that the two teams can't wait to size each other up, so they challenge each other to a not-so-friendly karaoke battle as a pre-amble to the ICCA season.
  • Premiere Date
    May 13, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (814)