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This is a story about a Mom and Dad who are raising sextuplets. They have a modest income as entrepreneurs with a carpet cleaning business. Parents Ro and Mia have their hands full raising their children, holding on to their marriage, and running the business. They have the normal tribulations of everyday families but their situation is compounded by trying to raise multiples and the need to involve others in their lives more so than the typical family of young children.

There are Grandma dynamics which are impacted by Ro and Mia's childhood issues. Other family members and friends are also key contributors to the volunteer care network. The father is very present as father, husband and provider. We see the family trying to handle household necessities within their budget and sometimes not with the budget. Budgeting becomes complicated when each parent has different priorities. The children have recently turned six and are starting school. Or should they be home schooled? We see the children grow and their personalities develop.

Six Little McGhees is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on December 15, 2012.

Six Little McGhees is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Six Little McGhees on demand atFuboTV online.

Saturday 8:00 PM et/pt on OWN
2 Seasons, 31 Episodes
December 15, 2012
Kids & Family
Cast: Rozonno McGhee, Elijah Mcghee, Issac McGhee, Josiah McGhee
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Six Little McGhees Full Episode Guide

  • In an effort to form a family team, the toddlers are introduced to sports.

  • Ro gets a food cart.

  • Isaac gets lost at the store.

  • Mia and Ro check out different preschools for the kids, and end up arguing in front of the staff at the office.

  • Ro cracks down on the kids' bad behavior. Mia and Ro arrange a date, but business may have to come first.

  • The kids try ballet and weightlifting.

  • The McGhees focus on their expanding business.

  • The camping trip goes from bad to worse, and Mia considers packing up the kids and leaving without Ro.

  • A family vacation in the country turns troublesome when the men separate from the women.

  • The toddlers visit a dentist for the first time.

  • Mia and Ro can't decide whether to invest in the business or buy their dream home.

  • The company's Web site is in need of a complete overhaul. Meanwhile, Mia seeks potty-training advice.

  • Mia secretly enters her daughters into a beauty pageant.

  • Mia and Ro hire a personal trainer to help them get fit.

  • Ro and Mia go shopping for new beds for the toddlers; the kids visit a hair salon for the first time.

  • A development expert assesses the toddlers' growth and offers ways to enrich their learning, but Ro and Mia have their own ideas.

  • Ro's romantic plans for Valentine's Day go badly; Libby becomes suddenly ill.

  • Ro and Mia solicit potty-training advice from their mothers.

  • Ro and Mia may have to downsize their carpet-cleaning business, forcing Mia to help Ro on a job.

  • Mia signs the kids up for swimming lessons.

  • Mia's strict system is challenged by changing toddlers; Ro may have to fire his last employee.

  • Mia and Ro deal with challenges such as potty training and taking the sextuplets on their first camping trip.

  • Mia is overwhelmed by plans for the sextuplets' birthday party.

  • Mia and Cilky try to work through their issues as the sextuplets' christening approaches; Ro's brother inadvertently causes a problem for the family business.

  • Ro tries to sort out tension between Cilky and Mia.

  • Mia's fear of animals complicates a family trip to the zoo.

  • Mia prays for a reprieve from drama after a hectic family trip to church; Ro has to deal with a problem at work and leaves Mia to handle the sextuplets by herself.

  • The McGhee family, made up of parents Mia and Rozonno and their sextuplet toddlers, are introduced in the series premiere.