Six Wives of Henry VIII

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This engaging series dramatizes key moments in Henry VIII's life, depicting the wives as real characters. Visually stunning sequences come to life through the use of many Tudor locations, some of them virtually untouched for 450 years. But it is the glamorous, dangerous life at court, including the deadly intrigues that unthroned these women, that this series focuses on.

Total Content Digital
1 Season, 4 Episodes
September 9, 2017
Documentary & Biography
Cast: David Starkey, Caroline Lintott, David Fleeshman, Simon Rose

Six Wives of Henry VIII Full Episode Guide

  • Katherine Howard is perhaps the most tragic of Henry's wives. When she was just 18 years of age, Henry became absolutely besotted with her stunning beauty and unbridled sexuality. Unfortunately for his queen, she found it hard to make do with only Henry's loving which left the King with only one option - to cut off her head. Catherine Parr Possibly the most intelligent and humane of Henry's wives.

  • Anne Boleyn The temptress Anne Boleyn, who charmed the King with her seductive French ways gave him his second daughter, Elizabeth. Henry soon tired of her though and had her beheaded.

  • Catherine of Aragon The beautiful Spanish princess, Catherine of Aragon, was Henry's first wife and succeeded in giving him a child, Mary. Her fierce yet eventually futile resistance to his efforts to divorce her started the religious revolution that made England a Protestant country.