Sorority Wars

Sorority Wars is a Lifetime original movie directed by James Hayman. This Lifetime movie stars Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) as Katie and Phoebe Strole as Sara. These two young women have been friends since their younger years as children and have grown up together appearing to be inseperable.

Through their entire friendship the two have always done things together, including attending their first year at college and pledging at the same sorority. Katie is a legacy candidate for the sorority Delta Beta Theta which also happened to be co-founded by her Mother Lutie whom is played by Courtney Thorne-Smith and the mother of the current leader of the sorority, Summer.

Gwen, the head of the Delta sorority believes she is the "it" girl and makes it her duty to mold the pledges into the perfect Delta Beta Theta sisters. With hazing rituals that will push the buttons of the girls involved and the current friendship between Katie and Sara, there are many obstacles which the pledges will have to face. The Delta's are a party sorority but that is not what Katie is all about.

After an incident in the sorority that breaks the friends apart during pledge week, Sara becomes a Delta and Katie joins the rival sorority Kappa Theta Xi leaving her friend and the sorority behind. While this rivalry causes a problem between the two girls, that is not all who will suffer from this friendship and separation.

The fight between the sorority becomes an all out war between each girl, as well as the Delta alumnae association which is led by the co-founders. In order to settle the score and be the best the Kappas and the Deltas go against one another in the Tricon Tournament in order to prove which sorority is the best.

1 Season, 1 Episode
October 17, 2009
Cast: Lucy Hale, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Amanda Schull, Phoebe Strole
Sorority Wars

Sorority Wars Full Episode Guide

  • When freshman Katie pledges a sorority, Lutie, her mother expects her to choose the prestigious Delta house that she had co-founded. But when Katie decides on the Kappas, Lutie gets upset. Now, it's a war between Lutie, Katie, her sister and Lutie's best friend.

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