SOS: How to Survive

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SOS: How to Survive presents gripping true stories of people who suddenly find themselves in a life and death battle with the elements. Survival expert Creek Stewart and his team show viewers innovative skills that teach us how to make it out alive.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on The Weather Channel
2 Seasons, 14 Episodes
August 20, 2017
Action & Adventure, Documentary & Biography, Drama
Cast: Creek Stewart
SOS: How to Survive

SOS: How to Survive Full Episode Guide

  • Brandy Molatore and her dog become lost on a hike within Boulder Creek Wilderness; four young men take a camping trip to Gila Dwellings National Monument and get trapped by a flash flood.

  • Veteran pilot Dave Akers and his friend are pulled into a downdraft and crash land in remote wilderness; after a fall shatters the bones in a hiker's leg, she battles shock, hallucinations, and near-freezing temperatures as her body shuts down.

  • Scott and Vivian Mayo get lost while snowmobiling in Alaska; British tourist Jamie Neale sets off for a day-hike in Australia's Blue Mountains, but within hours, he loses his way and spends the next 10 days in survival mode.

  • A man falls down to a 200-feet ravine; a woman slips and hits her head while she was hiking with her dogs.

  • A long-distance commute for Paula Lane and her boyfriend takes a deadly turn when their Jeep gets stuck on a closed mountain road; experienced backpacker begins a two-day hike and winds up trapped in a dead-end ravine.

  • With no water and severe, life-threatening injuries, Paul must survive in the desert of Joshua Tree National Park; Mark uses every backcountry skill he knows to endure a sleepless night while lost in the Costa Rican jungle.

  • Yossi Ghinsberg and his friend Kevin Gale are deep in the Bolivian Amazon when they encounter extremely dangerous rapids and an unforeseen waterfall.

  • Jim and Jennifer Stolpa and their 5-month-old son are hit with a blizzard and stranded without proper clothing, little food, and no water; Annette Herfkens is heading for a beach vacation with her fiancĂ© in Vietnam when their plane crashes.

  • John Sain breaks his leg far off the trail, and believes his only choice is a slow death or a quick one; on a three-hour hike in the Joshua Tree desert, realtor Ed Rosenthal becomes lost, and runs out of water in the 100-degree heat.

  • Rulon Gardner gets soaked when his snowmobile is stuck in a river, and, with temperatures plunging to 25 below zero, he faces death; Mike Vilhauer ventures into the woods, but loses his way back, and spends days trekking through the rugged terrain.

  • Rick McFarland and Cathy Frye take off for a one-day hike in the Texas desert, lose their way and become desperately dehydrated; when Cathy is overcome and can no longer move, Rick becomes their only hope of getting out alive.

  • A record storm surge created a river that surrounds the Yorks' house; Superstorm Sandy tosses Kim Joyce and her cats into its churning waters; a wind-whipped storm surge from Hurricane Ike hammers the home of Carole Hamadey.

  • The Kim family takes a wrong turn and gets stuck in the snow on a logging road; with two infant children and no real knowledge about mountains and frigid temperatures the family's situation turns desperate.

  • A young couple go off a trail for a photo and can't find their way back, and their 3-day attempt to hike down extreme mountainous terrain leads them into a dead-end canyon.

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