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This fantasy series revolves around a police detective who finds, suddenly, that he has the power to be extraordinarily lucky. He's gambling addict, and he quickly discovers that his new superpower can turn his life around. Eventually, though, he must consider using his powers to help others, not just himself. The series is adapted from an idea suggested by Marvel's Stan Lee. The series debuted in 2016 on the Sky 1 network.

Stan Lee's Lucky Man is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (28 episodes). The series first aired on January 22, 2016.

Where do I stream Stan Lee's Lucky Man online? Stan Lee's Lucky Man is available for streaming on Sky 1, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Stan Lee's Lucky Man on demand at Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on Sky 1
3 Seasons, 28 Episodes
January 22, 2016
Action & Adventure Science Fiction
Cast: James Nesbitt, Sienna Guillory, Darren Boyd, Amara Karan
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Stan Lee's Lucky Man Full Episode Guide

  • With Blake now in possession of both bracelets, the odds are stacked against Harry and he must find a way to defeat nemesis Blake without his lucky bracelet - by taking one final gamble, one which could be his last…

  • Harry's grief turns to anger and his desire for revenge on Blake coupled with his diminishing luck sets Harry on a dark, deadly course where more blood will be shed - where Harry's soul is at the very heart of the battle.

  • Rich and Harry come to blows when Rich learns that Harry has gambled away his flat. Meanwhile, in a bid to draw Blake out, DSI Gray attempts to publicly reveal his crimes

  • When a major drug deal goes wrong, Blake feels the humiliating wrath of his superiors and adoptive father, Wu Chi Triad boss Tai Jing, with bloody consequences.

  • After Harry saves Suri's life, she helps Harry reveal the dark truth about Blake to DSI Gray. Meanwhile, after he left her to die, Eve feels more betrayed than ever by Harry.

  • After Suri turns her back on Harry and Blake reveals himself to be an MI5 agent, Harry's more desperate than ever to bring down Blake. He sends Eve to win Blake's trust which backfires when Blake attempts to undermine Eve's faith in Harry. Over at MIS, as Suri hunts down Harry and investigates Blake, she is betrayed by a colleague with grave consequences.

  • Having survived Blake's attack in Hong Kong, Harry returns to London a wanted man on the run for murder. Determined to get his life back, and with the help of Rich and Eve, Harry sets out to prove his innocence and convince Suri he's been set up by Samuel Blake. To do so, he has no choice but evade the police and join the London underworld of the criminals he once hunted. Suri is relieved to

  • Following the explosion at MIS, DI Harry Clayton and the team are just getting back on track when his 'informer' Eve is accused of murder. Still wearing the lucky bracelet and living with his brother Rich, Harry is back to his best running cases alongside Orwell and Suri. But if the new DSI Elsa Gray has her way, he won't be for long.

  • While Suri follows a trail of breadcrumbs, amassing enough evidence to bring down her prime suspect, Eve tells Harry there's only one extreme way to stop the cunning plan against him, culminating in the most titanic of struggles.

  • Down-and-out boxer Jay Tate revels in his newly found good fortune, he finds himself victorious in the boxing ring. But for every swing there is a roundabout and with Harry and Eve on the hunt for him, how long can Jay's winning streak last?

  • Someone is wreaking revenge on London's most wanted criminals, one murder at a time. Once Harry puts two and two together, he's forced to put his life in danger and crosses a dangerous line.

  • After a Soho property developer is found brutally murdered, key evidence disappears from the crime scene. Winter worries that one of his team is responsible, and Orwell is in the frame. Harry fights to clear his detective's name, only to find himself back in the Green Dragon Casino and face to face with his old enemy, the fiery Lily-Anne Lau.

  • A ruthless hit-man takes out an entire charter plane, but for Harry and the team his motivation is a mystery. Can Harry decipher the target before he strikes again?

  • London's Silicon Roundabout is under scrutiny after entrepreneur Davey Wells' driverless car is hacked, crashes, and fatally kills its passenger at a launch event. Unfortunately for Wells, the passenger was his soon to be ex-wife, giving Harry all the more reason to suspect him. Harry's instinct is always right, or so he thinks - is Wells really the man behind the hack?

  • A pie containing human flesh is discovered after a man collapses in the middle of a busy London street. Retracing the pie's provenance, Harry and the team find that a meat wholesaler peddles a lot more than lamb, pork, beef, and chicken...

  • A club reveller is found wandering the streets of Vauxhall with a screwdriver buried deep in his head. All signs point to a new wave of hate crimes that lead straight to a local religious cult. There, Harry meets the Reverend Huxley, a formidable evangelical priest with a terrifying agenda and an army of disciples.

  • Harry is forced to use luck when a vengeful man exacts his rage on London. One by one, civilians drop after being mysteriously poisoned. It's up to Harry to get his man before a catastrophic incident takes hundreds of lives.