Stossel is a television news show that airs on the FOX Business channel. It began airing in 2011 and is one of the more informative shows around. In this show, viewers will get the opportunity to learn about many issues about politics, finance and economics. The show is hosted by a man named Stossel and he discusses many of these issues during the course of the show. While watching this show viewers will get to learn a lot about the most recent topics and issues pertaining to economics. As a result a person will have the means to get informed about how these economic issues pertain to everyday life.

At the beginning of the show viewers will be introduced by Stossel as the host. He will discuss the first topic in the opening segment. Many of these issues will include legalization of marijuana, college tuition, healthcare and also how government policy effects business. As a result viewers will get a comprehensive outlook on these types of issues and therefore get more insight on how these issues are important. Due to the content of this show, it is one that provides people with a well informed and logical perspective to economic issues that are currently taking place. Watching this show provides people with a way to learn more about the economy in general.

For people who like to watch informative news shows, Stossel is one of the better options available. People who like to learn about economic and political issues will likely enjoy this show as well. Stossel is a relatively new show but it provides people with a lot of interesting and valuable content. One thing to note is that the host has his own perspective and philosophy. His philosophy is fiscally conservative and therefore he advocates an economic system that totally relies on the free market to operate. Stossel is a show that will likely appeal more towards political conservatives and libertarians than anyone else. Stossel is one of the better shows available to see nowadays due to its variation of economic topics being covered.

FOX Business
8 Seasons, 167 Episodes
December 10, 2009
News, Business
Cast: John Stossel

Stossel Full Episode Guide

  • Drain the swamp; will Donald Trump actually be able to do that? The Washington swamp with its many cronies are used to holding onto power. Corporations cozy up to politicians so they get subsidies and tariffs that shield them from competition. Entrenched industries donate to politicians so newer, better companies like Uber or Airbnb will be regulated out of existence. Rich, powerful but innovative people like Elon Musk use their influence to put the tax payer at risk. Stossel will investigate whether it is really possible to drain the swamp.

  • Part 2 of the Libertarian Presidential Forum, the three leading Libertarian candidates: Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, tech entrepreneur John McAfee, and The Libertarian Republic founder, Austin Petersen answer questions about drugs, gambling, prostitution, security, and immigration.

  • This is the first Libertarian Party forum to be live broadcast on national television. The three candidates invited; Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, cybersecurity guru John McAfee, and Libertarian Republic founder Austin Petersen.

  • There is a lot to dislike about Donald Trump but he has his good points. Trump has been able to accomplish much that government has failed at. This episode is all about Trump.

  • Free college? Fund a government agency that promotes Judeo-Christian values? Investigation of UFOs? Fox’s Dagen McDowell, Reason Magazine’s Katherine Mangu-Ward, and economist Ben Powell join Stossel to dissect this year’s worst political promises.

  • The Liberty Vote

  • Hollywood: Right and Wrong

  • New Hampshire’s Free State Project finally “triggered.” That means 20,000 liberty-minded people said they’d move to NH to try to create a critical mass of voters who will support liberty. Should Stossel move there? Maybe NH can be a model for real freedom.

  • This live episode of Stossel reacts to the January 28th Fox News Republican debate, just ahead of the Iowa Caucus. Most presidential candidates pander to Iowa’s ethanol crapitalists; John Stossel gives kudos to Ted Cruz and Rand Paul for daring to point out that the federal mandate forcing gas stations to sell ethanol is an unfair boondoggle. Stossel is happy that these two candidates stand up against crony capitalism, even in Iowa. That and much more is covered on “Debating Our Future.”

  • Hopefully we learned something this year. Here's our show:PRESIDENTIAL RACE: Right now these two candidates lead in the polls:Hillary Clinton & Donald TrumpBut if I've learned anything, it's that polls don't mean squat. Election Betting Odds are far more accurate.We ask our panel - Katherine Mangu-Ward of Reason, Dan Mitchell of Cato, and Fox Contributor Deneen Borelli - who they think has the best shot to become our next president.THE TROUBLE WITH TERROR: Islamic terrorism dominated news coverage this year. Our panel debates what America should do about it.BLACK LIVES MATTER: We were told that the "election of a black president" would reduce racial conflict in America. That hasn't happened. My panel debates the "Black Lives Matter" movement.ECONOMIC SUCCESS: This year, Democrats railed against "income inequality" and the "loss of the middle class." But incomes are up since the 70s: Up 48% among the poorest fifth and up 40% for the middle class.P.C. U: One of my social media followers calls 2015 "the year of being offended." And he's right. From Yale to Princeton to the University of Missouri, college campuses became the headquarters of a new censorship movement. It's gotten so bad that a recent Pew study found 40% of college-aged students are okay with government limiting speech offensive to minorities.STOSSEL'S TAKE: Today's politicians don't think the rules apply to them. Kimberly Strassel's Wall Street Journal column, "No Political Guardrails" is sad, but correct. The President "wants what he wants. If ObamaCare is problematic, he unilaterally alters the law. If the nation won't support laws to fight climate change, he creates one with regulation." Hillary Clinton is no better. She says if Congress won't approve gun control or higher taxes, she will make it happen without Congress. Now Republicans demand the IRS audit the Clinton Foundation. Where are the guardrails here? "When did conservatives go from wanting to abolish the IRS to wanting to use it to punish rivals?"The more outrageous Trump acts, the more his numbers soar, the more press coverage. More humble candidates-those with modest plans that respect the constitution-get lost in the shouting. That's the bad news this year.But some good news: 7 states passed Education Choice programs. 13 expanded existing ones. Gay marriage became legal. 2 more states legalized marijuana. Finally, amidst this year's depressing coverage of crime and income inequality, crime continues to drop, and the poor keep getting richer If people are left free, good things usually happen.

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