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This TV show is a supernatural drama about destroying demons that are hunted by different types of people who want the demons dead. John Strange is a priest who was put on trial for multiple murders but he luckily had his case dismissed because of the circumstances appearing to be mysterious.

The murders that John did commit were the killings of demons that had posed as humans. John has become comfortable with a technological expert named Toby. Toby became the person to make and supply John with special equipment that was used for demon hunting. Another person that has a natural gift for sensing any supernatural activity is Kevin. Kevin's gift comes from him having down's syndrome.

Demons that choose to blend in with the humans and society are demons that mostly look like humans. The demons will change their eye color from blood red, silver or gold and can also apply a type of membrane to the eye in order to look more human. The "human "demons will breed with humans in order to create a human/demon offspring. Non-human demons stay out and away from humans and society. Along with having long life span, the non-human demons have to be killed by special methods.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
March 9, 2002
Drama, Horror & Suspense
Cast: Richard Coyle, Samantha Womack, Ian Richardson, Samuel Barnett
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  • The detectives are put in charge of doing a hero show in one of Mikuni's buildings... of course things don't go well.

  • The detectives accept a job to appraise an odd antique at Kiyoko's house... and find a very shady treasure there.

  • The detectives are asked to take care of a cursed medal that brings misfortune upon its owner. Will they be able to survive the series of misfortune that falls upon them?

  • The detectives are put in charge of guarding a client by request of the Mikuni company. Will they be able to guard him?

  • The team is put in charge of capturing the pervert that keeps showing up at Kiyoko's school. Takumi and the others go undercover but will they be able to catch the pervert?

  • Strange and Jude investigate a grisly discovery at the local swimming pool, and Strange is visited by his old friend, Father Bernard. When Father Bernard is viciously attacked at the monastery, Strange is detained by the police as the only suspect.

  • A spate of mysterious deaths leave the victims completely drained of blood. When Canon Black's sister is found dead, having been killed in the same manner, Black takes the unusual step of contacting Strange for help in solving the mystery.

  • When Reverend Mary Hapgood becomes convinced that there is a wild animal lurking in her kitchen, she heads to the Zoo to confront the owner. Meanwhile, a young woman is brutally attacked and her roommate thinks it was a man they met at a nightclub.

  • When research scientist Randolph Mason becomes interested in the tomb of Bishop Otterman, Jude decides to investigate. As she researches the medical history, Strange stumbles across a warning that Bishop Otterman's tomb should never be opened.

  • Following the tragic death of one of his choirboys, the Reverend Morris is troubled by the secretive behavior of the other choir members, which seems far from angelic. Meanwhile, a decapitated body is found at the local tattoo parlor.

  • What supernatural force attacked Reverend Rutt of St Clements one stormy night? When an elderly clergyman falls victim to a stroke in suspicious circumstances, defrocked Priest John Strange persuades his nurse, Jude Atkins, to help solve the mystery.

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