Stranger Among Bears

A documentary series that follows seventy year old retired science teacher turned bear whisperer Charlie Vandergaw, and his controversial activities in the remote wilds of Alaska. Vandergaw has lived for two decades alone in a small cabin near Anchorage, surrounded by black bears and grizzlies, and over time has developed a rapport with the intelligent, fierce, and often misunderstood animals. Authorities see things differently, however, and consider his feeding and taming of these wild creatures to be a foolish endeavor that puts Vandergaw and ultimately the bears themselves in danger.

Animal Planet
1 Season, 6 Episodes
April 17, 2009
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Michael Brandon, Richard Terry, Charlie Vandergaw
Stranger Among Bears

Stranger Among Bears Full Episode Guide

  • The state police make a raid on Bear Haven.

  • The bears have severely damaged Charlie's cabin which may mean he must leave the bears behind.

  • There is a law barring feeding the bears, but Charlie believes he has found a loophole which he can take advantage from.

  • The grizzly bears are arriving at Bear Haven and begin marking their territory around Charlie's cabin, making life more dangerous.

  • A tense altercation erupts when trespassing hunters enters the area around the bears.

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