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Jerome and his buddies enjoy playing streetball, but when they get word that a professional streetball team is coming to their town to recruit new players, they begin devoting extra hours to their practice. Then Jerome discovers a magical pair of shoes that allows him to become as talented as Michael Jordan while on the court. Life for Jerome gets a lot more complicated when the Game On team offers him a spot and he starts to let fame and success go to his head, alienating his friends in the old neighborhood.

2008 Seasons, 51 Episodes
July 1, 2004

Streetball Full Episode Guide

  • The AND 1 Tour goes to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass.

  • And 1 team visit Escalades hometown Queens, NY then go to Philadelphia to play on the Temple University campus.

  • The AND 1 team go to Philadelphia and DC and play former University of Maryland basketball star, Lonny Baxter.

  • The AND 1 Team tours Graceland and some other local attractions in Memphis.

  • The And 1 team goes to Chicago and puts the ball in the hands of Danny Osby.

  • The And 1 Tour goes to Detroit and celebrate a wedding of one of their own players.

  • The And 1 Team go to the Bay Area and joins up with legend Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell.

  • The And 1 Tour goes to South America and Portland, Oregon.

  • In Venice Beach and Long Beach the team determine who becomes the new teammate. As a player with heart Wolverine takes the honors.

  • They travel to San Francisco to take on the SF/OAK team. Hot Sauce misses practice which causes problems.

  • The And 1 team go to Dallas to play the best players the Lonestar state has to offer.

  • The And 1 team goes to Chicago and have their first defeat in 2007.

  • The And 1 Tour goes to Michigan to play against some All-Stars from Detroit. The Crew visits the Boys and Girls Club. Rasheed Wallace makes an appearance.

  • The players go to D.C. to play with locals at Barry Farms.

  • The And 1 tour is in Philadelphia. Tayshaun Prince makes an appearance. Baby shack visits disabled children at a hospital.

  • The And 1 team travels to Georgia to take the best streetballers in Atlanta.

  • Watch the And 1 team in Charlotte and Boston.

  • The team goes around New York City with Big Mike and Escalade in the days leading up to the game against the NYC Streetballers at Keyspan Park on Coney Island.