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  • TV-14
  • 2021
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.1  (4,437)

SurrealEstate is a Canadian supernatural drama television series that premiered on Syfy in 2021. It is created by George Olson and stars Tim Rozon, Adam Korson, and Maurice Dean Wint. The show is produced by Blue Ice Pictures and distributed by Shaftesbury Productions.

The series follows a team of real estate agents who specialize in selling haunted houses, known as "surreal estates." The team is led by the charismatic and mysterious Roman (Rozon), who has his own past demons to deal with. His team includes Blaze (Korson), a tech-savvy researcher, and Megan (Sarah Levy), an empath who can sense the energies of the paranormal.

Each episode of SurrealEstate follows the team as they deal with a new haunted property on the market. While showcasing the horrors of the supernatural world, the show also delves into the struggles of each agent's personal life. Roman's past trauma, Blaze's financial troubles, and Megan's struggle with her gifts all add depth to the characters beyond their roles as haunted house sellers.

The show's unique premise and witty writing make it stand out in the supernatural genre. The team's dynamic often leads to humorous moments that balance out the darker aspects of the show. The series also explores various supernatural creatures, from exorcisms to poltergeists, and merges them with a real estate twist.

In addition to the main cast, the show features various guest stars each week, adding even more depth to the surreal estate world. The series also tackles themes of grief, addiction, and mental health, making it more than just a ghost story.

The production design of SurrealEstate is another standout aspect of the show. Each haunted house is intricately designed to reflect the tenant's specific haunting. The special effects used to bring the supernatural to life is also executed well, immersing the audience into the surreal estate world.

One aspect of the show that makes it unique is the use of Roman as the lead. The character is not a straightforward hero, but instead, he has a dark past that has shaped him into the flawed character he is. Rozon's charismatic and magnetic performance adds depth to the character, making him a compelling anti-hero.

The show has received positive reviews for its originality and strong performances. Fans of supernatural dramas will appreciate the unique twist on the genre, while fans of character-driven dramas will find depth in the character arcs.

Overall, SurrealEstate is an imaginative and fun supernatural drama that stands out in a crowded genre. The show blends horror with humor and character development, creating a memorable and satisfying viewing experience. With a strong cast and creative premise, it's no wonder why fans have already become invested in the surreal estate world.

SurrealEstate is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on July 16, 2021.

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Letting Go
10. Letting Go
December 6, 2023
A changed Susan returns to the Agency. Luke must use his regained powers to save the team.
Dearly Departed
9. Dearly Departed
November 29, 2023
The Agency must guide a ghost into the light; meanwhile, Susan is found.
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
8. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
November 22, 2023
Luke reconnects with his estranged mother; Zooey investigates Susan's disappearance.
God & Monsters
7. God & Monsters
November 15, 2023
Luke helps a client confront the monster under his childhood bed; a new agent joins the Agency.
Set Your Flag on Fire
6. Set Your Flag on Fire
November 8, 2023
A neighborly conflict draws the agency into a feud; Phil's sister arrives to settle the family will.
Art & Science
5. Art & Science
November 1, 2023
Luke must improvise when a client's home traps her inside. August pays a visit to his past.
I Put a Spell on You
4. I Put a Spell on You
October 25, 2023
Luke spars with a homeowner during negotiations as Zooey takes on her first sales call.
The Butler Didn't
3. The Butler Didn't
October 18, 2023
When a client is held hostage by a ghost, The Roman Agency must hurry to save him.
Truth in Advertising
2. Truth in Advertising
October 11, 2023
Luke deals with a film crew at a client's property, while Susan investigates a strange seaside B&B.
Trust the Process
1. Trust the Process
October 4, 2023
Luke struggles to handle an engaged property; Susan falls in love with a home with a special power.
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SurrealEstate is available for streaming on the Syfy website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch SurrealEstate on demand at Hulu and Syfy.
  • Premiere Date
    July 16, 2021
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (4,437)