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"TEDTalks" is the name given to a series of Internet lecture videos published on the award winning video site; the website, launched in April 2007, is maintained and owned by TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design), an organization that sponsors a set of conferences annually.

The conferences take place in multiple places around the world, each aiming to share research, art, technology and ideas about the world that the directors of the group believe are "worth sharing."

"TEDTalks," the resulting videos from these multiple conferences, are always posted for free on the Ted website; currently more than 1,400 TEDTalks have been posted and shared on the site, each with the option for subtitles in multiple languages to allow for easier access to viewers from all backgrounds. As of November 2012, the collection of "TEDTalks" videos were reportedly viewed more than one billion times.

The videos are shared as a source of "free knowledge" for viewers and are meant to engage viewers by using innovative methods and ideas in the speakers' presentations. Speakers can be scientists, teachers, anthropologists, storytellers, philanthropists, and any other type of person with an idea the TED team considers "innovative."

One example of a past speaker is former president of the United States, Bill Clinton.

Topics can range from technology to activism to politics. Typically, a "TEDTalks" speaker shares their message and ideas in the form of a story.

Due to the format of the conferences, these videos do not need to be seen in a specific order; viewers can browse the TED website and pick and choose which videos they want to view based on their personal interests, as well as by judging which videos are the most popular on any given day.

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Cast: Jack Horner, Svante P

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