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TED Channel is an informative time spent watching presenters with gravitas in certain areas. It is a hybrid of the reality and talk show genre. The topics cover a variety of subject matter ranging from academia, scientific and cultural. TED is the brain child of the non-profit Sapling Foundation launched in the nineteen ninety and is affectionately known as TED Talks.

Presenters include heads of state such as former President Bill Clinton as well as his Vice President Al Gore. Celebrities and authors such as Bono and Malcolm Gladwell further their personal passions with engaging fervor. In addition, there are litanies of Nobel Prize winners who are given the opportunity to showcase their work.

Bill Clinton was the recipient of the two thousand and seven TED prize for his impactful work advocating for a more environmentally sustainable world. Watch his talk covering the Clinton Global Initiative while revealing the unfolding vision.

Al Gore is known as a consummate environmentalist. His TED talk goes into great depth regarding the current state of affairs. It goes further with the background of how we got here and prospects to change the course to a brighter future.

Bono is recognized as the leading advocate against poverty. He has written songs, hosted concerts and his TED talk builds on these to bring home the seriousness of this issue to the human condition.

Malcolm Gladwell has given TED talks on a variety of important topics from his take of the David and Goliath plot to his insight on the technology of World War II. He is considered one of the mainstays in the collective image of TED talks.

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