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This reality series follows the trials faced by a cast of young women who are under 21 and pregnant. Although the series, and the franchise from which it's spun off, makes some effort to be a cautionary tale for potential teen moms, most of the series focuses on reality-TV-style drama between the young women and their baby daddies. The series debuted on MTV in 2018.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on MTV
2 Seasons, 31 Episodes
March 5, 2018
Drama, Reality
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Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant Full Episode Guide

  • Ashley reconnects with Bar (despite her family's objections), Brianna tackles her issues in therapy, and Kyler is reluctant to invite his mom to Tobias's birthday.

  • Ashley asks Bar to stay away from Holly's first birthday party. Jade gets bad news. When Kyler has to pick up the baby from Lexi's mom, Lexi is worries about how the two will get along. Brianna wants to go to college.

  • Ashley moves back in with her mom. Jade is relieved when Sean finally starts the drug treatment program. Lexi gets a peek at what her life might have been like when she visits a friend at college. Brianna comes to a realization.

  • Ashley is unsure how to move forward after Bar's apology. Jade is frustrated when Sean's attempt to start rehab doesn't go as planned. Lexi's family plans a camping trip and Kyler isn't invited.

  • Brianna focuses on Braeson’s first birthday instead of her issues with Robert. Lexi's parents confront her about their problems with Kyler. Ashley and Bar decide to take a break from each other after a bad fight.

  • Five new stories of young women as they face the challenges of entering the world of motherhood at a young age. Spotlighting Ashley, Brianna, Jade, Kayla and Lexi.

  • Ashley invites Bar's mom over to make peace. Kyler gives Lexi an ultimatum. Kayla faces a choice that could affect her and Izaiah's lives for years. Jade turns to Sean when Kloie gets sick. Brianna clashes with her mom.

  • Ashley and Bar's trip to Atlanta has surprising consequences; Lexi takes a big step toward pursuing her dream job.

  • Ashley puts Bar's feelings first. Lexi is faced with a difficult choice. Kayla and Stephan go to court. Jade's anxiety reaches an all-time high. Brianna says, "hello," to Oregon and, "goodbye," to her sister.

  • Ashley files a restraining order against Bar's mom. Kayla blocks Stephan after he misses an appointment for Izaiah. Jade struggles with being a single mom. Lexi needs a new car. Brianna and her family make a big move.

  • Ashley picks up the pieces after Bar's birthday party. Stephan surprises Kayla and her mom. Jade makes a fresh start. Lexi and Kyler clash over plans for their future. Brianna faces challenges with Braeson's development.

  • The "Young & Pregnant" moms and their families open up to Angela Simmons and Dr. Joy Bradford about the highs and lows of the past year.

  • Ashley disappoints her mom and sister. Jade reevaluates her life after her grandmother's cancer scare. Kyler doesn't invite his mom to Tobias's first birthday party. Brianna tries to heal old wounds. Kayla navigates Izaiah's first birthday.

  • Ashley, Jade, Brianna, Kayla, and Lexi come together to rehash the wildest moments of the season. Host Angela Simmons takes a deep dive with each mom, as they react to favorite scenes.

  • Kayla wants an apology. Lexi and Kyler take a family trip. Brianna and Robert make a big decision. Jade embraces single life. Ashley's surprise party for Bar takes a turn when an uninvited guest shows up.

  • Kayla and Stephan struggle to put aside their differences. Brianna gets big news from her mom. Lexi and Kyler consider their future. Ashley and Bar work to keep the peace with their moms. Jade and Sean give it one more try.

  • Kayla starts college and Brianna returns to single life. Lexi makes plans for her future and gives Kyler an ultimatum. Ashley is uncertain about Bar's mom's upcoming visit.

  • Kayla and her mom meet with a custody lawyer. Brianna realizes she has some hard truths to tell Danae. Lexi gets a visit from her dad. Ashley and Bar take the baby to meet Bar's mom.

  • Lexi takes steps to move on from Kyler. Kayla is caught in the middle of tension between her mom and Stephan. Ashley and Bar move into a new place. Jade questions if she and Sean are meant to be. Brianna makes a big choice about her relationship.

  • Brianna and Danae move in with Danae's mom; Jade's family plans a dinner; Lexi decides get herself out of the friend zone with Kyler; Kayla helps Stephan when he needs a place to stay; and Ashley tries to mend a relationship.

  • Brianna and Danae need a place to stay, while Ashley also grapples with her living situation. Jade's parents are starting to wear out their welcome.

  • Brianna and Danae's relationship is strained by their living arrangements. Jade and Ashley may soon go from Ms. to Mrs.

  • Brianna and Danae continue to fight while Ashley and Lexi prepare for labor. Jade is the boss, and everyone needs to fall in line or get out.

  • Jade struggles to care for Kloie by herself; Ashley and Bar take their last trip with friends before becoming parents; Brianna and Danae get ready to welcome baby Braeson into the world.

  • Lexi's parents grow concerned that she and Kyler don't have a plan for the baby's arrival; Brianna and Danae escape tensions at home with a visit to Chicago; Jade's water breaks.

  • Ashley and Bar deal with baby shower aftermath; Kayla is conflicted about her feelings toward Stephan; and tension continues to rise between Brianna and Danae as they prepare for Braeson's birth.

  • Ashley and Bar's baby shower goes from zero to 100; Brianna is caught in the middle of her mom and Danae; and Kayla grows concerned that she may end up a single mom.

  • In the premiere, Kayla finds out news about Stephen; cheerleader Lexi has to face the crowd with her pregnant belly; and Ashley and Bar get heated when Bar insists his mom attend their baby shower.

  • In this one-hour special, hosted by Maci of Teen Mom OG, meet the five new moms of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. From teenage life … to pregnancy… to motherhood… we’ll dive deep into their backstories and hit all the bumps along the way.

  • The girls look back at the biggest moments of what they went through as they were becoming young moms, and dig into fan comments from every step of their journey. Plus, the moms share their favorite unseen moments and reveal sneak peaks.

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