Text Me When You Get Home

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  • 2022
  • 2 Seasons

In this true-crime docuseries, each episode follows the case of a woman who has been abducted, harmed or even murdered by someone on what was an otherwise average day in her life.

Text Me When You Get Home
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Alexis Murphy
13. Alexis Murphy
September 18, 2023
Rising social media influencer Alexis Murphy was on her way to a hair appointment, but never arrived; her worried loved-ones knew something was wrong; there's a crack in the case when gas station surveillance video reveals something truly bizarre.
Carolina Vargas
12. Carolina Vargas
September 11, 2023
Carolina Vargas, a 26-year-old rideshare driver, had no qualms about giving a friendly stranger another trip after driving him to his hotel. She was compelled to battle for her life when her trusting gesture turned tragic.
Deanna Cook
11. Deanna Cook
September 11, 2023
Deanna Cook's sudden disappearance led her family to make a shocking discovery.
Molly Jane Matheson
10. Molly Jane Matheson
September 4, 2023
When 22-year-old Molly Jane Matheson doesn't show up for work, her mother, Tracy, drives to her Fort Worth, Texas, apartment to check on her; Tracy's grim discovery uncovers a string of related crimes that inspire Molly's family to fight for change.
Jalajhia Finklea
9. Jalajhia Finklea
September 4, 2023
The missing and murder rates of Indigenous women are disproportionately higher than any other group. So when beautiful Jalajhia Finklea vanished the day before her 18th birthday, her Wampanoag Tribe members immediately took action. Jalajhia's tribe and family quickly discovered that her abductor was closer to home than they thought.
Carla Stefaniak
8. Carla Stefaniak
August 28, 2023
Carla Stefaniak traveled to Costa Rica for her 36th birthday. But when she was supposed to return home to Miami, her loved ones discovered she had not boarded the plane. Carla's relatives and friends relate the harrowing events of the search for Carla.
Ashley Kline
7. Ashley Kline
August 28, 2023
Residents of Robeson, Pennsylvania, were stunned when 23-year-old Ashley Kline went missing on New Year's Eve. The 12-day search turned up several suspects until investigators uncovered suspicious text messages. The gruesome truth rocked the community.
Nia Wilson
6. Nia Wilson
August 21, 2023
Nia Wilson and her two sisters opted to take public transportation back to Oakland, California, after a family party. However, the sisters were savagely attacked at a train station just minutes after messaging their father. The knife incident spurred a citywide manhunt for the offender and sparked a major anti-racial injustice movement.
Kelsey Smith
5. Kelsey Smith
August 21, 2023
Kelsey's family suspects that something happened to her when she failed to reply to their texts.
Kamyrn Johnson
4. Kamyrn Johnson
August 14, 2023
The mother of young Kamryn Johnson receives a call from someone who kidnapped her daughter and is asking for ransom.
Jaray Wilson
3. Jaray Wilson
August 14, 2023
JaRay Wilson texted her mother just minutes before she vanished. For over a year, the teen's friends, family and community searched for answers. Until one day, someone from JaRay's inner circle surfaced with all the shocking details.
Madison Nygard
2. Madison Nygard
August 7, 2023
Those closest to Madison Nygard recount the harrowing facts of her horrific abduction as she walked home from a party. Madison's mother, friends, and authorities discuss how Madison's attack uncovered clues that led investigators to a horrible revelation they didn't see coming.
Miya Marcano
1. Miya Marcano
August 7, 2023
The family of Miya Marcano shares the agonizing details of her disappearance. Miya's mother Yma Scarbriel, brother Marlon and others explain how texts to Miya from an unknown man were the key to finding her abductor.
  • Premiere Date
    June 6, 2022