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That's so Raven is a very popular children's comedy sitcom that is broadcasted on the Disney Channel. This show was first aired back in 2003, when the show's creator, Michael Poryes, decided to create a show especially for the teen/ tween demographic. That's so Raven has a long, talented cast& crew featuring the talents of: Raven Symone as Raven Baxter; Orlando Brown as Eddie Thomas; Kyle Massey as Cory Baxter; Rondell Sheridan; Crystal Keyman as Tanya Baxter; Anneliese Vander Pol as Chelsea Daniels; Adrienne Bailon as Alana Rivera; Ashley Drane as Muffy; Frankie Ryan Mannquer as William; David Henrie as Larry; Bobb'e J. Thompson as Stanley; Sydney Paris as Sydney; Jodi Shilling as Tiffany and finally Anne-Marie Johnson as Donna Cabonna.

The setting of That's so Raven is in San Francisco and usually takes place in Raven's home, school or at her fathers restaurant. The story stars Raven, a strong minded, ingenious girl who is working to obtain her dream of becoming a successful fashion designer. Raven must also of go through the regular everyday problems that teens go through such as dealing with school, friends, and family drama. But, Raven isn't your normal, run-of-the-mil teenage girl because of her psychic powers. Raven's gift cause's her to enter in many crazy and funny scenarios which leave the viewers wanting more.

Her family includes her parents, Victor and Tanya, and her money loving brother, Cory. Her father, victor, worked as a chef before he owned a successful restaurant called The Chill Grill. Raven's mother, Tanya, halted her studies to be able to support her family. She is a crucial part of the TV show and she also livens the show up with her crazy antics. Cory is Raven's younger brother, who is always looking for his next business venture and is usually portrayed as the antagonist.

Raven also has the support of her two best friends, Eddie and Chelsea. Eddie is the son of divorced parents and he is trying to pursue his dream of becoming a chart-topping rapper. Eddie also is very athletic and is on the boy's basketball team. Chelsea is an environmentally conscious vegetarian, who despite lack of intelligence surprises her friends with smart remarks.

Raven and her friends get in plenty of wacky scenarios such as working for Donna Caboona, a famous fashion designer who gives Raven a chance work as her assistant.

Despite all the crazy scenes and constant bickering, this shows the warmth between a girl, her family and friends.

That's So Raven is a Science Fiction Comedy series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (100 episodes). The series first aired on January 17, 2003. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.6.

That's So Raven is available for streaming on the Disney website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch That's So Raven on demand at Amazon, DisneyNOW, Google Play, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 100 Episodes
January 17, 2003
Science Fiction Comedy
Cast: Raven-Symoné, Orlando Brown, Kyle Massey, Anneliese van der Pol, T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh
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That's So Raven Full Episode Guide

  • When Raven discovers a cigarette in Cory's shirt pocket, she assumes he is smoking. Also, after Eddie and Chelsea eat a casserole Victor had made for the mayor, they must now make him a new one.

  • Raven and Chelsea throw Eddie a birthday party and invite his divorced parents, whom Eddie wishes would get back together.

  • While Raven is one her way to her history class, she makes friends with a new girl called Courtney. Little does she know that shes actually her history teacher.Meawhile, Corey auditions girls for lead singer....but the Juicer has other plans.

  • Donna Cabonna's former best friend and current archrival, Lora Stelladora, moves into the office upstairs. Feeling unappreciated by her boss, Raven is tempted when Stelladora offers her a job. Kathy Najimy guest stars.

  • Raven hosts a slumber party at her house for the local Bayside Girl Scouts. Meanwhile, Cory takes Eddie and Chelsea to the movies, and has to deal with their loudness.

  • Raven goes camping with Chelsea and her mother because of a cute boy in her vision. Chelsea and her mom do mother-daugther bonding things that make Raven uneasy like balancing on top of your head. Meanwhile, Cory and the boys try to impress Mr. Baxter's friends who is a famous hip hop dj by changing their song. Raven must decide whether to go to a party or be with her friend and her other "mom".

  • Eddie attempts to gain entry into a super-exclusive club at school with help from Raven and Chelsea, who pose as his girlfriends; Victor and Cory are bothered by the presence of a noisy cricket in the house.

  • While trying to cope with Principal Stuckerman's new dress code, Raven has a vision about him falling because of her, so she decides to fake being sick and stay home.

  • Thanks to an online dating service Raven is paired with Eddie as her "perfect match". Meanwhile Cory and Stanley try to sneak into Raven's "room-warming" bash.

  • The school bully known as "The Juicer" asks Cory for help getting a female classmate to like him, but Cory's advice proves useless when the girl expresses an interest in somebody else. Meanwhile, Raven struggles against boredom after getting grounded for an entire week.

  • Raven may finally get her chance at a big break when Donna Cabonna wants to use one of her designs. The only problem is that Donna wants to make her design out of fur-- something Chelsea strongly objects, and makes it known by protesting. Now Raven must decide whether her friendship with Chelsea is worth giving up the opportunity of a lifetime.

  • Raven and Sydney had been spending time together alot. Raven suggest that she and Sydney do a Big Sis and her Little Sis pageant. But Muffy and her sister Buffy are in the pageant also. Raven and Muffy fight over winning. Meanwhile, Cory and Stanley host the pageant and fight over who gets the biggest part. Then, Chelsea and Eddie want to start a Thomas and Daniels music and choreography business but fight over the name.

  • Cory handles a bully who steals kids' lunches, Raven questions how well she really knows Chelsea.

  • Raven's job, Donna Cabonna's intern, is doing a video for disaster preparedness. Donna need a group to do the video and Raven calls Boy's 'N Motion to do the video. Donna let's Raven design the outfits while Chelsea and Eddie do her daily work. The Boy's 'N Motion end up hating Raven designs. Raven tries to get them to stop arguing. But can't handle it. Meanwhile, Cory and Victor try to get their own disaster plan ready. Then at Donna Cabonna's studio, the power goes out and Raven hadn't copied the plan and they don't know what to do. Finally a firemen squad comes and everyone realizes Coco,Donna's dog, chewed up some wires. Then Donna Cabonna gets the perfect idea for the video. The idea is The Boy's 'N Motion wear Firemen suits and everyone is in the video along with Chelsea and Eddie and Victor and Cory. Also Maria Shriver is in this episode.

  • Raven's room is getting clogged up with stuff. Then she has a vision that Cory is going to ask Victor if he can turn the basement into a band room. Then Victor agrees. Raven beats Cory to Victor and he says that Raven can turn the basement into a bedroom. Cory figures out that Raven had a vision and Cory gets back at her. He gets her on " Hook Up My Space" and makes the room dorky because he disigns it. Then Raven and Chelsea sneak in and try to fix the room.

  • A famous movie director is filiming the final scene of his movie a Bayside, which is starring a famous, rich actress. Raven has a vision that the actress is going to choke on a special flavor of taffy, so she dives at her to prevent her from choking. Her bodyguards sieze Raven, who explains that she just didn't want her to choke on the special flavor of taffy. Raven admits to the actress that she is psychic, who is, coincedentally, playing a psychic in the movie. She wants to spend time with Raven to learn about psychics, but Raven tells her that they are just normal people. The actress is uninterested, so she leaves. Raven is convinced by Eddie and Chelsea to act like a stereo-type psychic so she they can go to her house in Malibu, but Raven then has a real vision that the actress will get fired for imitating Raven's actions, and feels guilty. So Raven tries to stop her.

  • Raven regrets bragging about her internship with fashion designer Donna Cabonna after several classmates show up at her work, forcing her to employ an elaborate ruse to cover the fact that her job is far less glamorous than she had led them to believe. Meanwhile, Eddie gives Cory an old leather jacket without realizing something valuable was left inside the coat.

  • Raven's mom is out of town and her family is helping around the house.Then Raven has a vision that her favorite fashion designer, Donna Cabonna, is thanking her for saving Donna's party.

  • Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie volunteer to run clubs for Mrs. Valentine's class of 2nd graders, who need a fund for money to buy a new playhouse and other essentials for their classroom. Raven is stuck with one student, Sydney.Meanwhile, Cory's friend Larry is having a Bar Mitzvah and Cory points out that he didn't get that many gifts. But Larry explains that it's tradition to usually give money at Bar Mitzvahs. So obviously, Cory has dollar signs in his eyes! He asks Mr. B. if can throw a Bro Mitzvah at the Chill Grill and he agrees.

  • Raven tries to find the cause behind her strange visions.

  • Raven and Cory spend a weekend under the care of a babysitter nicknamed Pushover Patterson, who the Baxter kids begin to fear is planning revenge for tricks they pulled on her in the past.

  • Raven has a vision that she is dancing at the prom with a mysterious guy. She sets off to find who it is, but ends up dateless. Until a past beau ends up at her doorstep. Only to find out, Raven isnt there

  • Corey wins a trip to go visit the set of his favorite tv show

  • Raven has a vision that she breaks up with her new boyfriend. She tries to stop him from doing anything bad, and instead thwarts his good deeds. Victor starts a catering business with Cory.

  • Chelsea tries to save the school from unhealthy cafeteria food. Cory hires a personal assistant.

  • Raven goes to the county to try to mend old wounds with her extended family.

  • Raven goes to the county to try to mend old wounds with her extended family.

  • Raven is given 100 dollars to buy a new calculator, but uses the money to buy an outfit

  • An old rival of Victor's opens up "The Hill Grill" and tries to take away all of The Chill Grill's business.

  • Cory tries to get in good with a group of skateboarders. Chelsea is shooting a video of Eddie, and misses all the exciting things in his life.

  • Raven tricks Cory into taking lessons at a dance studio all so she can meet a singer named Pressure.

  • Raven tries to get Eddie and Chantel back together in time for the basketball dinner. A dog follows Cory home.

  • When their parents go out of town, Raven and Cory are left home alone. Cory cons Raven into having a party, which could cost her her internship.

  • Raven, Eddie and Chelsea join the Future Buisness Leaders Club and battle against eachother to win a gift certificate to the mall.

  • Eddie constantly borrows money from Chelsea and Raven to impress his girlfriend.

  • Chelsea has a new boyfriend Jake. He tells her that he's a vegetarian and he cares for the enviroment. Then Raven has a vision that Jake is eating ribs. That proves that he isn't telling the truth. Raven and Eddie try to prove it to chelsea but she wont listen. Meanwhile, Cory's band needs a lead singer. Francesca, one of the singers, is pretty but can't sing. Cory is blinded by love. And thinks she sings like and Angel. Later Chelsea gets in a tree and Raven and Eddie prove to her that Jake is a fake. Then William and Larry prove to Cory that Francesca is a horrible singer.

  • Raven accidentally knocks the mean out of Biance, leaving Muffy and Loca without a leader. When they try to make Raven their new leader, Raven has to try to get Bianca to go back to normal. Cory gets upset that Larry would rather cook with Victor than play with him.

  • Raven saves the group, Boyz 'N Motion, from a mob of fans. Then, after Raven convinces them to try a normal life for a while, they refuse to come sing for her school.

  • Raven accidently ruins Chelseas sculpture for an art exhibit.

  • Raven meets a guy, unaware that hes a prince. And he'slooking on marrying Raven

  • Trouble ensues when Eddie and Raven take jobs at a dog groomer's. Victor takes up knitting.

  • Raven is denied a job because of her skin color, so she gets a local news station to help set up the manager of the store to say they are a racist.

  • Raven competes for the "Best Dressed" award in her school, a prize which has always eluded her.

  • Chelsea and Raven end up at odds when Raven becomes secretive when paired with the guy Chelsea really likes, who happens to be pshycic too.

  • Raven is part of the cast in a play. Then she has a vision that people are leaving and booing them and Raven tries to stop her vision from coming true. She makes multiple decisions, like adding songs, changing the title, and bossing the crew around. Every person decides Raven is taking over everything and they quit. It's a one-woman show for Raven and she tries to pull it off. But she dosen't suceed in doing so.

  • Cory wants to hang out with the cool kids at school, but they steal from the mall and pressure Cory to steal a keychain. That night, Cory guilt causes him to have a nightmare about the keychain. Meanwhile, Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea win a mechanical pet from a contest that you have to drink soda. Cory confesses to Raven about stealing. Raven tells Cory to take it back to the mall but dresses like a cop to keep a eye on him.

  • Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie's movie day is ruined by the appearance of Stanley.

  • Cory, Raven, and Victor try to sell their ideas to a visiting business entrepreneur, but things get a little out of whack when Stanley and Sierra show up.

  • Raven tries to impress cute boy Jalen while trying to avoid Sierra. Cory uses Chelsea, Eddie, and his parents for a science project.

  • A reality show inspires Raven to pick a guy in school and give him a makeover.

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