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The Ben Show is a television comedy series starring comedian Ben Hoffman. An alternative name for the show is The Ben Show With Ben Hoffman. The series premiered on February 2013. Each episode is 30 minutes long. The series airs on the cable network channel "Comedy Central". The creator and the host of The Ben Show is Ben Hoffman himself. Mike Gibbons, Itay Reiss, Derek Van Pelt, and Judi Brown Marmel serve along with Hoffman as the show's executive producers.

The genre of the show is a sketch show and a satire hybrid. Every episode begins with Ben receiving a suggestion from various people on what he should do as a task next. Ben asks random strangers and experts for this advice. The first episode of the series was titled: "Ben Buys a Gun". The debut episode involved Ben researching, shopping, and filing the paperwork necessary to buy the gun.

Other episodes of The Ben Show have centered around Ben getting advice then forming a rock band, deciding whether or not to take a prescription medicine, or returning to his rural hometown in the state of Kentucky. The first season concluded with Ben following a suggestion to throw a party.

Often Ben's therapist gives the advice and introduces the show's sketches along with Hoffman. Other people that try to guide Ben are some of his friends, ex-girlfriends, and his father. The series is a show that follows Ben on a weekly basis to see the results of these suggestions.

Hoffman claims he created the experimental format of the show because of his previous success with his "Man of the Street" comedy segments on Current TV and his desire to do a sketch show, so Hoffman just combined the two. He wanted to make a sketch show to hold the audience's attention throughout the episode and decided to always tell a story of some sort on The Ben Show to draw in the viewers.

Thursdays 10/9C on Comedy Central
1 Season, 8 Episodes
February 28, 2013
Cast: Ben Hoffman, Gregg Bernhard, David Burrus, Kyla Dang
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The Ben Show Full Episode Guide

  • Sketches in the Season 1 finale include "Freak Animals" and "The Ben Show Blooper Reel." Also, guest star Norm Macdonald.

  • Sketches include "Ben at His Therapist: The Remix." Also: auditions for a film called "Twinsanity."

  • Sketches include: "Surfer Slut," "YoBitchuaries," and "The Dirty Spelling Bee". Norm Macdonald makes a guest appearance. Between sketches, Ben attempts to do the entire episode on Ambien.

  • Sketches include "Austin Flowers Auditions" and "Todd Bridges Animated Crack Stories." Also: appearances by actor Jason Ritter and singer Brian Littrell.

  • Sketches include: "Todd Bridges Animated Crack Stories" and "Austin Flowers Auditions," with guest appearances by Jason Ritter and Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys.

  • Sketches include "The Facebook Liker" and "Todd Bridges Animated Crack Stories." Also: an appearance by Simon Helberg ("The Big Bang Theory").

  • Sketches include "The Racist Football Coach" and "The Barfer." Also: a barbershop-quartet provides a countdown of raunchy videos; an appearance by Norm Macdonald.

  • In the series premiere of this comedy, funnyman Ben Hoffman takes viewers on a different life journey. Sketches include "Gangsta Granny"; The Retweeter"; "YoBitchuaries"; and "Todd Bridges Animated Crack Stories."

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