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  • 2004
  • 1 Season

The Best Skateboarding Ever from FUEL TV is an exhilarating show that showcases some of the most jaw-dropping moments in the history of skateboarding. The show is a compilation of the most extraordinary stunts and tricks from the world's best skateboarders. The Best Skateboarding Ever is a must-watch for both skateboarding enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. The show features a mix of both old-school and new-school skateboarders, who have pushed the boundaries of what is possible on a skateboard.

The show features a variety of disciplines, including street skating, vert, and freestyle. Each discipline requires different skills and techniques, and the skateboarders featured on the show have mastered all of them.

The show is hosted by a group of seasoned skateboarders who provide commentary and insights into the tricks and stunts being performed. They talk about the skills required to pull off these incredible feats and the risks involved.

The Best Skateboarding Ever features some of the most iconic moments in skateboarding history. From Tony Hawk's 900 at the X Games to Rodney Mullen's mind-bending freestyle tricks, the show pays homage to the legends of the sport.

At the same time, the show also features some of the most cutting-edge skateboarding of today. Viewers will witness skateboarders performing gravity-defying stunts that were once thought impossible.

The Best Skateboarding Ever is not just a celebration of the sport itself, but also the culture surrounding it. The show takes viewers on a journey through the history of skateboarding, highlighting its evolution from a counterculture hobby to a mainstream phenomenon.

The show also features interviews with some of the biggest names in skateboarding, who provide insights into the sport and the lifestyle that goes along with it. Viewers will get a glimpse into the skateboarding community, a tight-knit group of individuals who share a passion for the sport.

In addition to the incredible skateboarding, the show also features breathtaking cinematography. The camera work captures the tricks and stunts from every angle, providing viewers with a truly immersive experience.

The Best Skateboarding Ever is the ultimate adrenaline rush for fans of the sport. The show is a non-stop thrill ride, with each successive trick and stunt more mind-blowing than the last.

Overall, The Best Skateboarding Ever is a must-watch for anyone interested in skateboarding or extreme sports. The show celebrates the athletes who have pushed the boundaries of what is possible on a skateboard and showcases some of the most incredible moments in skateboarding history.

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Tampa Pro 2008
18. Tampa Pro 2008
May 26, 2008
Celebrating its 13th anniversary, Skatepark of Tampa Owner Brian Schaffer invites pros from all around the world to Tampa, Florida, to compete in the 2008 Tampa pro.
Tampa Am 2008
17. Tampa Am 2008
April 28, 2008
Tampa Am features Street, Best Trick and even the "Old Man Bowl Jam." It's known as the contest that brings out the future stars of the skateboarding world.
Etnies GvR 2007
16. Etnies GvR 2007
December 28, 2007
Will the Goofys take it for a third straight year or will the Regulars, lead by Ryan Sheckler and Rick McCrank, reclaim the crown?
The Gypsy Tour
15. The Gypsy Tour
September 21, 2007
The boys of the Cliche Skateboards team set off as gypsies, finding any and every way to get by with virtually zero cash.
2007 Rockstar Masa Pro
14. 2007 Rockstar Masa Pro
August 31, 2007
Rockstar Energy Drink presents the second annual MASA Pro. Watch today's biggest pros battle it out in Fayetteville, NC at the Grand Opening of the Mega Skate Plaza.
Tampa Pro 2007
13. Tampa Pro 2007
May 25, 2007
This vert and street course competition features some of the best names in skateboarding.
Tampa Am 2007
12. Tampa Am 2007
April 20, 2007
Tampa Am features Street, Vert, Best Trick and even the "Old Man Bowl Jam." It's known as the contest that brings out the future stars of the skateboarding world.
Flip Feast Tour
11. Flip Feast Tour
March 30, 2007
Two of the greatest teams in skateboarding are joining forces to tour 9 cities in the Southeast in November.
Etnies GvR 2006
10. Etnies GvR 2006
February 16, 2007
Goofy or Regular? Which is the best way to ride? Find out as Etnies invites riders to represent each.
Santa Cruz Euro Skate Tour
9. Santa Cruz Euro Skate Tour
February 9, 2007
Travel around with the Santa Cruz team across Germany, Russia, Italy, Austria, France, England, and Greece.
Route 66 Tour
8. Route 66 Tour
February 2, 2007
Join pros Jerry Hsu, Chet Childress, Jason Adams, Emmanuel Guzman, Adam Alfaro and Dan Pensyl as they drive down the historic Route 66 with no plan except to skate.
DVS European Vacation
7. DVS European Vacation
December 22, 2006
Watch what happens when the DVS team of American pros is sent to Europe to travel with the DVS international team.
Feast of the East (the Firm / Flip Tour Special)
6. Feast of the East (the Firm / Flip Tour Special)
June 21, 2006
Covering six states in eight days, the Feast Tour packs Geoff Rowley, Arto Saari, Bob Burnquist, and other members of the Flip and Firm teams into an RV and a van, and ships them off to tear apart the East Coast.
Tampa Pro 2006
5. Tampa Pro 2006
June 21, 2006
Pro skaters compete for $50,000.
Tampa Am 2006
4. Tampa Am 2006
June 21, 2006
One of the biggest AM skateboarding competitions.
Etnies GvR 2005
3. Etnies GvR 2005
December 12, 2005
What is the better way to skate, goofy or regular? Find out as the best riders in both areas compete.
Tampa Pro 2005
2. Tampa Pro 2005
July 10, 2005
60 pro street and vert riders compete for $50,000.
Etnies GvR
1. Etnies GvR
November 25, 2004
Etnies gathers the best riders compete goofy riders against regular riders.
  • Premiere Date
    November 25, 2004