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The Catherine Tate Show is a British show featuring the sketch comedy skits written and performed by Catherine Tate and Aschlin Ditta. This show has been nominated for several comedy awards in Britain. Each show features characters played by Tate and Ditta that have become regular comedy sketches.

There are many characters that have been created for the show. Joannie Nan Taylor is a grandmother with a foul mouth. She uses a lot of inappropriate language and often makes fun of people behind their backs. She enjoys making fun of her grandson. Another sketch features the characters Paul and Sam. Tate plays one character and the actor Lee Ross plays the other. Sam comes home telling Paul about her work. Paul gets over excited about her boring day and they end up blowing things out of proportion. Lauren Cooper is a skit about a lazy teenager girl. She gets into some unusual situations and has her own catchphrase. Look at my face, it my face bowered? This phrase became so popular it was entered into the Oxford English Dictionary. The skit of Kate and Ellen are about officer workers who have a desk near each other. Ellen is trying to do her work but Kate keeps on bothering her.

In addition to those skits there are many more that are fan favorites. The Aga Saga Woman in a woman who is of the upper middle class. She goes around putting those down that are of a lower class. Derek Faye is a man that displays some qualities of a stereotypical gay man. Many people accuse him of being gay but he states that he is not and acts offended. Geordie Georgie is always trying to get the people she works with to sponsor her in some type of charitable event. These are just some of the skits featured on the show that have become fan favorites.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on BBC Two
3 Seasons, 20 Episodes
February 16, 2004
Cast: Catherine Tate, Derren Litten, Niky Wardley, Bruce Mackinnon, Lee Ross

The Catherine Tate Show Full Episode Guide

  • Catherine Tate's award-winning sketch show is back for a Christmas special, with her familiar stable of quirky characters. Packed with everyone's favorite characters, there are also special guest stars George Michael, Philip Glenister, and Kathy Burke.

  • After a day out in London's West End to see "Billy Elliot: The Musical," Nan appears on tea-time television in "The Paul O'Grady Show." The Aga Saga Woman is terrified when she takes a wrong turn into Tottenham.

  • The protest group Gingers for Justice takes to the rooftops. Lauren causes trouble in her science class. The Aga Saga Woman and her children are terrified when a lowly mechanic brings over a courtesy car while her Land Rover is being repaired.

  • Derek Faye meets Bonnie Langford. Lauren receives a proposal. Nan has a new neighbor upstairs. Bernie's brothers and sisters from Ireland are over on a visit; they're all identical to Bernie and even more over-the-top.

  • Natalie Cassidy guest stars as Kelly, a cheerleader after Lauren's boyfriend, Ryan. Thames Valley policeman Sam Speed is hit by a car and wakes up in a terrifying black-and-white world of 1951.

  • Nan visits her old friend, Teddy Morris, in the hospital. Lauren gets a job at a burger bar. Kathleen is delighted when her son reveals he is gay, and she insists on showing him her new skirt.

  • A Christmas edition of the comedy sketch show co-written by and starring Catherine Tate. Sketches include Old Woman, Derek Faye, Tactless Woman, Lauren, Frightened Woman, Janice & Ray, Crap Croupier, Bernie, Enigmatic Cop, and Paul & Sam.

  • Allie mistakes a couple for a mother and son, then thinks a deaf man's sign language is a charades mime. Derek is miffed when the newsagent asks him for advice about her possibly gay son.

  • Elaine finds new love via an Internet chat room; the lucky man is Mohammed, 24, who sells spices outside Luxor temple. On detention, Lauren asks her teacher if she's a farmer and does she eat pig swill.

  • Nan meets Jason's girlfriend, Cheryl, and comments on the size of her big nose. Derek is booking a holiday in Ibiza for him and Leonard and is outraged when asked if they want a double bed. Drunken bride Victoria Russell insults her new husband.

  • Angie Barker's kids accompany her to the crime scene where a prostitute has been murdered. Derek is offended to be offered Gay Pride tickets at a book/record shop. Partygoer Allie meets a man with a birthmark and a woman with a speech impediment.

  • Lauren doesn't like her teacher's frumpy clothes and Jesus sandals. Sandra is a victim of a ginger-hate crime. Tactless Allie tries to remove her party hostess's facial hair.

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